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4 Foolproof Blogging Tips for Women Over 40 – Day 4 2

When I started blogging eight years ago, I jumped right in without thinking twice. Here are my most important blogging tips, geared towards women over 40 who are just beginning to blog. In Everything But the Posts: Tips, Advice, and Templates From a Blogger Who Has Been in Your Shoes, Becca Ludlum gives you tips about setting up your blog, […]

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Best Video Games for Christmas – Holiday Gifts for Gamers

This list of the best video games for Christmas range from Wii Party to Halo. You’ll find holiday gifts for gamers of all ages in this summary – and if you don’t find the best Christmas video games here, you’ll at least learn what’s most popular on Amazon! One of the most popular (best?) video games ever made was Donkey […]

SmartPhone Options for New Phone Owners 2

My husband asked, “Which SmartPhone should I buy?” so I researched the options of the top Smart Phones on the market: Apple iPhone 4, BlackBerry, Google’s Android smartphone, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, Nokia’s smartphones, and Samsung’s Android Phone. There is a dizzying array of special features and options that each smart phone offers, which can be overwhelming! And, knowing which smart phone to […]