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How to Handle Father’s Day When You’re Fighting With Your Dad 9

These five tips for dealing with a difficult dad on Father’s Day will help you see him in a different light. You may not be able to stop fighting with your dad forever or heal a long-standing family rift, but you can find ways to treat him with respect. After I wrote When You Miss Your Dad – Help and Hope for […]

How to Handle Father’s Day When You’re Fighting With Your Dad

How to Deal With Problems in Your Family 123

You love your family members, but sometimes they’re frustrating and aggravating! These six tips on how to deal with troubling family problems will help you get along with your siblings, parents, or other relatives. Learning how to handle toxic family problems is complicated because of the strong emotions we feel towards our relatives. “Family quarrels have a total bitterness unmatched by others,” […]

how to deal with family problems

5 Signs It’s Not Too Late to Fix Your Relationship 62

Is it time to walk away or keep moving ahead? The key to learning how to fix a ruined relationship is to learn essential truths about restoration and reconciliation. These five signs will give you insight into your relationship, yourself, and your partner. You may hear echoes of your own relationship in this reader’s comment: “I feel my husband and I may […]

how to deal with family problems

80 Ways to Show Your Love Without Spending Money 10

These meaningful ways to show love to someone you care about are easy and affordable. Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gifts or anniversary ideas, you’ll find something that floats your Love Boat here! I wrote this article for a reader called Simon, who left this comment on 10 Things to Talk About With Your Girlfriend: “Hey girl, cool blog! I know it’s […]

how to show love

5 Practical Tips for When You Feel Lonely on Valentine’s Day 4

You’d be surprised to learn how many people feel lonely on Valentine’s Day – even if they’re in a relationship. These tips for coping with the loneliness and disconnection will help you get through February 14 – and the rest of the year. In When You Have Nobody to Love on Valentine’s Day, I shared more “touchy feely” tips for coping […]

5 Practical Tips for When You Feel Lonely on Valentine’s Day

How to Deal With Your Girlfriend’s Weight Gain 38

These tips are inspired by a guy whose friends tease him because of his “fat girlfriend.” Are you struggling with your relationship because of your girlfriend is gaining weight? Here’s how to love her through thick and thin… “My girlfriend is actually very interesting and funny, and I think I love her,” says Mr X on 10 Things to Talk About […]

How to Deal With Your Girlfriend’s Weight Gain

3 Ways to Cope With Difficult Parents – for Adult Children 234

Learning how to deal with difficult parents will fill you with peace and happiness – for perhaps the first time in your life! These tips are for adult children who are ready to start moving past their unhappy or difficult childhoods. Below, I share how I survived a very difficult childhood and offer tips for dealing with your own difficult parents. Whether […]

How to Deal With Difficult Parents