How to Deal With Guilt After the Loss of Your Dog

Feeling guilty is normal after the loss of a dog. Here’s how to deal with guilt after putting your dog down or somehow causing your dog’s death. If you accidentally hurt your dog – or you put your dog to sleep and you regret it – you’ll feel terribly guilty. This is normal – but so painful! Here’s how to deal with guilt after causing your dog’s death.

guilty feelings killed my dog

Dealing With Guilt When You Caused Your Dog’s Death

I’m sorry for your loss. It’s heartbreaking to say goodbye to a dog; the grief and pain seems like it’ll consume and overwhelm you. I know how terrible it feels, especially when you were somehow involved with your dog’s death. But you are not alone. Read through the comments section, and you will be comforted to see how many people are dealing with guilty feelings after their dog dies. Writing about your experience can bring healing, and will help you process the grief and guilt you feel after the death of your beloved dog.

In this article, you’ll find 18 ways to deal with guilty feelings after your dog dies. It’s not an “18 step process” – they are simply ideas to help you work through the guilt, grief, and pain you feel. The most important thing to remember is that you’re not alone! Read through the comments section below, and you’ll see that whatever part you played in your dog’s death was a tragic accident.

These tips for dealing with guilt after you caused your dog’s death are inspired by a reader who shared his guilty feelings about putting his dog to sleep. At the end of this article, I listed a few books on on coping with pet loss and dealing with guilty feelings about the loss of a dog.

Saying good-bye to your beloved dog is heartbreaking – and it’s even worse if you feel guilty about your dog’s death. Your heart and home will never be the same. I am sorry for your loss, and my heart is broken along with yours.

How to Deal With Guilt After the Loss of Your Dog

Some people accidentally kill their dog by accidentally leaving them in harm’s way. The most important thing to remember is that you did NOT purposely cause your pet’s death. When you are learning how to deal with guilty feelings after doing something that led to your dog dying, remember that you would have acted differently if you knew what was going to happen. 

If your actions led to your pet’s death, you have to keep reminding yourself that you did not deliberately harm your dog. It was an accident, and you would have done things differently if you had know what would happen.

Learn the difference between guilt and shame

A healthy step towards dealing with guilty feelings after your dog dies is to learn the difference between guilt and shame.

Guilt – if you have forgiven yourself – can be a positive feeling. It can actually encourage you to have more empathy for others. Guilt can help you make amends, take corrective action, and improve yourself. But you have to learn self-forgiveness before you can turn guilt around after the loss of a dog.

Self-forgiveness is essential to enjoying your life and relationships because you will always have something you need to forgive yourself for! Whether it’s not protecting your dog, forgetting something important, or accidentally saying something hurtful…we constantly need to forgive ourselves because we are human. We are constantly making mistakes, poor choices, selfish decisions.

And we cause accidents. Sometimes we accidentally hurt the dogs we love so much, and we feel guilty.

Know that guilt can make you a better person – more compassionate, kind, and tender-hearted

If you let it, guilt will become an unrelenting source of pain. You might believe that you should feel guilty and condemn yourself not once, but repeatedly. Guilt also may simmer in your unconscious. Either way, this kind of guilt is insidious and self-destructive and can destroy your life.

Shame is how you feel about yourself. Shame is hating who you are and feeling ashamed of what you did. Guilt is hating the decision you made, but accepting that you are human and you made a mistake or a poor choice.

Shame causes you to feel inferior, inadequate, or bad about who you are versus what you did. If you don’t learn how to deal with your guilty feelings and forgive yourself for not protecting your dog, your guilt will turn into shame. Shame is destructive, and has no positive effects.

When you feel guilty, you feel bad about something you did. Guilt can be empowering because it can motivate you to see others with compassion. Guilt – when it’s resolved – can make you a better, wiser, kinder, more loving person. Unresolved guilt and shame will lead to greater self-preoccupation, selfishness, and unhealthy relationships.

18 Ideas for forgiving yourself after the loss of your dog

In How Do You Forgive Yourself, Darlene Lancer shares 18 steps to forgiving yourself.  I revised and adapted her tips to fit our experience of dealing with guilty feelings after causing a dog’s death:

  1. Take responsibility for your actions. “Okay, I did this. My actions  led to my dog’s death, and I feel like dying because of the guilt, grief, and pain.”
  2. Write a story about what happened to your dog, including how you felt about yourself and others involved before, during, and after the loss of your dog. You can share your experience below, in the comments section. Read through the comments – you will see that you are not alone.
  3. Consider what your needs were at that time, and whether they were being met. If not, why not? This will help you see why you acted the way you did. For example, if you accidentally left your dog in a hot car you will see that you needed to do x, y, and z. That is what motivated you to forget your dog.
  4. What were your motives for the decision you made? What or who was the catalyst for your behavior?
  5. How were your feelings and mistakes handled when you were growing up? Were they forgiven, judged, or punished? Who was hard on you? Were you made to feel ashamed? It’s harder for us to forgive ourselves and deal with guilty feelings after a dog’s death when we haven’t learned forgiveness as children.
  6. Evaluate the standards by which you’re judging yourself. Are you struggling with guilt because of values that you haven’t chosen to adopt? Maybe you’re living by your parents’, your friends’, or your spouse’s values.
  7. How did your actions affect you and others? Whom did you hurt? Include yourself on the list. Acknowledge that you are in more pain than your dog is.
  8. Write your dog a letter.  Here’s something surprising but worth trying: write a letter of apology to your dead dog. Yes, I am serious! Clear 30 minutes in your schedule, sit down in a private spot where you can write and weep, and tell your dog what happened. This will help you process and deal with your guilty feelings about your dog’s death.
  9. Relive the experience, with the benefit of knowing what the future holds. Looking back, what healthier beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions would have prevented your dog’s death? It’s possible that you made the decision to put your dog to sleep. It’s also very possible that you would make that same decision today, even though you feel guilty about the loss of a dog.
  10. Have you struggled with perfectionism in the past? Has this improved your overall well-being? Perfection is illusory and a manifestation of underlying shame.
  11. Would you forgive someone else for doing what you did? Is it true that what you did was unforgivable?
  12. How does it benefit you to continue to punish yourself for accidentally causing your dog’s death?
  13. Write yourself an empathic letter of understanding, appreciation, and forgiveness. If you had a forgiving mom, compassionate teacher, or wise counselor, pretend you are her. Write from her perspective. Tell her how your dog died, and ask her to help you deal with guilty feelings surrounding the loss of your dog.
  14. Write a letter from your dog’s perspective. On second thought, this might be too painful. I don’t know. Consider it; if you think it may help you deal with guilty feelings about your dog’s death, then try it.
  15. Repeat on a daily basis words of kindness and forgiveness from one of your letters, such as, “I’m innocent,” “I forgive myself,” and “I love myself.” Remember that remorse is healthy and leads to corrective action. Think about what you’ve learned from your experience and how you might act differently today.
  16. Share honestly with others what you did – but don’t share with those who might judge you. You are welcome to write about what happened to your dog here, in the comments section. You will never be judged or shamed here, no matter how your dog died or what you did. Remember that secrecy prolongs guilt and shame.

It is entirely possible to forgive yourself and still believe you were at fault, just as you might forgive someone else even though you think the person was in the wrong. Learning how to deal with guilty feelings after the loss of a dog is about acceptance and growth, but not self-condemnation and shame.

You can have regret for what you did yet accept that you’re human and made mistakes. Perhaps, you did your best, given your circumstances, awareness, maturity, and experience at the time. This is a healthy, humble attitude.

Do you feel like it’s impossible to forgive yourself? It may be helpful to talk to a grief counselor. Consider seeing one who specializes in pet loss or animal therapy. And, remember the difference between guilt and shame. If you’re suffering from shame, you will be struggling with self-loathing, guilt, and feeling bad about yourself. This can be healed in therapy.

If you aren’t ready to work through your guilty feelings, read Words of Comfort When Your Heart is Broken.

Identify “inappropriate” guilt about the loss of your dog

Not recognizing that your Yorkie, Doberman, or terrier was ill doesn’t mean that you weren’t paying attention or taking good care of him or her! This is imagined guilt. Dogs can’t always communicate their physical health; pet owners can’t see inside their bodies and brains.

Another type of inappropriate guilt is if you’ve accidentally caused your dog’s death by letting him out, keeping him in, or losing track of his whereabouts. If you did not deliberately set out to harm your pet, then you have nothing to feel guilty about. I know this is easier said than done – and it takes effort to forgive yourself.

If you’re dealing with inappropriate guilt because of your dog’s death, remember that sometimes illness or disease overcomes our dogs and other beloved pets…and there’s nothing we can do. This loss of control is a very painful — but real — part of life.

Remember that it’s normal to feel guilty when your dog dies

Whether your guilt is real or imagined, know that it is a normal grief reaction. Even the most “innocent” pet owners feel guilt over a pet’s death. For instance, I now cringe when I recall how angry I was at my beloved cat, Zoey, for scratching the basement door (I didn’t realize the door to her litter box was shut tight, and she couldn’t get in). That was over 12 years ago, and I still feel guilty! Healing after you had to put your pet down often requires forgiving yourself.

Dealing With Guilt When You Caused Your Dog’s Death

Dealing With Guilt When You Caused Your Dog’s Death

Goodbye, Friend: Healing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has Ever Lost a Pet is the number one bestselling book on pet loss and grief on Amazon. I love the book because it offers both heartwarming stories and practical guidance on grieving the loss of a pet. It’ll help you deal with guilt when you caused your pet’s death.

Identify “appropriate” guilt about your dog’s death

Real guilt may spring from your feelings that you neglected your dog annual vaccinations, daily food intake, exercise habits, and “quality time” with you. If you’re struggling with real guilt, remember that you had reasons for doing what you did. The stress of money, work, kids, marriage, and daily life may have taken precedence over how you treated your beloved dog. Maybe you didn’t make the best choices.

Healing after the loss of a dog involves accepting that you wish you would’ve done things differently — and talking this through with your family, friends, or loved ones.

Remember what you did right — because you did a lot right

Your dog loved you unconditionally, beyond all reason – so you must have done something right. How did you love and take care of your pet? Balance your real guilt with the real ways you loved your pet dog. You took good care of your dog in many ways; don’t wave that away.

Dealing with guilt after the loss of a dog isn’t just about grieving; it’s about cherishing the best parts of your life with your dog. If you feel like you’ll never be happy again, read How to Recover From Loss and Survive Grief.

Do you feel like you caused your dog’s death? I encourage you to share your experience below. Talking and writing about it is healthier than ignoring it, and can help you process your grief. I can’t offer advice on what to do about accidentally causing your dog’s death, but it may help you to share what happened. Sometimes writing brings clarity and insight.

Forgive yourself after the loss of your dog

You may find How to Forgive Yourself for Not Protecting Your Dog helpful, especially if you feel like you’ll never experience the peace of self-forgiveness.

May you forgive yourself after your dog’s death. Know that your dog has forgiven you, and your dog knows it was an accident! You would never have hurt your dog if you knew what was going to happen. Your dog is free and happy now, and resting in peace. May God give you peace, heal your soul, and help you open your heart to love another dog.

“If there is a heaven, it’s certain our animals are to be there,” says Pam Brown. “Their lives become so interwoven with our own, it would take more than an archangel to detangle them.”

Pet Loss and Grief Help After the Loss of a Dog

how to heal after losing your petIf you’re struggling with grief and guilty feelings because of the circumstances surrounding your dog’s death, read How to Heal Your Heart After Losing a Pet: 75 Ways to Cope With Grief and Guilt When Your Dog or Cat Dies.

I interviewed veterinarians, grief counselors, and pet experts for the best ways to survive the death of a beloved dog, and I included stories from real pet owners who coped with guilt and grief in sometimes surprising ways.

In Going Home: Finding Peace When Pets Die, Jon Katz addresses the difficult but necessary topic of saying goodbye to a beloved pet. Accidentally killing your dog is an extremely painful experience, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Jon draws on personal experiences, stories from fellow pet owners, and philosophical reflections to help pet owners grieve the loss of their dogs. He gently asks readers to consider if they gave their dogs good lives and if they used their best judgment in the end. In dealing with these issues, you will deal with guilt about your dog’s death, and let go of the pain.

I welcome your thoughts on dealing with guilty feelings after the loss of a dog. I can’t offer advice our counselling, but you may find it helpful to share your experience. Writing is one of the best ways to process grief and guilt after your dog dies, and can help you resolve your feelings.

And, please do read through the comments below. You’ll see that you’re not alone. No matter what caused a dog’s death, we always feel guilty after. We always feel like we could have and should have done more. But we need to accept our loss, and let our dogs to rest in peace.


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366 thoughts on “How to Deal With Guilt After the Loss of Your Dog”

  1. Monday evening around 8:30 PM I let my dog out the back yard. We have a fence but he can easily walk through a gap. I let him out and shut the door and went back inside. I was aware coyotes could be in the woods behind our house but I went inside anyways. I figured he would be fine. He is always fine though he does sometimes walk through that fence and wander around before coming home. around 10 minutes later I went downstairs and checked for him and he was not there. I checked the front and he was not there. I began to get angry and said some things in anger outload to myself about him and how he could just get lost than if he doesn’t want to come back. I also said the coyotes could just get him if that is what he wants. All this said in anger and not meaning how I really felt. I knew he would come back so I watched a show with my wife. After 20 minutes I checked again and he was not there. Strange but not alarming yet. After another 15 minutes I heard dogs barking frantically. Concerned I ran outside and could not find him. For 3 hours I searched but with no response. It is now 5:00 pm on Thursday and we have not had one legit sighting of him. We had one scammer saying they found him but trying to only get phone numbers for spamming. I had someone else bring up a white dog much further away but it did not seem correct. We did still check that area well and notified the police and shelters of the potential dog wandering. Today I received a picture o a dog that looks so similar to my dog found a few streets over but it wasn’t him. That picture has come back to me 4 times by people on social media and telephone calls. Kids and neighbors are walking around looking for him.

    The dog and I didn’t even always get along. He is a rescue that hates males but I tried when I could to gain trust. I have been bitten by him hard numerous times. Once I should have gotten stitches. With time we really didn’t bond as much as I hoped. We had him a little over 5 years and as time went on he felt more like my wife and daughter’s dog than mine but I still loved him. I still would take back my negligence that night. I have been crying for days, inconsolable. I hung up 50 plus signs around the neighborhood and contacted numerous shelters and places that could help but he has not been sighted. My worst fear is coyotes and the more I replay that night the more I know he was eaten. It is an image that keeps coming up that I can’t shake.

    I booked a therapy session for tonight. I am trying to think of good times with him because he and I did have many just hanging out together and cuddling or playing outside but I keep thinking of negative times we had and his untimely demise due to my negligence. This is the worst mistake I have ever made in my life and I have no clue how to bounce back as the father and husband I need to be for the 2 others from whom I took the dog away.

    I can’t be in any area of the house, during quarantine for that matter because every room holds memories of him. He and I always hung out after work downstairs but now I am sick even being downstairs though I have slept down there 3 nights straight just to hope to see him out the back door. I haven’t eaten much at all but my sister ordered us pizzas from her house because she knew I was such a mess. I usd to always give him a lot of my crust.

    I don’t know how to cope. I am 35 years old and this is a lesson giving me more trouble than any other time in my life. I let this dog down in the worst way imaginable. My negligence and laziness killed the dog. He knows he shouldn’t go through the fence but he does anyways if I am not paying attention.

    If anyone has any words of wisdom for me and my family please let me know. I don’t know how to get through this. I promise I loved him.

    1. I am so sorry! Its not your Fault , we all have let our dogs outside and left them out there while we go inside, you don’t think anything will happen! Your dog knew you loved him please dont feel guilty!

  2. I have read through the posts and they are all heart breaking and I can feel the pain that’s felt through your words. I lost my Lola yesterday, she was approximately six years old as I have her when she was apparently three but I believe she was older than this. She was a British Bulldog and had a bad life before I had her, she was locked in a garage and was used for breeding, when I had her I was in bad health and unable to work, she was always with me she became so attached and clingy that it was u healthy….. at the time I didn’t have a bedroom of my own so I slept downstairs with her as my kids had the bedrooms, I didn’t mind but this meant I was with her day and night and she suffered from separation anxiety when I left the house so I created some distance between us to try and break the un-healthy connection. I did this slowly, firstly by not allowing her to sleep with me at night although we were in the same room I had a separate space…. leaving her for short periods of time etc little by little this helped create a healthier relationship although she was still very clingy. I have other animals that she would go for if they came near me, she was scolded for such behaviour but it never made a difference as she was very protective and jealous.

    I finally moved into a bigger house and after five years of sleeping downstairs I had my own bedroom, I didn’t allow Lola upstairs because of the cats, I wanted them to have a peaceful space where they could feel safe, by this point my health started to improve and I went back to work. My working hours are long, 12hr night shifts, it took her a while to get use to me leaving but I left her in the care of my Dad who would stay over to look after my children because I don’t have a partner, my children are 9,12 & 16. During the day she was alone because I’d be in bed but it wasn’t too bad because my Dad would be here to keep her company and give her love in the evenings…. my kids are very much “bedroom kids” Xbox oriented and busy with their own lives chatting to friends and doing their own things…. this was okay but my Dad had to stoop staying over because he’s 75 and it was getting too much. I had to increase my hours to pay for everything which meant I was away from home more and more and Lola was alone. Her health deteriorated, she had problems with her ears which I took her to the vets a couple of times for and had treated but it kept on coming back, her skin went bad and she began to age very quickly. I couldn’t afford the vet bills and when I did have money there was always something else the money had to go on so I treated her skin myself and self medicated her with some antibiotics that had been given to me for my ear infection…. I do read up on if the type of tablets were suitable for dog use as vets use out of date human medications and apparently the ones I had were suitable, they appeared to help but her health wasn’t great. Overtime her breathing sounded more and more laboured but I convinced myself she was okay because she was eating, playing among other things but I got back from work yesterday morning and she couldn’t breath or walk the vet said she was ready to go but I’m not so sure, I think she was ill because I’d neglected to look after her properly. I feel so ashamed and so guilty that I hate hate myself, she was left alone so much and had such a boring horrible existence. I should’ve made more of an effort but I’m tired all the time and just work and sleep. She became a nuisance crying at the bottoms of the stairs for me because she was lonely, I said horrible things out of frustration and tiredness. I feel angry towards my eldest because I asked her to go down to her time and time again to keep her company whilst I slept after work but she didn’t want to and I should’ve been tougher and insisted she did. I’m hurting so much and all I feel is overwhelming guilt, I wanted to give her a better life and she ended up in a sad lonely situation like she was before and I hate myself for it.

  3. My heart is shattered into a million pieces today. Yesterday, I watched helplessly as my 5 year old doberman suddenly died of a massive heart attack. He had been diagnosed with DCM last May, and, being a doberman our cardiologist warned he had a 40% chance of dropping dead at any time and to keep excitement at a minimum. We put him on meds, enrolled him in a clinical trial which would monitor his heart, and kept excitement minimized as much as possible without trying to take away the fact that he was a dog that loved to run and play. During his second follow up in November, we received all but miraculous news. He hadid slight improvement in his condition- unheard of for a doberman. I don’t know if it was that news, the hustle of the holidays, the fact that he has been acting completely normal – but a few weeks ago I decided to bring him to a puppy play date at a friend’s house – something I had previously cut out entirely. I encouraged him to play, but not only that when he came to me for a safe space, I encouraged him to get back out there and stayed far, far too long. How could I do that??? I knew that interactions like that could weaken the heart, and what, somehow forgot? What’s worse, last weekend we let him play with another dog, albeit for a much shorter time, but nonetheless, letting it leave our minds that this much excitement was detrimental to his condition. Mars has carried on these past few weeks, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. No labored breathing, healthy appetite, and just acting like the sweet, amazing boy he was. He was incredibly intelligent and wanted nothing other than to snuggle with everyone who walked in the door round the clock. The absolute light of our lives. And yesterday, as he and I arrived home from a (non-strenuous) walk, he collapsed and died in the yard as I looked on. The image is forever seared in my brain, but the guilt of knowing the issue and having this ordeal preventable, at least for the time being. How can I forgive myself?

  4. Sick inside and hollow with no hope or care for a future is real and how my world is. My first and only. My best and perfect (almost). My entire world every day. My dog is gone. Not paying attention, rushing and like recently, being an airhead, I pulled out of driveway and rolled over my sweet little boy. He was almost 14 and doing good despite all the ailments he had going on. Like a true professional, he was excited to go to work with me like every other day, except this day i totally failed him. Worse yet my two young kids were in the car and witnessed the whole thing. It’s been 5 days and the kids seem to be off a bit but are getting by. Wife is sad but has lost her dad at 15 – needless to say she’s tough. I’m different. I’m not well and yet don’t seem to care. As in f-it, IF anything were to happen to me THEN good. I can be with my boy at the rainbow bridge. Problem is I have responsibilities here and have to hang in there albeit soulless and existing in a void of misery without energy or passion for anything. What now. Be a useless dad and terrible husband to my time is up. For those that share here, thank you. What little hart I have left is also breaking for you. All I read is time, time and give it more time. It won’t be forgotten but it may dull a little. Why would this happen to a dad? Why if I adored his so. How is this remotely fair. A-holes who tie their animals up outside with little provisions get to go thru life without this pain. Why. Why do A-holes who trash a bag of puppies on the highway Get off scottfree. FN why. I loved him more than words. I loved him and still do and always. He was my everything. Everything. Damit.

  5. My most precious, loyal and sweet-hearted Border Collie of 15 years died one week ago. Her health has not been the best – eyesight deteriorating to probably 90% blind over the past 2 years and hearing 85% at best over the same time period. But this genius love of my life adapted – miraculous the way animals can find a way. She was still eating, drinking and going outside to go potty just like she did 10 years ago – could find her way back to the front door and around the house even though she could not see a thing in front of her unless it was 3-4 inches from her face – such a brilliant sweet girl! I was ready to pull my steak off the grill when I heard the piercing shrieks and agonizing yelps of a dog in the forest behind my house – a dog whose situation was clearly dire and in tremendous pain. I ran to the treeline, pacing up and down it calling for the dog and lightly clapping and whistling using a soothing tone, hoping it would move a little so I could go in and get him. And nothing. So I returned to the grill, took dinner inside and was grappling with whether I should go back out – knowing whomever the dog belonged to would probably be sick with worry. Earlier, Dolly, my beautiful Border Collie had been so excited that we were “having steak” for dinner – but lately it wasn’t unusual for her to put herself to bed early, so I went to remind her that their was beef in her future and she wasn’t in any of her 3 dog beds. And then the most horrific thought crossed my mind… and as I connected the dots my stomach tied into a knot and my mind raced, I prayed out loud with gutterall moans that it wasn’t true. I looked over the edge of the deck and there she lay – she had fallen 15 feet to the ground below – no railing to protect her as our deck is “under renovation”. I have yelled at my husband on countless occasions about making sure she doesn’t slip out when he isn’t paying attention, so there is NO EXCUSE for me. I rushed her to the only emergency vet open at 9:30pm – a 25 agonizing mile drive and her injuries were such that I had to put her down. When I said goodbye, I know that was the right decision but how could I have let this happen?!!!! I cannot stop running the sound and the sight of this nightmare over and over again in my mind. I don’t know how I will ever be able to go on with this haunting ache – the weight of this guilt for neglecting the most important thing in the world to me and letting fall to what would ultimately be her death. I am lost, devastated and heartbroken without my girl.

  6. Last week my family and I lost our puppy Atlas. He was only 11 weeks old and we had only had him about three weeks. He was so adorable and had the most beautiful little smile and personality. He was killed in a horrible accident in my parents home where he was meant to be safe. My father had come into the house from the grocery store and accidently not seen him and stepped/tripped on him as he walked in as Atlas ran to him. My mother ran over to my apartment with Atlas who was limp screaming the puppy is dead. I took him in my arms and tried to give him cpr and my boyfriend and I rushed him to the vets only minutes away. They spend a half hour on him but he was gone. I cannot get the image I have of him while trying my hardest to save his little precious life. At one moment I thought maybe he would survive and I said its ok baby you will be ok but it was not ok. I wish there was more I could have done. I think now how I should have gotten my parents a collar with a bell maybe that would have changed the situation and he would be here. I am haunted by this. He was only a baby and had so much more to see in life which makes it the hardest to accept. He never got to see the beach or go on the boat. I miss seeing his face and watching him grow an learn new things. He was taken to soon and it is not right. I have found it hard to face my father even though I know he must feel terrible and it was a horrible accident.

  7. Okay so here it goes. Its been 3 weeks and it was as if it happened yesterday and the guilt is as strong as ever. 3 weeks ago i came home to the side of my house where the dogs didn’t see me. I questioned entering in the door where they could smell me and leaving them alone and instead picking up my partner but I said no its not right. So I went and saw them. Cookie which was our 15 year old bichon was taking kidney food and high blood pressure medicine at the time. It improved her health to the point it was like night and day. I could tell she was ready to eat . So I thought it would be smart to let the other 2 (princess her daughter and Chewy her adopted son) out first while I feed her the medicated food and blood pressure medicine. Once she was done she was soo happy and cheerful in that moment. A couple of weeks prior I told my partner to get her checked out by the vet as I noticed that her spunk was gone and she seemed , old acting but sick(its hard to explain unless U know your pet). Like I suspected they confirmed that she did have a health issue. We were told of her kidney condition which was repairable and high blood pressure. After she was taking the medicine and kidney food for over 3 to 4 weeks it was clear that she was doing very well. Like she was a young dog. Energetic, smiling, and happy that she ate her food. So when I brought back in Chewy and Princess they both ran back inside to see if cookie left anything for them. She went out to go potty. I followed them to see what they were going to do and I believe I was going to get them a treat. I would say less than maybe 30 to for 50 seconds later i went to check on cookie as usually she would be barking to come back inside I noticed that she was floating in the pool. Not realizing that due to it being night that she would follow them out to the potty area I realized that I made a big mistake. Like others I tried to bring her back and I allowed them to be right there with me for energy and support. They witness me calling her, pushing on her tummy and doing mouth to mouth and she did one gulp and looking back I believe she died in that moment. I was in such shock I went to see my partner hysterically crying as this was his Moms favorite dog before she passed in 2007. At the time not realizing that she may have been gone I needed my partner to be the last person she see’s. I thought I felt her heart beating when I was driving to get to him. He received my message and was pissed. He was devastated at me and hated me. i couldn’t blame him. We got her to the emergency vet and they gave us the confirmation that she had passed. We were there for an hour and we went home without her. I was in such shock, couldn’t sleep for days, and felt bad because this was my partners Moms dog. Yes, i loved her too but I felt more guilt because she died on my watch. This dog slept with him every night and was very loyal. It was clear that she loved us both but was very attached to him more for very clear reasons. What makes me feel disgusted at myself is that I even preached to him about this very scenario which she has fell into the pool before but we got her out in a flash. But I couldn’t save her. I think about it everyday. I dont let my other 2 out of my sight when he or I take them out to potty. He has forgiven me but I cant forgive myself. I wish she could give him a message to say that she loved him and would say goodbye to him in the way that he would understand. I feel like I dont deserve her forgiveness. I feel like I let him and his beloved mother down as this dog had a lot of life in her. I think about how she must of felt when she fell into the water and was like WTF where is Greg and I didn’t come in time. Then she thinks of my partner and says that she will missed him and suffers till she drowns to death. That is something that I cant ever forgive myself for allowing to happened. To know she suffered in this way and I wasn’t there pains me to my core. I will be seeing someone this week about being able to deal with what happened but as you can see its soo hard. Thank you for hearing my ordeal and I will pray that i can deal with what I feel like I caused/did to her. P/S my partner forgives me and doesn’t blame me for her passing. But I would give anything for a message from the spirit world to know that she knows that i didn’t mean for this to happened and that she would say goodbye to my partner in the way he would know ..My mom did that for me when she died. Thank you for reading.

  8. I had to have my beautiful friend Scooby Doo put down. He had survived phneumonia and as a result developed chronic bronchitis . But still he went on for four more years. He still loved to go for a walk all be it a few hundred yards right to the day I had him put down,
    . That was the most terrible day. He walked back , but was strained and out of breath. He went up stairs unassisted, but then the pain showed. He could not lie down. He came down, but it was clear he was in extreme distress. I called the vet to come to my house. He could not stay still so I let him into the front garden. His back legs kept giving way.
    The vet came and he instantly barked to protect me. It was arthritis she diagnosed. His heart and stomach were ok. She advised to put him down. I said no, give him painkillers and an anti arthritis injection. He slept all day. When he woke it started again. He would not eat his favourite treats, friends came to visit him. Everyone new this was not good, I called the vet back. She told me if I loved him it was time to end his life. I could not make any sense of this. He had survived so much in the past and I new his pain threshold was not good, I thought he could make it through.
    Eventually I agreed on the basis he was given anesthetic first, following the injection he got up and walked accross the room. I told the vet, I said he was strong enough to cope. She and my wife argued with me. He was given a second anesthetic and collapsed. I knew it was the end. The vet injected him and I felt his heart stop.
    I cannot forgive myself for being weak. I should have fought for him.
    He was 15 years 6 months old , a rescue dog who had been with me for 10 years. We had been through everything together and I miss him so much I am still crying. He died June 6th , D Day and is buried in my front garden. God Bess Scooby Doo forever in my heart, beautiful inside and outside, The Snuffle Dog, The naughtiest dog in Totland Bay, the greatest swimmer who could smell Fish and Chips 1/2 a mile away.

  9. My sweet, old bulldog, Matlida, died last Tuesday. She was an almost 10-year-old rescue and we’d had her two years. She was incredibly shy and didn’t bark to go in or outside. As a result, we always let both our bulldogs out at the same time so that the other one could bark to let them both back in. And, more often than not, we waited at the front door for them to be done or sat outside with them. Not as an excuse – but I guess an explanation… this is what happened. It was the second day of summer vacation for the kids and my routine was all messed up I guess. I usually try to let the dogs out every 2 hours or so because Matilda will have an accident if I don’t. Both my kids were home – and one of them had a friend over. So there was a bit of chaos of everyone being bored and wanting activities. I let Matlida out to go potty and went to go wake the other dog from her nap to let her out too… but the phone rang, the kids needed a snack, there was talk about heading to a pool later… About 45 minutes later I looked at the clock and decided to let the dogs out and realized I’d never let Matlida back in. It was about 75 degrees, slight breeze, plenty of shade so I wasn’t actually worried about her – just more worried that she might have wandered off. She was not sitting right outside in “her spot” and there was some throw up nearby. That concerned me – bc it was full pieces of food and she hadn’t eaten for about 5 hours at that point. I ran around the yard and found her laying in the backyard. She must have just died. I was in total shock – and I can only guess that she overheated. I tried to resuscitate her with the kids screaming around me… Then I carried her inside and kept trying. Mouth to nose, pushing on her chest, spanking her bottom, and rubbing her with wet towels, crying and yelling for her to not go. I didn’t know what to do.I raced her to the vet even though I knew it was too late… And I came running in sobbing and they just looked at me like I was the most horrible person. I still can’t believe I forgot her. My family is trying to be sweet about it. A younger healthier dog would probably have been fine. A different breed could have spent the day outside. Maybe she had other issues… but realistically, to me it doesn’t matter. Even if she ate something that caused her death – it only happened bc I forgot her outside. I’m heartbroken and feel so awful.

  10. I am totally racked with guilt. My 8 yr old rescue Kauluah was like a daughter I never had. I was her mama . She followed me into every room. I said “ let’s go for a ride “ and she got excited as usual and headed for a 3 hr trip to visit my brother. “ I started getting sleepy and pulled off to take short nap. The cops tapped on my window and an ambulance was already there. “ I told them I was just sleepy” I let them search my purse and offered a breathalyzer but told me to go to ER. I was oriented and everything: I asked the ambulance girl and cops what about my dog. They said they would keep her. After being cleared in ER my brother came and picked me up. We went yelling for her- she was dead in the highway. I feel so guilty. I always tell her “ I’ll be right back but there were scratch marks on my car of her panicking to find me and eventually crossed the highway and got hit- I was suicidal and kinda : I have to go to treatment now. I thought the cops would keep her safe:

  11. Yesterday morning I was letting my little Yorky she was 13 years old outside to go potty at the same time we had my mother-in-law‘s little Chihuahua and I was holding the Chihuahua but I wasn’t holding my Zoe my husband got in his truck and he was backing out and we thought for sure Zoe was getting out-of-the-way but she didn’t and I watched him run her over and I couldn’t get to him and I was begging him to stop but he couldn’t see me and he ran over her and she died in my arms just like five minutes later and it’s all my fault

  12. We found our 3 month border collies wandering the road on October 24, 2012 and rescued them (they were 3 months old). They were brother and sister and he was deaf. She was so full of life and energy…and loved to play ball, run, bark…chase us…it was too much fun. We ran her and her brother for at least 2 hours a day. since we got them. Every day….6 wonderful years. Back in October, 2018, she was very active and didn’t want to sleep. She was running and playing more than usual and just wanted to play or be loved…not interested in sleeping. I even said to my wife “wow, little girl is just trying to suck everything out of life lately”. We woke up on October 23, 2018 and she was a little lethargic and was finicky on food. We monitored her and made a vet appointment for the next morning….the morning of October 24, 2018 , she seemed to bounce back and wanted to play…but she was still a little off, so we took her to the vet on that day (note the date…6 years ago to the day we found them she left our house). He said her liver enzymes were elevated and kept her to monitor her. Withing 24 hours her kidneys were failing….and she was turning yellow…vets tested her for Lepto (snap test) and she tested negative. She had all the core vet shots (distemper, civ, rabies, parvo, etc)…but not Leptospirosis. We moved her to an ICU dog hospital and she got progressively worst. The definitive test for Lepto had not come back yet, but the Dr’s suspected it so they hit her with powerful antibiotics. Her kidneys and liver were failing. They called us and recommended we put her down. She groaned and lay there as we said goodbye…my little girl who was always bright and cheery, dying in front of me. She quietly left this world on October 26. The Lepto PCR test came back that afternoon and she was positive. We had never vaccinated her. In the east coast, because of all the wet weather, there has been an increase in Lepto cases and vets are now starting to recommend the vaccine (mostly before, it was a vaccine that was situational). Her brother, thank God, never came down with it…and we immediately vaccinated him…you ask most people they’ve never heard of Leptospirosis, they don’t have a clue…the vet instituted a mandatory vaccination (for their daycare) after her death. At the time they were puppies (2012), there were a lot of issues with the Lepto vaccine and I thought she didn’t fit the profile. I never revisited that decision and the unusually wet weather made the environment perfect for the bacteria. For the love of God, vaccinate your dog against this monster. A happy healthy playful border collie is snuffed out in a couple of days. I still struggle to grasp it. I struggle to forgive myself for her not having that vaccine.

  13. Joegumi, I think of her every day, it’s been 6 months since I had to put her to sleep, I struggle constantly with guilt even though the doctor told me she was very very sick, I rushed her to the hospital that day knowing what I had to do she slipped off the car seat I was in tears the doctor asked if I wanted to wait those words still haunt me, I told her no, I was in the room when she passed away, I still hurt inside and miss her dearly, God please let me know I did the right thing,I loved her so much

    1. Nickolas,
      I am not God but, from what you’ve said, I’m sure you did the right thing not letting her suffer. I’m sure she knows it too and is waiting for you.

  14. Living my worst nightmare. Cannot escape.

    I feel sick to my stomach. My family’s youngest, our baby girl, who was only 3 years old (I shamefully would rather not post her name for privacy reasons. But I will say, that after her passing, and looking up the meaning of her name, which we did not know before, it is so beautiful.. her name represents “hope, faith, innocence”) passed away on Nov. 4., only two days ago. On my younger brothers birthday. He was not around, as he moved to NYC a few months ago. We have not told him yet. And we don’t know how. It is disgraceful how she passed. I am back with my family to help them with their transition from one state to another, as we all will be moving back to upstate NY to be with our extended family after the loss of my uncle to suicide early this year. The process of showing our home has been stressful to say the least, as my parents have (had ?) 3 dogs of their own, and I added to the lot with my dachshund and 2 cats. So every time there is a showing, we have had to split them up into groups so that one person takes so and so in the car with them to the dog park for a half hour, and another of us takes a different so and so. We’ve only had 2 showings prior, and my mother had been working those days, so my father and I split up the group, and I would take the cats in their carriers and usually my dog and our elsest, since he is easiest to handle. My dad would take the biggest dog we have, as well as our baby girl, who was his. This day however, my dad took the biggest because he is the more difficult to handle, I took the cats and the eldest dog, and my mom took the two little ones. Everything was fine. Until we came home. Mind you, my mother is the one who was impacted most by the suicide earlier in the year… as it was her brother closest in age to her, her favorite person she says. She has been frantically trying to get back home I upstate NY ever since, but also having to work as my dad lost his job a few months ago and has been going back and forth to interview in NY. We got home from the park, and everything seemed calm and fine. I immediately tended to the animals, my cats first, giving water and food and making sure they had their litter boxes near by as we had to move them outside in a hidden spot when we were showing the house.. then I immediately ran to give the dogs water and treats for being so good. I don’t know why I didn’t account for her. I don’t know where my brain was. I feel as if I were in a trance the whole time. We were all busy doing our own things, my mother instantly doing work from home& calling a client of hers that recently was told he would be on dialysis for the rest of his life. (Im sorry if this is TMI, i just feel I need to explain as much detail surrounding this as possible). My moms friend who helped her immensely after the loss of my uncle, who had moved to CA was here to visit, and so even though my mom kept saying she did not feel very well and felt she needed rest, she still was going to meet with her friend for a bit that day around 3pm. (We had arrived home around 1:30.) Well, I was in my room cleaning up when my mom walked out to go meet her friend. I’ll never ever forget the events that followed. They will haunt me forever. My mother ran inside and screaming and crying my dads name, hysterically saying “_____ is in the car dead!”. My mother somehow brought my dachshund inside first, telling our baby girl she’d be right back to get her too…. but never came back. Our baby girl suffocated to death in the backseat of my moms car. My dad screamed and ran out the door and I followed. My dad was hysterically crying pumping her chest and doing mouth to mouth. Our dogs mouth had bubbles coming out. She was already gone, but my father was desperate, he kept trying for almost 45 minutes. She suffered. There was poop all over the back seat and she had bloodshot eyes. I was looking up how to properly do cpr on a dog and it said to make sure her airway was open and clear, and when I tried to open her mouth, it was locked shut. She was beginning to stiffen. The image and memory of how that felt, to feel the lifelessness of our baby, will be burned in my mind forever. How could we let this happen???? How could we be so negligent!!! I am so disgusted with myself for not accounting for her. I have always been paranoid about this sort of thing happening, especially as of late, since I know how stressed my parents are and how chaotic things have been. I just know that horrors like this are very possible when so much chaos is going on. My mother says she will never forgive herself. She is disgusted with herself as well, obviously. This is such a shameful thing that we feel we can’t even be honest about it. So we are suffering in silence. My father is heartbroken. That was his baby. He doesn’t know how he could be so thoughtless, so negligent. He buried her in our yard and made a small memorial out of sticks and rocks, and he for the first time in who knows how long, took the Bible out to sit with her by himself and read prayers to her, for her. He says he still feels desperate. That was his best friend. His only friend these days, really. And he feels he completely let her down. The worst part, is our imagination.. I personally cannot stop thinking of what she possibly went through. I see her crying and trying to get out in my mind. I’m sick to my stomach. I love animals so deeply, since I was a baby, and have felt more connected to my animals than humans often. I can’t believe I wasn’t more aware. I can’t believe I let this happen and I didn’t protect her. What is wrong with me???? Where is my head????????? I’ll live with this guilt for the rest of my life. And I don’t know if I can ever forgive myself. I just wish I could turn back time but I know I can’t and it’s eating me alive. I’m so haunted by the memory of my dad desperately trying to bring her back. He didn’t care that she had poop all over her, he didn’t care that her mouth was bubbling, he still had his mouth directly on her to blow air in. He deeply loved her. And there is a gigantic hole in his heart now. I am also haunted by the memory of us all just doing our own things, meanwhile she was in front of our home, in the car, waiting for someone, dying! I don’t know what to do. I can hardly move. I feel frozen. The last 2 days I’ve done nothing but cry my eyes out to the point they are raw and swollen, and sleep. I can’t do anything else. I can’t stop thinking “why didn’t I think of her”, and “if I only went out there one more time, I could have saved her”. She was only 3!!!!!! To boot, my dad is supposed to go to NY TOMORROW to begin his new job there this upcoming Monday. He was going to bring his best friend with him. But now she is gone. He feels like he can’t do it. I don’t blame him. I don’t know how to function right now. I’ve never felt a grief like this in my life, and I have had plenty of grievances. But this is different. My mom said the same thing. That this is a completely new feeling of grief. Because it’s racked with guilt and shame as well. We were responsible for this. And we failed greatly. So greatly. I feel I am living in my own worst nightmare as this has literally been a type of real fear I’ve had since everything is so chaotic and stressful recently. I’ve been paranoid that some careless mistake would occur resulting in a horror like this. And it came true. I’m in a nightmare. And I can’t get out because I can’t turn the time back. I can’t bring her back. I could keep going on and on about this, but I’m sure this hasn’t even been read all the way as it’s alrwady been such a long posting. But if anyone has taken the time to read this, please know I really appreciate it as our time is our currency. I just don’t know what to do and it helps to express this in some way, since, like I said, we feel ashamed and like we will be horribly judged, which we would be, so we are suffering in silence. Ugh. Just know I loved her so deeply, as I love all of my fur babies. And I just don’t understand why this happened. I am trying to take a lesson from this, but why? Not to say I’d want this to happen to anyone else!!!! Again, this is my WORST nightmare!! but why was she the one this lesson is brought from???? Why did she suffer!!! The baby! The most innocent, quiet, sweet girl!!! She was a baby!!!!! Ugh I cannot stop crying. I can’t eat. Can barely sleep. When I do I wake up to the immediate remembrance of her and I begin to bawl again. This is just true he’ll. And a hell we have brought upon ourselves. There is just no making sense of it. I am sorry. I am so so sorry to our baby girl. I just want her to know how much we love her. I hope she knows. I hope she knows how my dad tried to revive her. I hope she knows that never would we ever deliberately do something like this. And never would we have normally forgotten her. But that’s what makes me sick!!! Is that we did, that day. I just don’t know how to make sense. Ugh, you see, I am still going on and on. I’m sorry. I just hope she forgives us. That she knows we love her and are completely crushed. I want to just hide away forever. Everything I attempt to do, even just sitting in my back yard with the other dogs, makes me feel more guilty. I just can’t get over it and I never will. RIP baby girl. I will love you for all of time & I am so sorry I failed to protect you. I’m so sorry I was so negligent. I am broken.

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss but this wasn’t your fault hunni, it really wasn’t and for as heart breaking as it is she is no longer suffering, she is at peace and the pain is with u but she wouldn’t want that because she knows it was a mistake, an accident that shouldn’t punish yourself for. I hope u are feeling a little better and you’ve had the strength to see this was a tragic accident that u should all forgive yourselves for xx

  15. My little lady, became very boney over the last 8 months, she was alway a skinny mini… I should of took her to the vets but never!. I put it down to her being nearly 16….on friday we noticed she couldn’t walk straight and on Sunday morning she was having alot of difficulty walking and passed out, at that point we did think we had lost her but she came back to us, we took her straight to the vet, they gave her a pain killer a drug to get fluid off her lungs and found out she had a bad heat murmer and was given tablets and had to take her back the next day.
    She slept with me on that evening I could hear she was struggle to breath n her little heart was racing, she couldn’t walk well but still tried to get up to go to the loo, so I carried her in n out. I made my discussion that night it was best to let her go. We took her back on Monday n had her put to sleep which was so hard to do, I didn’t know what to do!!. The vet didn’t suggest we do it, which now makes it worse.
    What if….i can’t cope with my discussion I should of given her longer on the medication, I feel I decided to soon…. This pain in me is absoulty crushing me, the guilt is unbearable.

    1. Hi Susan: I read your story, my 14 yr. old dog has just become as your did, I am just back from the vet who spent a lot of time going over everything with me and I decided that I will do the most humane thing and put my dear dog to sleep as she is suffering. You did the right thing, hard as it is. The vet said it breaks her heart more to see people prolong their pets’ agony instead of the gift of giving them peace from their suffering. If your vet didn’t think it was a sound decision to put your dear dog to sleep, I’m sure he/she would have advised otherwise. So, instead of guilt, try to feel you did the best most compassionate, loving thing. I am not sure this helps at all, but I wanted to reach out. I will be grieving for sure and have lost almost all my family and a few dogs in the past too, but at the same time as feeling a great loss, I am also glad to have had my best friend Misha for 14 really good years until this rapid decline from which it would only get worse and it would’ve for your dear dog too. Take comfort if you can…you are not alone, I will be thinking of folks like you and so I won’t feel alone in my grief.

    2. Susan, you spared her. Fear and struggling to breathe right, a horrible thing. My son’s little Maltese, Daisy, was on medication for a bad heart but it got to the point, like yours did, and no medication, no matter how much longer you give it, will fix things. After sleeping with Daisy for three nights and giving her meds and trying his best, he said that’s enough. They went and put her to sleep. She was an old girl and he and his wife had treated her like a baby all the years they had her, just like you did, I am sure. i don’t think you should doubt your decision just because the vet didn’t say it first. He would have, trust me. You did the right thing for your dog.

  16. I lost my 6 month old puppy in an accident just in front of my eyes. I have a female pomeranian who gave brth to 4 puppies in jan. On 25th july in the morning after playing with them for sometime i collected their chains to tie them up. But one of the pup start pating on the door so i thought tovtake her for a walk and closed the door so that the other pups cant come out. Later one person came and opened tga gate without realizing that the pups weree open and one of mu puppy came out. She start running and playing on the road and as i was frigthened that she might get hurt i also started tryinh to catch her but she ran towardss the main road. One car was coming and i stopped tha car by waving my hand the car stopped my puppy was running amd suddening a motorbike hit her and she was gone on the spot. I couldnt believe what all happened. I am in a deep shock and guilt for mu pup death. I should have tried some other waybto stop her from running.i am just crying since then.

  17. Well, I am 48 and just lost my first dog, he was about 4 shepard irish setter mix. Unbelievably smart, gentle and aware, absolutely perfect. My wife took my daughter to work in our suburban and he curled up behind her seat, we think afraid of recent thunder. When she returned she was distracted by houseguests and forgot he was back there. He was such a quiet dog who apparently did not move. Unfortunately we did not notice he was gone for an hour or so in the car in florida in july. He died in the back of my wifes car. He was heaving when we found him and rushed him to the vet to no avail. We are all devastated, my wife feels she killed our family dog and is inconsolable. I have an appointment today with a therapist but I think she will live with this forever and will never forgive herself. This dog Barney was absolutely perfect, he had no bad dog traits at all, listened perfectly, never really barked, played with the kids perfectly and almost seemed to understand english. Rest in Peace Barney you are missed terribly.

  18. Thank you for this well written article.

    I lost Kali – my 2 year old, 3 pound YorkiePoo – just 2 weeks ago. She was my first dog and I never imagined the grief could be so overwhelming.

    I wanted to tell people that one of the most comforting things I found has been working on a memorial scrapbook, filled with pictures and stories of her good life.

    Although I wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone, it is comforting to know others are going through the same and that we all make mistakes and have accidents. Kali drowned in a pond and while I feel at peace for loving her as much as I could while I had her, it is a struggle to not think on the what-ifs or how scared she must have been.

    I can tell that with time it will get easier and I hope to someday be strong enough to bring another pupper into my life.

  19. I put down my dog Chief just this Wednesday. He was only a year and a half old. He was the sweetest dog, so full of energy and love. So smart. He loved our family very much. He was a German Sheppard, Husky mix and was extremely protective of our family. Around 9 months of age he started to show aggression towards other people and especially dogs. We took him to at least 3 different trainers and they all gave us basically the same information that he was high energy and needed lots of exercise and needed to be worked a lot. That we would have to work with him every day for of his life and even still he would have the aggressive tendencies. We have 4 children ages 11, 9, 4 and 1 and between our day jobs, taking care of the kids and extracurricular activities we didn’t have the time to take care of him properly. He was always tied up outside at his dog house. Which he seemed to love. I would bring him in before bed every night and play with him a little but thats basically the only time I had to spend with him. We were afraid to have people over, because we had seen him lunge at them before. About a week ago he lunged at a child and also started growling at my son through the night. We called Shelters, rescues and tried re homing him but no one would take him. We decided to have him put down before he hurt someone. I feel like I failed him, that I could have worked harder with him, I could have spent more time with him, cuddled him more told him I loved him more. rather than just having him tied up at that house. I took him in that day and just staring in his sweet eyes, I’m sure he was scared, I wanted to be there to make sure he felt safe. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, I was suppose to love him and protect him, and yet I was the one who in the end turned on him and ended his life. My guilt and grief is consuming me. I feel uncomfortable in my own skin, I cant breath, eat or sleep.

  20. Robin Michelle Abbinante

    My 5 yr old yorki e Sophie was the love of my life. I’m disabled and spent literally all of my time with her. I came home to find her staring into space and head turned to one side. This was on aweekend. I asked my brother of i could borrow money to take her to the er. He said he would only put down $200. I knew this wasn’t enough. Why didn’t I call my rich sister and ask her to go in? O had a little income..I could have paid them back! I kept her hydrated with a straw and watched her go down the whole weekend. Mon. I ran her to my vet. He didn’t know what was wrong. He thought she had eaten poison or found a pill and began to flush her out. Why didn’t I insist it wasn’t that and think this is a head injury he ‘s just increasing the swrlling. Talked to sister..She said she would pay for everything. The girl at fr. desk said no one stays at night but” they don’t leave a critical animal”. I guess I felt comfortable leaving her there. The “hosp” is the best place right? Overnight i had myself it was vestibular. The Dr said she needed to travel quite some distance to find an MRI for $3000 ..Sister said she didn’t have THAT much. Why didn’t I think of DR being open during the week nights too!?someone could have been with her all night. The dr. didn’t advise me to take her there…they have a cat scan. Does same thing as mri. Was he too proud to send to another vet!? I had several friends tell me to take her out and go to their vet. Little did I know this vet had after hours line AND had a st scan. I get to my vet..He gives me slight hop. Says he will do a spinal tap. He knows it ‘s neurological. I said yes and left that declining baby another night alone in a dark clset. They said it was to keep her calm. Next day she breathing hard. Dr said it was prob because he had to bask her up to do procedure. I asked tech what it all tested for ..She said “I don’t know’s the first time we’ve ever done one. Why didn’t I grab her and run!!?? My sister even said maybe I should take her to someone with more experience. Again false hope because the test will take 2 I had more time. I asked why she was twitching. Her baby eyes were rolling around. She said he didn’t give her valium today to see what she was doing. She said th Dr would be in shortly. The lady said she had been trying to feed her and stick a ball of fibroid up to her. A pink tongue came out!! Again, I guess that have me hope..I left that baby with seizures and eyes rolling. The worst time of her life.She scored me and was wondering why I left O know. When I was snuggling her I could hear a slight silent wine like she was in pain. Why the he’ll didn’t I stay and at least make sure he came on back and have her something. I walked out on her. A couple of hours later..about the time for them to go home I get a call from the vet saying she passed. The tech who I found out was his cousin had said repeatedly that Sophie had already been through TOO MUCH! I think they made the decision to put her down. They sent the spinal t specimen around same I don’t know. I had a million more different avenues to take over the course of FOUR 1/2 days an I did nothing! I didn’t step back and think. I was too busy to even do more research. I guess I just think dr.s know everything and they would”fix” her. She started out alone and afraid I’m a cage (She was going to be a breeder dog and they were going to put her down because she wouldn’t feed her puppies..or something…I gladly took her) and she died alone and afraid I’m a cage. She had a beautiful life (5yrs) with me. No regrets there. I have her my all and she gave me her all. Why did I let her go out like that?? I had a be nigh tumor removed a while back. Maybe the idiot dr. messed that up too. Maybe she had a brain tumor or stroke. If it was a head injury it’s also my fault. I didn’t keep a small Fulton type thing pulled close to the Talk couch that she could have used as a sort of stepping stool. Y’all couch, furry feet and a hard concrete tile floor. I hate myself and I want to die. This was one month ago and it just keeps getting worse.

  21. I must add that the thoughts of how my baby died without me,,wondering where his mommy was and why she didn’t come to save him..and what he went through are killing me…the only peace I find is knowing that after many yrs of not knowing this to be true,,,that believers pets do go to heaven. See the YouTube video by Pastor Dr. Jack Van Impe titled Do our pets go to heaven. After thousands of bible study and collaborating with best minds in Christianity he shows evidence that they do…Praise God he is with Bugsy and Kirby and there is no more arthritis, cancer,,,or pain of any kind.

  22. My precious Odie died yesterday and I feel like it too. It hurts beyond words to tell what happened but to maybe benefit others I will. He was a 3 yr old Boston Terrier and my constant companion. My husband is a truck driver and gone all the time. I took him everywhere with me and he had some separation anxiety because I rescued him from an owner who abandoned him. I had him for a yr a 3 months now. This was my 3rd Boston Terrier as I adopted Bugsey from a rescue agency and cared for him for 2 yrs before he had a stroke. He was 12 and I also took him everywhere with me. He had arthritis and was blind in one eye. I knew when his legs were hurting and cared for him when that would happen. I got Kirby to be a companion for Bugsey. Kirby was a Boston Terrier thatI got from the pound. He was an older dog and had no light of happiness in his eyes and just walked in the viewing room at the pound like he could care less and just had no care of whether I was there or not, I took him and Bugsy to the beach, Kirby loved it,he played on the beach as we took them in the cool of the morning or evening because I know of the danger of these dogs over heating, Kirby had two seizures one day and the vet said he had cancer. I had a golf ball sized tumor removed from his neck. He died about 7 days later, I think it had spread to his brain. So then I got Odie to be Bugsys companion. They played together every day and got along so wonderfully, Odie brought joy to Bugsey. I was taking Bugsey to potty and it was a normal day. We had all just gotten out of bed and were walking to the door and Bugsey started sticking his back leg out and acting strange. I am a nurse and suspected he had just had a stroke…within 30 minutes,,,he had started what I call in a human to be Kussmal breathing,,,its breathing that happens as a person is dying. It was so fast,,there was no time for anything. So Odie lost his play partner and I lost my buddy. Odie knew his friend was gone. He and I were soooo close and he went out on the truck with me and my husband and loved it. He loved playing with my hubby. Well yesterday I had a job was nice out side yesterday but not to hot,,,I usually close Odie up in the kitchen if there is a place I cant take him and I know he loves to watch the groundhogs in my backyard so I thought well lets put the kennel in the shade and let him not be cooped up in the house…I knew I would be gone a very short time. I put my big 10×6 kennel largely in the shade, put a huge bowl with an ice block (to be sure it would be icy cold for him) his toy, a bone, a blankee and off I went for the interview,I had put him in the kennel 1 time before when it was cooler out and he was fine. I always preach to people that these dogscant tolerate the heat and not to leave them in cars or outif its hot….I came right home after my interview I was gone almost 3 hrs, (that’s all) and he was lying in the corner dead….I yelled and cried that I had killed my baby. I would never had left him out if I thought it was to warm.. I suspect he had gotten very excited over cyring when Ieft or seeing the groundhog that eats in the yard that he overheated. I tried everything to bring him back as I could tell he hadn’t been dead long. It hurts so bad knowing that I caused this…I who took great care to make sure he never overheated before,,,underestimating how it wasn’t warm enough to cause harm and it was, His mommy who looked to him to protect him,,,and I caused his death..I took his little body and tried to wake him up with sticking him in the tub,,,cpr,,no avail. So last night after putting him in his bed for a little while…ran bathwater and for the last time,,,I gave my baby a bath, clipped his toenails, put him in a nice blanket with his toys and laid him to rest.. I hurt so much over this and see him everywhere in this house. I am going around gathering his leashes, sweaters, bones…(that dog would have food before me if it came down to a choice)…I loved him that much….so please,,,dont even leave your dogs out if you can keep them in…my aunt had a dog that jumped a fence going after a rabbit while on a chain and the dog hung himself. If these were children imagine how worse the pain!!! Think twice,,,if I could go back and change this I would so much…I only thought it was a nice day and he may enjoy being out because we spend a lot of time inside…it made no difference to me if he was out or in except for trying to make him happy..and I made the wrong choice and Odie paid for it….I just want to tell him I am soooo sorry and love him so much. God Bless.

  23. My baby, Rey, died yesterday afternoon and I blame myself. My girlfriend and I like to take our three dogs to the park to play ball. So, yesterday just like we had done a hundred other times we loaded up and went to the park. We have a German Shepherd, a Yorkie, and a tiny teacup Yorkie (Rey). My GSD and Rey love to play ball, they get so excited going to the park. Anyway, yesterday afternoon at the Park was going just like every other day playing ball. I would throw the ball and both dogs would take off down the field. My GSD would retrieve the ball follwed closely by Rey. We probably did this 15 or so times and it was just a normal day. But on the last throw somehow Rey got in front of him or he got behind her. When they took off in a sprint my GSD kicked her in the head with his front leg. It happened two feet in front of me and I knew it wasn’t good. She felt lifeless as I picked her up and we rushed her to the vet’s office which was only a mile away. The vet said that the blow broke her neck. My girlfriend and I are devastated. She was the sweetest little thing in the world and I feel at fault.

  24. My Sallie died on February 23, 2018. She was a standard poodle a few months away from 13 and she was getting older, she was lethargic and I could tell she had trouble with her hips. On Wednesday, two days before she died, my mom and I decided to take her to the beach. We had a beautiful glorious day running around, playing with her, and she was SO happy. Sallied hadn’t really been to the beach before and she would occasionally reach down and eat sand or lick the water, whenever she did we would scold her. We spent about two hours on the beach and we were walking the whole time and never took our eyes off of her. Almost right after we left the beach she threw up, which we thought was normal, she’s just trying to get the sand/salt water out of her system right? The following day she was fine, but towards the night she started throwing up even more. We called the vet and he said she’s getting the sand out of her system and just don’t give her any water so she can get it out. I woke on Friday to her crying and she managed to jump over the stool and get water. I felt bad, so I gave her the food and water bowl and went back to bed. Throughout the day on Friday we took her on walks and observed her, slowly gave her water and tried to feed her turkey (she wasn’t eating anything). On Friday she threw up in the morning, but by the afternoon she wasn’t throwing up and was just tired/sleepy. We thought she was resting and would sleep and eat and would be fine, she puked alot and all the sand seemed to have left her system. Towards the end of the day Friday, she looked fine, quite, but wasn’t throwing up. So I decided to go to a dance performance and she was left alone for an hour (which I will always greatly regret). When my mom got back from the gym, she said Sallie was fine, no distressed, she drank water and rested. It wasn’t until 10:30 that my mom noticed that she had took a turn for the worse, her health and so quickly declined. In the morning she was her normal self and now she could barley move. By a stroke of God, I made it home while she was still alive and just cuddled her, petted her, told her what a good dog she was. She shat herself and I just cleaned it up and kept near her. We carried her down to the car and rushed her to the ER, but she died on the way there, it was so peaceful that I hadn’t even realized that she died. She just took her last breath. We will never know what Sallie died from, but a vet we spoke to, said a healthy, young dog, who ate some sand and drank a little water would’ve been fine. She must’ve been suffering from something else, cancer, liver failure, heart failure, and the beach just made whatever she had speed up. I will always regret that I didn’t pamper her in her last day, but at least I was there, I really don’t think I could’ve lived with myself if she died without me. I’m 17 and she has been in my life since I was 5, she was my family, my sister. I wished I had pampered her more in her last day and had spent her last hours with her, instead of her last minutes. But we truly didn’t know she was dying. On Friday the decline was so quick, that I don’t think a vet could’ve saved her. They would’ve stabilized her and we would either put her down (which I couldn’t live with) or we would have to choose to between surgery. If we had to choose surgery I don’t know what we would’ve done. We couldn’t afford it and the chances that she survived would be slim, she’s old and the surgery would’ve been invasive, painful, and traumatizing. Would I put her through that, just so she could live a couple more months in pain? We should’ve taken her in sooner, but I find solace knowing that she died with me petting her and not in some scary clinic. She HATED the vet and getting her haircut. She died naturally and the choice for us as her humans was taken out of our hands and (not now), but I think I will soon feel relief over the fact that she had a beautiful last day, a painful couple of hours, and then just fell asleep. Sallie was amazing: she ran across a polo field during a game, she peed in a strangers shoe, she stole food from peoples bags and they never noticed. Was her life perfect? No. But think of all the other dogs out there, who die alone in clinics, with no one to love them. Or dogs who died before they were a ripe old age. She had a beautiful, full life, she knew I loved her and I wish she was still here with us, but I know she’s watching over me. I love you Sallie.

  25. My dog, Speck died yesterday afternoon. He woke up was loving and cuddly as always and having a good morning. My large dog Cadie, who is 10 years old was his me for the week. I share her with my ex partner. We have shared custody and we each parent her. Well, yesterday, we decided to go have breakfast and run some errands and we left the two dogs out and put the others in their crates. We did this every day. I thing was different. The only thing different was that this morning my big dog Cadie snapped at my little dog, Speck and we corrected her and went about our day. We left for two hours and when we got home, it seemed like a scene from a horror movie in our bed room. There was blood everywhere and our little boy, Speck later in a poodle of blood. He was already gone. I just hate it! I can’t seem to stop crying. I want nothing more but to have him back. Some strange incident must have happened to cause this fight. Cadie was too big for his tiny body. I keep thinking it’s our fault and I know it is! We should have never allowed them out of their crates. I should have picked up on the signs. I just can’t stop
    Crying and seeing his little tyke body on our bedroom floor. How can I cope? We decided to to keep our dog rather than euthanizing her. She has never shown any aggressive behavior except a normal growl once Evette blue moon in the last 10 years. We want to try to retain her, but how do I stop being mad at her, too. Not only am I have it feelings of guilt for leaving Speck out with her, but I’m angry and sad for Cadie, too. How do I cope?

    1. How did you cope? My shepherds attacked my bichon and killed him yesterday. I tried to stop it but I couldn’t. I’m so broken, I dont know what to do.

  26. The time for Pippin to go came two weeks ago. She had lost over 1.5 kg and slept a lot. She could no longer eat by herself so I fed her fingernail size bits of her favourite food; even drinking had become hard for her. When I phoned the vet to arrange for him to come to my house to have her put to sleep I was in tears. The vet came with a practice nurse and I lifted my sleepy dog out of her bed. She lay peacefully in my arms, didn’t bark or whimper even when her leg was shaved, didn’t tremble and as the drugs went into her bloodstream, she just fell asleep – her head relaxed – and she was gone..
    I was going to bury her in the garden, but it was raining hard and I didn’t feel I could dig a hole and put her in it, so I asked the vet to take her, have her cremated and for her ashes to be returned to me. Even now I feel tears starting.
    My vet’s practice was was excellent – and it wasn’t as expensive as I had anticipated: only £171 for the vet and nurse to come here, for the cremation and her ashes in a wooden casket with her name on a brass plaque on it.
    I shall never feel those velvet ears again, nor watch her watching TV, nor have her cuddle up to me.
    But I’ve put my name down at the vets to board dogs – preferably small one and only one at a time.
    Goodbye Pippin

  27. My Jack Russell, Pippin is sleeping next to me on the bed, wrapped in my cosy dressing jacket. Two of her favourite things : sleeping on my bed and being cosy. She’s 17 and nearly 3 months old. I live 300 miles away from my family whom I am visiting for Christmas. My husband of 59 years died in July so Pip is my sole companion, but I fear we’re getting to the end of the road.. She;very deaf, almost blind, has no teeth worth talking about, has very rickety back legs so finds it hard to walk, and often doesn’t make it to the garden in time for a poo, which I don’t mind, but is difficult for the family. especially my son-in-law, to cope with. She eats well but has lost nearly 1.5kg in the last 3or4 months, My vet says she’s ok –good kidneys, a slight heart murmur and I don’t know what to do for the best. I am going to Australia for 6 weeks in April/May and have arranged a dog sitter to stay in my house, but I wonder if I’doing her any favours by keeping her going. It’ll feel like murder if I have her euthanised for my convenience, . It’s an unpleasant dilemma..

    1. For a dog to live 17 years and counting is a testimony to the amazing care she has received all her life from her loving family. Murder = No!
      Love = Saying goodbye, allowing her to go peacefully and with grace. That is the true act of love. Peace be with you.

  28. I’m struggling to find forgiveness with in myself. Below is a letter I sent out 3 weeks ago explaining my struggle. Time heals all but this beyond hurts because it was humane error, my error. It was my job to protect him, I failed.
    With tearful eyes I tell you:
    Yesterday mid day I let Bullet out to go to the bathroom. He took 2 steps outside, saw a squirrel and took off running.
    I couldn’t stop him from chasing that squirrel, my screaming couldn’t stop him, and now I have to tell you Bullet is gone.
    He was hit by a car and died instantly. The driver stopped and quickly offered aid but nothing could be done, Bullet was gone. I don’t blame the driver, it was not their fault, I feel it was our job to protect him and I let him down. I was to lazy to put him on a leash, that choice = my choice changed our life’s forever. How do you recover from such a senseless loss?
    The guilt I feel, the pain my husband and I both feel is overwhelming. We have lost animals to old age sickness/cancer/quality of life, but never to a accident. Never so young, so healthy.
    Bullet was only 2yrs old. This Saturday 11-26-17 was to be his 3rd birthday. He had been through so much in his young life meaning we were his fourth adopted family. He was first named Napoleon, then Caesar, than Yoda, and finally Bullet. We named him Bullet because of how fast he was. He was a challenge from day one but it was also apparent from day one that he just wanted to be loved. Bullet came to us at a time we needed him and he needed us, it wasn’t a perfect match but no matter we loved him and he had finally found his forever home. At least that’s the way it was suppose to be.
    Does Bullet know how sorry I am? Did he know how much we loved him? Does he forgive me?
    3 questions that no one will ever be able to answer….I’m struggling.

      1. I have yet to make peace with myself for Bullet’s avoidable death. Next month will be a year since we lost him, we miss him everyday in everyway, our tears seem endless but time has allowed us to regain some emotional control even though we still get hit with those random unstoppable emotional tidal waves, and at those times the struggle, the reality of our nightmare is mind numbing.
        I know Bullet is gone but that doesn’t change how we feel, he will always be part of our family, we are so thankful he was part of our life, grateful for the time we had with him, our love for Bullet is forever, even death can not take that from us. I do thank God for the gift of our beloved Bullet. For me time and prayer are my only hope of closure. Bullet is a part of our hearts, he must know that….right? Please know that Bullet, you were gone to soon, way to soon.
        I pray a lot, I pray for myself, my family, and I pray for all of you that are hurting, those who have shared their painful stories. My prayers are for comfort, acceptance, forgiveness, understanding, healing and peace.

  29. I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for being here, for sharing how difficult it was to experience your dog’s death. Your dog’s soul and spirit will live on forever — and your dog is resting in peace, joy, and freedom on the other side. Whatever pain or discomfort that was felt here is long over, for them.
    But not for you. The pain of saying goodbye to your beloved dog is deep and real. It’ll take time to work through your grief — so give yourself time to heal. Cry, scream, weep, and let yourself fall to pieces. Sometimes, letting your heart fall to pieces is the only way you’ll pick it back up again.
    May you find healing and forgiveness, peace and rest in your heart. May you feel that sense of calm and trust that only God can bring. Hold on to your faith and trust in Him, for He will walk with you through this. And you will feel better again…but first, let yourself say goodbye to your dog the way you need to.
    Warm sympathies,

  30. First I want to offer my deepest sympathy and compassion for everyone who has shared their stories of grief, loss, guilt and hurt. Some of your stories are so very difficult to read, and yet I know how important it is to have written the words and shared your pain.

    Last Wednsday, our normally peaceful home was in complete chaos… I have great danes and 2 very senior chihuahuas… the house was divided up with my wife and I each caring for a portion of out pets as AT&T came to fix our cable, men arrived and surrounded the house to install new gutters, and a contractor was in the house replacing sheet rock all related to hail damage we had over the summer, causing roof and gutter damage, and interior leaks. I am truly fortunate to have insurance that is helping to repair the damage, but our home is normally empty.. we both work remotely and are home all day long, but the house is peaceful, we live on 5+ acres and have no neighbors… The dogs were all on edge because there was so much activity both inside and out… but we were SO careful to make sure that no one came near the dogs and the dogs were given sanctuary with supervision in two areas of our house.

    Just after noon, we asked everyone to leave our back yard and go to the front so that we could allow our dogs outside for a potty break. We did this in two shifts, to keep the chaos to a minimum… my wife let her crew out first, and then got them secure in her office, and I then let my crew outside .. everything was perfect. My guys came back inside and we put the in the bedroom as we both finished making ourselves something quick to eat for lunch. We gave the all clear to the men to resume work, and it was at that point that something triggered a reaction in my bedroom… I can only theorize what happened, but we heard a yelp and then what sounded like a dog fight starting…

    We both were just feet from the bedroom and were in the room in seconds.. just enough time to see that two of my danes had started to fight with Paris, my Westie/Chi mix… Frank, my bigger great dane picked her up in his mouth, shook her and dropped her.. that was it. In a matter of seconds he had killed her, we were sure of it, but my wife frantically raced her to the vet in an effort to save her life, but confirmed she had passed away.

    While she raced to the vet, I stood frozen in my bedroom… there were no marks on Frankie of Violet, my other dane. There was blood on the floor, where Frank had dropped Paris, but beyond that, absolutely no signs, no clues to explain what had happened or why.. It was literally started and over in under 20 seconds… but these are 20 seconds that I cannot forgive myself for and have yet to come to terms with.

    While my theories about what happened make sense, they do not comfort me or my wife in the least. I am guessing that with all of the chaos both inside and out, and movement around our windows…. Paris in her typical grumpy style barked at one of the danes for coming too close to her, and in a moment of displaced anxiety and aggression, my danes corrected her. Had it been dane on dane, there would be nothing but a small nip or wound and everything would be over… but the size difference all but guaranteed Paris’ death.

    My wife now resents and fears our dane Frank.. I have spent my time trying to comfort and reassure her that this was literally a freak accident in a very atypical moment of chaos in our home.. This pack has known one another and lived together for over 5 years and we have NEVER had an incident of big dog on little dog corrections or fights. As polished as those words sound, and as much as the educated side of my brain can articulate how this might have happened and why it was literally an accident and there is nothing to fear… I am consumed internally with guilt, shame and grief so deep for my beloved, sweet Paris who did not deserve what happened.

    I cannot speak to my wife about my grief, guilt and shame..she is far too angry at Frank to even hear what I am feeling, plus she is feeling all of the same emotions, plus anger. I am too ashamed to even speak of it to close friends …. and my dearest friend who I confided in the day it happened, did not respond to me for 3 days to ask if we were all ok…. I only heard from her to ask if I still wanted her to come for Thanksgiving… And that silence from someone who knows my house, knows our pack, trusts and loves our dogs, has only caused me to retreat further inside myself…. consumed by horrible thoughts and feelings about how I failed Paris and so desperately sad, wanting to have her back by my side… God, I loved that girl.. I am not angry at Frank.. I believe we overwhelmed them with all of the noise, chaos and people literally inside and outside our home.

    I would have given anything to take that bite for Paris.. My body is stronger, bigger. it would have hurt me, but I would have lived… I failed her… I can’t change this. I have no one to talk to and I am so ashamed of what has happened that I cannot really go more than 5 minutes before I re-live it all again.

    If you have read this far, thank you… . I am so sorry to trouble you with my unloading of random thoughts.. I am simply so overwhelmed by my failure to protect my little, 13 year old sassy gal.

    1. Regina,
      Thank you so much for sharing. Please know that none of this was anyone’s fault. I know words do not help, and that nothing will bring your sweet girl back, but just know it was not anyone’s fault. You and your family are in my prayers.

    2. I am so sorry for your loss, your pain, your struggle. It’s obvious by your heartbroken words that this was not your fault. It is a unexplainable event that you may never find answers to. That is a emotional hell that you really can’t explain to someone else. Leaving you so deeply hurt. Hurt from your loss/hurt with trying to find out why/hurt because you feel alone/hurt because you feel responsible/hurt from the loss of a loved one/hurt in the battle to forgive yourself/hurt because no matter what you say and no matter what you do = it will never change life as you now know it.
      I too struggle with life changing hurt. I wanted to let you know, NO, I needed to let you know = your not alone. You are in my prayers and I’m sure in the prayers of many others. Prayers for healing.

  31. I was a college sophomore when I caused my dog’s death. We’d had him for pretty much as long as I remember. His breed bonded to only one or two people, and I think he bonded to my mom and me, the people who were with him most. I have social anxiety and depression, and he was my best friend. He was always there to listen to me and sympathize with and curl up with me when I felt bad. He knew me better than any human. When he was 14, I was home for spring break. I knew he was old. I knew his legs hurt him and my mom struggled to get him to eat enough. But I wan’t to be with him. I wanted to spend as ,much time as possible with him before I had to go back to school, where I felt isolated. I was cooking downstairs one day, and he was upstairs. Climbing the stairs was so hard for him. I knew that. It hurt him. But I wanted to be with him. I took his favorite treat, knowing his arthritis, knowing his leg pain, and I lured him downstairs.
    He fell.
    I’ll never forget the sound of pain he made. It’s indescribable. If hell is real, I’ll spend eternity listening to that cry of pain.
    I panicked. I called my mom, leaving sobbing voicemails, and called his vet. She asked me to check his gums and said he was probably fine, just pulled a muscle.
    After a few interminable minutes, he tried to get up, still crying. I helped him to his feet, begging him to stop, to be okay,to be my anchor and best friend and reason for living. Pressing himself against the wall, with me stupidly, clumsily guiding him, we went to the backyard. He had to go to the bathroom, but he didn’t want to do it outside. He was that well trained, that dedicated to the rules of the house.
    He sat down outside. I called my mom again and read to him. Eventually, my mom came home. My dog struggled up, tail wagging, happy to see her. I remember that moment, because it’s the last time I saw his tail wag.
    We took him to the vet. I told me mom not to talk to him in the soothing, over-gentle voice, because that would indicate to him that something was wrong. What was I thinking? Did I really think thing would go back to normal?
    The vet told us his leg was broken. I remember screaming “no!” but not much after that.They wrapped the broken leg up, so that he could barely move it. It hurt him so much, so get up and move around with his leg immobilized like that, given ho weak his back legs were. I tried to help, while my mom was at work. I tried to carry him outside, inside, trying to figure out what he wanted. He hated being carried. I cut and wiped the shit out of his fur.
    We took him to a specialty surgeon. I cried when they said the only option was a radical surgery/ We had to leave him there, alone, that night.
    But I would get him back, right? My mom said, by the time the semester was over, he’d be back to walking speed. I set up the basement for his recovery, I planned to spend the rest of my break at his side, tending to his needs, helping him get better,
    And then, a few hours later, the phone rang.
    I picked up, but I didn;t say anything. I just listened as the surgeons explained that his kidneys were too unstable to undergo a major surgery. We had to fix them first. My dog my fourteen. As I stifled my tears, my mom decided that we wouldn’t wait. Surgery hurt, she told me later. It wouldn’t be fair to him, to force him to stay around for a few extra months in pain. But God forgive me I wanted those months,
    We took him home.
    He laid, unmoving, on the carpet. My mom took pictures of him, spread out, in pain and defeated, for my siblings as I begged her not to. The last things we ate was a few scraps of chicken.
    She decided to put him down. I screamed, I cried, I begged her not to. She cried as she called the vet. She made me knock his legs out from under him as we loaded him into the back of the car. It was the last time he ever stood, and I knocked him down. I could see the trust empty from his eyes. My best friend, my confidant, my reason for living, knew I was helping him die.
    If I had left him alone, if I hadn’t tried to make him come downstairs, if I had killed myself in high school when I first wanted to, he would have survived, or at least his last days wouldn’t have been spent in such pain and confusion.
    My mom asked me not to hurt myself as she went to kill my best friend. I didn’t live up to that promise.

  32. Saturday my new puppy died. Shadow was just shy of four months, and I feel like a monster. He was just starting to catch on to house training and loved water and being outside. We have another dog named and were just starting to experiment with letting them outside at the same time. We live in the country with a lot of bush for our dogs to explore and they loved it. Friday had been extremely cold here so the dogs had not had a lot of outdoor time. Saturday morning it started to warm up and after I took them out for their business they took off into the bush to explore, nothing new, they had done this together many times. They had been outside awhile, longer than usual and I wish now that when that thought crossed my mind I had gone outside. Well the older dog came back but there was no puppy. So i went outside and called him, no response no chain jingling and my heart instantly dropped, he always came running when I called him. My other dog kept leading me in the opposite direction that they always go, so I decided to follow him. He led me way down to the edge of our property where there is a small pond. I followed him and when I walked past the pond he barked at me so I turned to call him to come with me and I saw Shadow. His lifeless body was at the bottom of the pond. It seems that my other dog knew it was important that I find him. Everyone tells me it was a tragic accident and it’s not my fault. But I can’t seem to forgive myself. I shouldn’t have left them alone, he was too young. There’s a million things I could’ve done differently and he would still be alive. I was supposed to protect him and I failed. My negligence killed my poor puppy who will never get the chance to grow up.

  33. Last night our older blind chihuahua mix drowned in our pool. He’s been with us about 4 years, we rescued him from a shelter when he was at least 9 so he was around 13-16. We became careless and took for granted that he seemed to avoid the pool area and not wander out that way. The back door was left open like we sometimes do (again, careless) and he wandered out and drowned. I’m in total shock but at same time, looking back at all the close calls and clues we should have known better and been more careful. We were a week out from a fence being installed and because he always seemed to avoid that area, we let our guards down and didn’t watch as closely.

    The guilt I feel is off the charts. I completely blame myself, and not just in a normal grief way, but in a way where I KNOW we were too careless and I don’t know how to process that. I feel like such a terrible dog owner. We got comfortable thinking he knew to avoid it and how dumb is that, he is blind for god sakes. I’m so full of guilt and shame and feel horrific. I didn’t sleep last night and I have been crying nonstop. I feel like this incident is the worst thing I have ever experienced in my entire life because I caused his suffering and death. I feel like I will never forgive myself for the mistakes I made in not taking better precautions for him. How in the hell do people come back from something like this and ever get over it or move through it even?

  34. I read all the posts here hoping to help me find something to ease my own guilt. My heart goes out to all of you. You didn’t do anything on purpose and I know you loved your pets so much. My story is a little bit different. At the end of August I noticed that one of my cats wasn’t eating, just licking her food.I took her to my vet,who examined her and so no evidence of illness. She told me it was probably because of the heat, summer is very hot here in Greece. I didn’t press my vet for blood tests, and I regret this too.i took my kitty home relieved that she was ok. My vet would be leaving for vacation in 3 days.My cat continued not eating but I didn’t take her in again, thinking she’s ok.I regret this too.My vet left. my kitty still wouldn’t eat She was just drinking water. I tried so hard to convince myself it was because of the heat.Many days passed.My cat was getting thinner but i kept telling myself she’s ok,she’s ok. If my vet had been there I would have taken her in but I felt paralyzed, helpless, as if there were no other vets around.I truly didn’t know how dangerous it is for a cat not to eat for so many days, I googled it afterwards and I was horrified.Why didn’t i google it earlier? By the time I realized something was wrong she looked really sick I found a vet clinlc and I took her there.They examined her and they told me she had feline fip, which is a fatal disease and they could do nothing for her. I was shocked and mortified by guilt and shame, though I learned later that fip cannot be either cured nor prevented.They gave me some medications to try at home.They told me she had only a few days.I refused to believe it. I took my kitty home and tried every medication available, every kind of food available to make her eat.I never left her side day or night, giving her all my love.For a while she seemed to be getting better and my hope revived. But then she got worse.
    Thankfully my vet returned and took her in for drips and fluid-draining.Her liver was getting worse because of the virus but I was still hoping for a miracle.I visited her mornings and afternoons at the vets, i didn’t want her to feel all alone there. She became a little better and I took her home again to be with us.Then I took to the vet’s again for more fluid-draining and drips. I couldn’t admit she was dying, I kept hoping and praying. She wasn’t in pain, so I tried to prolong her life
    My kitty lost her life one night while at the vet’s. It’s been almost a month now.The pain is overwhelming, but so is the guilt.i know I didn’t cause her sickness or death, but I feel I neglected her and I betrayed her by ignoring her symptoms for so many days.I could have made her last weeks so much comfortable and I didn’t. And I loved her so much. Why did I act this way? Before this,I never failed to provide immediate care for her or my other pets. It’s true that the months before my kitty’s sickness my dad was sick and it took us a while to find a specialist who could tell us what was wrong with him. Was I avoiding to go through all this again ? This is not an excuse, pets depend on us for their very life. I cannot forgive myself for failing my kitty. I feel no one here has ever done such a monstrous callous thing.

    1. I pray you have found some peace. I have worked with animals for over 26 years and I can tell you 100% honestly cat’s are the hardest to treat. Meaning by the time they let you know they are sick, they are past super sick and the reality is cat’s hide it for so long, to long, that there are not always things we can do to save them. When you realized your baby was sick you seeked help.

  35. I lost my beloved scottie dog Roxy on the 14th July. She had inflammatory bowel disease and was very ill and underweight. The day before she died I had given her the normal monthly immune therapy injection she had. Something in the back of my mind said ‘leave it this month’ but I gave it to her. She was a bit slow on her walk that day, but I didn’t think at the time it could have been because of the injection. She was fine when I got home from work and was eating a lot better as I had seen a specialist vet the week before and she had a new diet. The next morning she was coughing and coughed up a white foam like fluid. When I took her to the vets that day for a B12 injection said she didn’t seem right, but I failed to tell them about her coughing. Also I had heard back from the specialist vet that she did not have cancer which was great news. Later that day when she was struggling to breath I rushed her straight up to the vets, they told me to go home and would call if needed. I received a call soon after telling me she did have cancer in the lungs and I had to go back within the hour as she was very bad, suffering and he could do nothing for her. For some reason I did not tell him that I had been told she did not have cancer or about the coughing, i don’t know why maybe it was because I was so stressed. She was put down and it wasn’t until a couple of days later I realised that I should have told him. I phoned the vet and he said yes it was cancer, but something in the back of my mind knew it wasn’t. So I spoke to my normal vet and asked her opinion and she thinks it was probably a blood clot as she had coughed up blood in the past, she said the injection was an unlikely cause of her death. I’ve since researched it and dogs who have the injections are at risk of pneumonia and I can get the thought out of my head that I shouldn’t have given it to her and that I should have told them it wasn’t cancer. I don’t think I will ever get over the guilt that I have and struggle through ever day with the feeling that I let her down right at the end. I’ve read a lot of the posts here and feel for everyone, I just don’t know how to forgive myself for her death.

  36. We lost our family dog this past Sunday. We’d had her ten years, since she was a puppy. My husband got her when we were dating. Her name was Bettie, and she was the sweetest pit bull you would ever meet. Even people afraid of dogs or pit bulls, loved Bettie. Everyone loved Bettie. She was the greatest. My husband and I have two little girls, ages 7 and 5. Ever since we had kids, we tried really hard not to neglect our dog, but she definitely got put on the back burner compared to our human kids. And that culminated in her death. We had just gotten home from a gender reveal party. My husband had hosted a bachelor party for my cousin at our house the night before. I was getting ready to go pick up my friend and take her out to dinner for her birthday. I was worried about her because she’s in an awful relationship. Anyway, we had a lot on our mind, as usual. We accidentally left Bettie in the back of our car. None of us noticed. She wasn’t a barker. It was a hot day. We have done that before, poor girl, accidentally forgot her in the car or even at our parents house, once even outside all night long!!! Poor Bettie!!!! We didn’t deserve such an amazing dog. Around 11pm, as we were getting ready for bed, we noticed her absence. My husband ran out to the car and she was dead. There was drool all over the car, all over the seats. But she was laying in the back, and looked like she was asleep. We keep telling ourselves that she just layed down and went to sleep and never woke up. But of course our minds can’t help but go to a dark place. She was old, she had arthritis, was losing her hearing, and was starting to poop in the house. She was overweight and not in good shape, but she didn’t deserve to die the way she did and we of course just feel like the worst people ever. We know it was a tragic accident and we never would do anything to hurt her. This page and everyone’s own stories have been a great comfort to us during this time. We did not tell our girls the truth. We told them she died in her sleep. We’ve told close family and friends the truth and everyone has been so supportive. My husband told a new friend today and things got awkward so he is feeling even worse now. We know some people will judge, and that sucks. She loved us unconditionally and I know she still does. We are having a hard time but we have lots of people praying for us. That helps. We know we will get through this together. It makes us want to be more attentive parents to our human kids. We’ve been crying a lot. It would be different if she just had died, but we failed her. We let her down. We know it was accidental, but damn it hurts so bad. The guilt is overwhelming. We buried her next to my parents dog, with whom she was good buddies. We are so sorry, Bettie, and we love you so much.

  37. Dear Adrian,

    I am so sorry for your loss. My heart is broken for you and your son. Losing your dog is one of the hardest experiences in life, and when we feel guilty because of an accident like that… it just makes the whole grieving process so much more painful.

    Know that you would never have deliberately hurt your dog, much less cause his death! This was a tragic accident. You didn’t know – and if you had known where your dog was, you never would’ve let this happen. You didn’t do anything to cause deliberate harm to your dog…and my prayer is that you forgive yourself.

    May you find healing for your heart, love for yourself, and peace in your soul. Know that your dog is resting in peace. Give yourself time to grieve — consider talking to a counselor or trusted friend about your pain and guilt. Don’t let it fester, for it will eat you away.

    You are a good person who made a mistake. Don’t carry the burden of guilt around with you. Find ways to work through it, forgive yourself, and use your experience to help others.

    How are you doing today?


  38. I am truly hurt by what has happened but my heart also aches for my son who lost his best friend and I don’t know how to console him especially because it was my neglect that is causing his pain. I don’t know what to do I am so devistated.

  39. every morning I wake up early and get my son ready for school our dog (cash) would get up with us we get in the car all 3 of us and drop my son off for school we say bye including cash my son goes to school and me and cash drive him as he looks out the window watching my son walk in th building. Me and cash get home I park in the driveway and get off the car cash usually dashes out of the car before I can turn around to close the door and we make our way inside sometimes he will run down the street to need with his puppy friends as I go inside I’ll wait maybe an hour and he’s back at the door scratching to let me know he’s home. However today something tragic happened. It was a normal morning except I woke up feeling under the weather body weak, aching and exhausted just all around feeling sick and this is in no way an excuse for my actions. So me and my little family continue on our daily routine we dropped of my son and me and cash came home I got off the car and in my exhausted state I could swear I saw cash get off with me so I walk to my door and turn to call him inside only he was not there so I assumed he went to visit his friends and continued inside and fell asleep on my couch when I woke up cash had not come home yet so I went outside and called for him no return so I went about my day with the door open waiting for him to come home for hours no return my son walks home from school so I sometimes don’t get in my car on my days off at all. My son gets home and I tell him cash has not returned so he and I take to the street on foot checking all his normal places all the while calling for him to no return we come home hopeful that he will be back later an hour goes by and I become nervous for him so I go out again with my son as we where about to do another walk around I finally decide to open the door to my car which I feel I should have done hours before; but I did and there was my poor cash on the floor. I feel so terrible I could have saved him had I just double checked to see if he was in there or got up to go to one of the meetings I canceled to stay in bed. My poor baby my poor son my whole family loved him and I failed all of them especially cash. I’m so very sorry cash I really am it’s my fault and you did not deserve to suffer you where an angel my sons best friend and his guardian and I failed you. I’m sorry…. please forgive me.

    1. I’m so sorry. We just experienced the same thing. It’s horrendous. Prayers for you and your son. Please don’t beat yourself up. It could happen to anyone.

  40. Lynda,

    Thank you for sharing how you’re coping with the guilt you feel after losing your dog. I can feel how much you loved him…and I’m so sorry you lost your daughter. Your tears are many, your heart huge, your losses painful. And your spirit and soul are wiser, stronger, and more compassionate because of all you lost.

    Your dog is resting in peace…and so is your daughter. May you find healing from your grief, and peace in your soul. May you experience the love and comfort only God can bring…and may your grief be quick. May those memories of love and joy outshadow the pain, and may you find comforting friends here, to guide and console you.

    With warmth and sympathy,

  41. My darling basset died in my arms last week. I am 75 have rescued many dogs, but this one…He was with me through breast cancer and the death of my only daughter. He was 13 and had cancer, but I feel I let him go too soon. How many tears can one person shed. We loved each other so.

  42. I’m very sorry to hear all of these heartbreaking stories. I can relate to the bonds of love and devotion that everyone here has shared regarding their dear pets. I truly wish we could all get a redo and could have our beloved friends back. I go over and over the “what ifs” and the what ifs go further and further back the more I review the timeline. I too feel that I’m to blame for the death of my sweetest and most loyal friend Sid.

    Siddyboy was a gentle, smart black lab mix who seemed to possess so many human-like qualities.
    He would sit next to you on the couch or in the car like a human and sometimes he’d give you kisses. While out for a walk, often times folks would stop to comment at how handsome he was. He looked so dapper, like he was decked out in a tuxedo. He had white spotted paws, a white chest, a heart-shaped white patch on his belly and white spot on the end of his tail. Sid was also taller than most of the Labradors we’d encounter, that’s why I wonder what kind of mix he really was. He was a bit overweight at 90-95 lbs but his height and lanky frame didn’t make him really appear fat. Still, people that met him would see very quickly that he was as kind and friendly as he was dashing. Sid was just so darn cool. Although, sometimes he was too lenient and would allow our cat to steal his food.

    Sid was a rescue that was taken in by a family as a puppy in 2008 but this family had a third child after they adopted Sid and felt they couldn’t properly care for him anymore. My mom knew this family and introduced me to Sid in March of 2010. I can’t describe it but we bonded right off the bat. I was a working single guy then with no children and Sid was an energetic, bright, happy young dog that was well-trained to several hand commands but he loved to escape and run free whenever the opportunity arose. That quest for freedom was something that he maintained throughout his life. Over the years, I chased him around several different neighborhoods when visiting family members. I even had to jump into a neighbor’s pond to catch him since he loved to swim after the geese. He’d also settle for fetching lily pads though. There were a couple escapes over the nearly seven years I spent with Sid. That said, he always returned. If I tried to get him on foot it became a game of catch me if you can. Alerted, he’d raise his head when I’d get too close to catch him. Then he would get a spark of energy and take off like a bolt of lightning. So, I would just get in the car and ask if he wanted to go for a ride and he’d hop right in. I could go on forever about how truly special Sid was to me, my family and friends. I thought he’d live to at least 12 or 13 years old and am now shocked and heartbroken over his sudden death at the age of 8 years and 8 months. Even though the vets he’d seen in his last days and our family members tell me not to blame myself but I still do.

    A bit of back story to perhaps help me process or for anyone else out there that just has life get too busy. My wife and I both had been working full-time at the time of Sid’s death. Up until spring of 2016, I’d worked solely running my own video production business, working with other companies and filming events mostly on the weekends and editing during the week. This schedule was way more flexible for the needs of our family but sometimes there were down weeks when work and money were tight.

    And money was very tight due to the fact that our former home, several hours away, that we turned into a rental property out of necessity was in the possession of awful tenants. We had a property management company due to the distance and hassle of being remote landlords but it made no difference. They assured us that these tenants had been “fully vetted” etc. This was our first attempt at being landlords and it has been a disaster. Our home was in excellent condition when we left it in late 2014. All the carpeting, cabinets, tile, paint and appliances looked like they did when it was newly remodeled in late 2009. There were only supposed to be 4 adults and 1 child living there as per the lease agreement for our home. When the tenants moved in they taxed the well and it cost us over $20,000 out of pocket. The contractors/well-drillers told us that there were a minimum of 9-10 people there at all times. The management company said to evict them based on how many people were there breaking the lease and proving that would be tough. Anyhow, over the past year I tried to get the management company to get them out but they said it would be tough and not advisable. More on this later.

    So, after the birth of our first child in spring of 2016, I’d also began working a new full time job with very erratic and hectic hours to make extra money to pay for this rental property disaster. This job basically had an on-call nature to it. I would only receive 36 hours notice each week of the next week’s schedule. So, you got your schedule on Thursday afternoon, sometimes Friday, and that’s when you found out if you were working that Saturday etc. The days could also extend well past your scheduled out time. A ten hour day could extend to fourteen or fifteen hours and you could be doing “clopens” back to back, closing one night until 1 or 2AM then coming back in to work at 6 or 7AM the next morning. This rotating schedule took a big toll on me and my family over those 6 months. Again, I was also working freelance video gigs during this time. I’ve since quit that crazy full time job but it’s too little too late now for my buddy Sid.

    I always watched out for what Sid ate. I’d given him small amounts of people food over the years. Small chunks of Monterey Jack cheese were his favorite. I’d also occasionally give him Kong balls with peanut butter, small bits of bread and bits of pizza crust. With our busy schedules, I’d begun to increase the amount of rawhide bones aka “chew-chews” that I gave him but not more than two bones per month and not two weeks in a row. Sometimes I’d get the two smaller bones in a pack or the comically huge Flintsone-sized rawhide per month. Still, there were months that I didn’t get him any rawhide at all. He would usually eat the smaller rawhides in one sitting and then lay exhausted.
    I would often take them from him to give him a break though. I now see that I may have been shortening his precious life with what I’ve read about rawhide treats and dogs concerning their GI tract.

    Monday, September 26th was when we ran out of Sid’s normal Iams food that he had eaten successfully for two years. I had forgotten to pick up a new bag while at the store. This had happened in the past but one of us was always able to make an extra run before the store closed at midnight and find his food. Or we would give him some dog treats and a little bread to hold him over until the store opened in the morning. The “what ifs”… I don’t know why we didn’t do either of those things that night. I don’t know why I didn’t just start doubling up on buying his food so we’d never run out in the first place. Why didn’t we just order it online and have it regularly delivered? Anyhow, we did none of those things.

    I had September 26th off and was watching the baby and working from home during the day. On this day, I learned that the tenants in our former home/ rental property, had in fact destroyed our home with damages exceeding $20,000. This is in addition to the original $20,000 plus they did to the well system in 2015. My family checked out our house after the tenants had left a couple days prior. They told me of the damages and texted me photos of our house in ruins. The carpets destroyed, walls damaged, door handles broken, painted and crayon splattered on walls, broken fridge, stove surface scorched, window treatments all broken. It appears there were people living in the unfinished attic and basement. I was distraught at the idea that these unruly tenants wrecked our house. That’s the only reason I can think of that I didn’t take my baby to the store with me on fateful day on 9/26 and get Sid his normal dog food. I was too distracted, shocked and burned out with my crazy work schedule and then dealing with our wrecked property/home. I started making angry phone calls and emails to the property management company trying to get answers.

    On the evening of 9/26, my wife called and said that she would get Sid’s food. She checked two different stores besides our usual store. She then called and asked me if it was okay to get the Iams Large Breed. I thought we both knew better than to switch a dog’s food like that but for some reason we got him this food as a holdover for the night. We wrongly thought Iams brand chicken to Iams chicken can’t be that different, right? So we got Sid Iams, Large Breed, instead of his normal Iams Chicken and Barley food. That night, he seemed to eat it okay and showed no ill effects the next day either. I didn’t think that it would take another day or two to cause problems for our sweet pup.

    While I was at work on Thursday night 9/29 my wife told me that Sid had puked up his food.
    I mentioned how I told her that I already fed him at 3PM before I left for work. Well, she gave him another cup around 5 or 6PM. Over the years, Sid had puked a little bit before due to seasonal allergies according to our vet, so we thought he was okay. I thought maybe he puked due to those seasonal allergies or overeating. I had somehow forgotten we’d switched his food on Monday night. When I got home around midnight Sid puked again, so I immediately called the emergency helpline for our vet and told them of the food switch a few days earlier and the extra cup he ate that night. The vet tech on the phone said to “keep an eye on him over the weekend.”

    On Friday 9/30 I was with Sid and the baby during the day and he seemed a little lethargic but I went to work and my wife watched Sid and the baby from 3-10PM. I got home around 10PM and Sid hadn’t vomited all day until that point and then around 10:30PM he vomited all this watery chicken broth-type liquid. I let him outside into our fenced yard and he wandered around confused in the rain. He was not a fan of the rain so I knew this was really weird. In hindsight, I think he was trying to cool down a fever. I then thought the food switch must have taken a few days to trigger some kind of severe allergic reaction and I called the emergency vet 25 minutes away that our local vet recommended. I rushed him to the ER talking to him the whole way as he lay ill on the back seat. I told the vet again about the food switch a few days earlier and the extra cup he ate that evening. They admitted him to emergency care with IV fluids, pain meds and antibiotics. They told me he had severe Pancreatitis but they didn’t really say he wasn’t going to make it. They seemed confident that he could recover if they managed his temperature which was elevated between 103-104.

    I called every few hours after he was admitted to check on him. I worked on Saturday 10/1 and they said that he seemed to be doing better. I called on Sunday 10/2 and he was walking outside, had eaten a little bit of food they gave him. On 10/3 in the morning they said I could bring him home and he’d be on painkillers and a special diet. I was glad that we seemed to be getting through this awful ordeal.

    I was excited to see Sid on 10/3 because I hadn’t seen him in two days and thought I’d let him recover and not get him too excited. I called ahead of time and they said to come pick him up. I checked him out at the desk and paid and then a nurse said there was a mix up and that he should stay. So they brought Sid to me in a room and we had a very nice fifteen minute visit. He was seeming to be his charming self albeit a bit tired. He definitely was happy to see that I hadn’t abandoned him and he was ready for us to leave. He sniffed me and I petted him and told him how sorry I was about the food and I how much we all loved him and missed him. I just kept reassuring and talking to him. At one point he stood looking out the window with our car in view and then sauntered over to the door waiting for me to stand up and for us to go home or make a run for it. Looking back it kind of feels like the last scene in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Sid was just looking for us to make an escape attempt, which of course was always his specialty.

    However, we didn’t leave together on Monday, October 3rd. The doctor on duty came in and said that his temperature had gone back up and he’d had some heartbeat irregularities during the night and it was best to keep him in their care and that’s what I did. So Sid and I said our goodbyes and that was the last time I saw him alive.

    On 10/4, I checked on Sid in the morning and no change. I talked to the vet again around 2PM and told them to go ahead and give him the TPN Total Parenteral Nutrition treatments via IV which would give him nutrients and help the Pancreas rest. I thought maybe the nutrients would help him heal. I was hesitant at first due to the costs. This would raise his care costs to about $1,000 per day and total estimated costs to about $8000. I talked with the vet about how it’s hard to choose between our beloved pets and the costs and she understood. She also said she was concerned that his gallbladder seemed “hardened” due to the Pancreatitis inflammation and that Sid may need gallbladder surgery after all of the inflammation went down. She then said that gallbladder cases “don’t often do well.” They weren’t sure if he was going to bounce back or need surgery at this point. I still told her that Sid meant the world to me and we needed to give him the best chance to survive, get better and come home.

    Sadly, we never got that chance. Just three hours later I got a call while at work around 5PM and they informed me that he had a “seizure event” after walking outside. They tried to give him Valium but he “threw a clot” and died. I was shocked and devastated and still am trying to cope with the loss of my best buddy.

    I never thought he’d go out this soon or in this way and there are so many “what ifs.” What if I’d gotten the right food or bought extra while at the store, or had it delivered? What if I hadn’t given him all those rawhide chews throughout the years? What if I’d given him the TPN nutrients the vet talked about during his emergency care from the start? What if I’d gotten him to the ER vet on Thursday night instead of waiting until Friday night? Would those 24 hours have saved his life? The vet did tell me that they thought he already had underlying issues and that it wasn’t the sudden dog food switch or the ant traps we had recently placed around the house. The vet said those are non-toxic and it wouldn’t affect the pets. As you can see the “what ifs” keep building. I’ll never know any of these things and I feel I’m to blame. Sid counted on me and I tell him all the time how sorry I am.

    Since I’ve quit that lousy hectic job I’ve got more time for family but my precious Sid is not with us. I miss the walks, talks, snuggles and how he’d take his half out of the middle when laying on the couch or in the bed. I’d expand the futon into a bed and we would both lounge around and we called it “Bachelor Couch.” He was such a gentle, kind, sweet, wise and loyal friend. I miss Sid greeting me at the door dancing around, snorting and smiling with his teeth. I miss singing him songs and jingles I’d made up for him when giving him treats and just in general playful times we would spin and Snoopy dance around in the house. So to all the other people out there who miss their beloved pets. I know how much it hurts and I’m hoping we can all find peace and see our friends again someday.

    RIP Sid

  43. Last weekend I went to a Grief Workshop by Dr Norman Wright, and he talked about the grief of losing a dog you love dearly. I shared a bit of his wisdom here:

    How to Recover From Loss and Survive Grief

    My prayer is that you find peace and self-forgiveness. Allow yourself a moment or two of peace, of acceptance that an accident happened – and it never would have happened if you knew the future. The last thing you wanted was to hurt your beloved dog.

    I recently wrote an article about forgiving yourself, and I hope it helps…

    7 Practical Ways to Forgive Yourself for Past Mistakes

    Allow yourself to grieve the loss of your dog for as long as you need to. Don’t rush it, don’t push yourself to heal. Let your heart ache, and you will come through this.

    Take heart. Your dog is resting in peace…and loving you more now than ever before.

    In sympathy and with prayers,

    1. Hi all….I lost my Bailey yesterday. He was my Shihtzu. We have 2 small dogs but Bailey was my heart. My husband would take them out in the yard off leash. We live in a quiet neighborhood full of dogs. I always worried and he told me they loved it. They did. They stayed in the yard right with him. Well, yesterday he was out a while and something told me to look out of the window. I saw he and my neighbor kneeling in the street and an elderly lady walking from her car. I ran through the house as fast as I could. I opened the door but couldn’t see the street, only my neighbor and husband. My neighbor said, “there she is…”. I screamed “who is it”. My husband said, “it’s Bailey”. My husband then bent over him sobbing. He had been killed instantly. I had to tell him goodbye so my husband carried him to the yard and covered his body. I lost my Mind and just kept saying, “oh God”. I remember shaking all over so hard. I uncovered his body and rubbed him and told him how much I loved him. I took scissors and clipped a bit of his hair. My husband just kept saying, “I’m sorry and sobbing”. We buried him in our yard and my daughter made a marker when she got home. Today, I cry in waves. One minute I’m fine and the next I see his little body laying in the road. I want that image to go away! I want my baby back. I know, I will be okay in time. But my husband is suffering like I’ve never seen. He says he should have watched more closely. Bailey was right with him but saw something and darted right under the car. The lady never saw him and I feel for her also. I always worried about the street. My husband worries I blame him. I don’t. I come from a family of many dogs and I know accidents happen. I want to comfort him and I try but I’m hurting too. I keep telling him it is not his fault but he says he will never forgive himself. I know we will make it through this. Today I wanted to say him name so badly, I got in my car and rode around just saying his name over and over again. Thank you for letting me get this out. My arms feel empty and my heart so heavy.

      1. I am so, so, so very sorry for your loss. If you look at my post from August 6th of this year you will know why. The only thing I can say is that time does help. I too had 2 small dogs and my love, Dancer was taken in a horrible accident caused by me. I will live with this forever but it does get better. Time will allow you to once again smile when you think of Bailey. But it will take time. Take care of yourself and do not blame anyone, accidents happen and there is nothing we can do to change the past. Thinking of you today

  44. Hi! I just lost my beloved nacho few hours ago and It was because of my fault. I feel so guilty and bad. I took him to a long walk after job. He was lonely most of the day and I wanted him to have a little bit of air and fun. At the very end of our walk we came into a park I front of our apartments there was nobody around so I decided to let him run for a bit he had a lot of energy accumulated. I was chasing hi and he was chasing me. Suddenly out of nowhere he jumped out of the bushes straight to the street when the only car was passing through. My baby was hit by the car, I tried to run and secream as much as I can but I couldn’t do anything for my baby. We took him to ER the doctor told us he had his hip fractured and he was going to need a lot of medication, he was unstable and in a lot of pain. My husband and I decided to put him to sleep we couldn’t handle all his suffering. I am pregnant and I am in so much grief guilt and suffering for my little nacho. I know that was a big responsibility. I knew he didn’t know when to stop if a car was coming. I could avoid this to happen. If i just went back home without doing my stupidity he would be here in bed snuggling with us right now. I am so sad. I feel horrible because my husband loved him a lot and I caused all this pain to him. I don’t know how to control myself now for the baby I’m expecting. I know he is feeling everything. Please I ask for your prayers. I just feel so hart broken

  45. This is so hard writing this and I cannot stop crying, my poor 7 month old voodoo was attack by another dog, he seemed fine after no punchier wounds but little did I know he had internal bleeding I regret thinking he was okay and not taking him to the vet.. I’ve been staring at the spot he died for hours just crying. I do not know what to do or even how to get better at this point.

    1. Savannah and all others in the same situation it is so hard and I thought time will ease the pain but, my beloved boxer, Buster of almost 12 yrs passed Aug18th and it still hurts so much. And I still find myself laying at the spot where he died which is on the kitchen floor underneath the dining table crying myself out. If I only knew the signs that he needed help I would’ve taken him to the vet sooner. I still beg for his forgiveness. Maybe they know we meant them no harm and that we love them and they had forgiven us. But forgiving ourselves is nearly impossible. So I feel your pain. I hope to one day only remember the great times we’d spent with them and the great company we were to each other. And to fine peace in our hearts knowing that they are now at peace. I found little comfort reading this note from the crematory and I hope you will too, “Farewell master, yet not farewell, Where I go, ye, too shall dwell. A moment’s time, a little space. When ye come where I have stepped Ye will wonder why ye wept.”
      Buster’s mom

      1. I am so sorry. I think we have to accept the fact that we make mistakes and they are very fragile. My loyal puppy chocked on a treat and I could no longer revive him. I know they forgive us someday.

  46. As I read these stories it’s nice, even though it’s awful feeling. To know I’m not alone. Frankie wasn’t a dog but a squirrel. I bottle raised him since he was 1 day old. He looked like an alien. You couldn’t even tell what he really was. I work at a vet so most recommend through experience when they are that young, just to go ahead and put him to sleep. I was determined to give him a chance. I feel selfish for never releasing him because I grew attached and him so much. The past few weeks I noticed he looked skinny and I thought we was just multing. Then today my girlfriend said he didn’t want to eat and was acting off. I took him to the vet and they ran bloodwork and he was hypoglycemic and there was potentially something wrong with his liver. Of course the vet didn’t want to say anything to hurt my feelings but pretty much said liver failure is caused by things they eat. So I pretty sure I killed him by feeding him something I shouldn’t have. I have been up all night, I can’t sleep. I had to pull over on the way from the vet after putting him to sleep to vomit because I was so sick to my stomach. I loved/love him so much. And I have no one to blame but myself. I wish he knew I ever meant for this.

    1. Like everyone else on the site, I too have lost my beloved pet. I am full of guilt as well. On the night of September 18, 2016, my dog of 10 years started acting strange, and we noticed he had not eaten his supper. My husband said he thought his stomach looked a bit swollen so I went over to feel around on his stomach. He did not seem to mind it. Plus his stomach felt soft and not hard. After about an hour he appeared to be uncomfortable, so I thought he needed to walk around because he acted like he was trying to pass gas. So I called him to go with me, and he got up and walked about 50 feet then quit. He loved to play frisbee so my husband threw the frisbee, and he chased it but would not attempt to catch it. We called the vet to see if she could come out to check him. Her answer was she could not diagnose what it was without exray, and that would have to be done at the office. Our “Dime” had never been trained for a leash, and I did not have a carrier, plus we never took him any place. The vet always made house calls.We live in the country so it was easier for them to come out. Dime had never been sick. She asked about his symptoms, and I told her. She then said to give him one gasx and not to feed him anything else. We brought him in the house and within 45 minutes he appeared to be resting with ease. It was 9:00 PM. At 10:00 PM I put him out because he was not house trained. At 1:45 AM, he was alive and still seemed like he was not feeling well, so I knew I would have to get him to the vet when they opened. At 5:30, we checked on him and he had passed. I am sick to death I did not find a way to take him in that night. I am grieving so badly. He was my Shadow!!!! Anything I did outside, he was at my side. We fished together, walked together, rode in the gator , together. He ride the tractor with me. I would bring him in during heat of the day , and he would lay at my feet and just stare at me. He was my true loyal companion. I miss him so so much. I am having him cremated so I can have his ashes close ,however I know he is in Heaven. We will be together again. Thank you all for sharing your stories. I feel your pain. It is heartbreaking and miserable. I hurt? He was a red heeler.

  47. She was 9 weeks old and we only had her since Labor Day, but Dixie already had my heart. She always woke up in wide open play mode and was always running after either me or my other dog. This morning, I went upstairs to get her chew toy. Coming back down the steps, I tripped over her and broke her neck. It happened in an instant. She was so full of life, just wanting to play, then in the blink of an eye, she’s gone. I know my heart would still be broken no matter how she died, but I killed her. I can’t get that out of my mind. I can’t stop crying, this is killing me and I don’t know what to do. God bless little Dixie and please forgive me.

    1. I am so sorry for you, I had a similar experience on August 6, 2016 with my beloved 10 year old Cavalier Spaniel Dancer in my driveway in an accident that I caused. The saying time heals is actually true. For the entire month of August I did not want to exist. I went to a counselor, my Pastor and family and friends for support. While that helped, it was time that helped most of all. I still am very sad and think of Dancer every day but the unbearable pain and loss of appetite and not sleeping subsided. You did not kill her on purpose, it was an accident and you have to let that sink in. It took me a long while and while I still feel guilt, I know it was an accident, a horrible horrible accident. To put it out there, I was suicidal and did not want to live for the first couple weeks after. It does get better, as best as it can, however I now try to cherish all the good memories and that’s how I want to remember her. This site was very helpful to understand that accidents do happen and it just was not me- I had placed alot of blame on myself and thought I was the only one- I was not. We are human and not perfect. What matters is that we gave love to the animals we did have while we were with them here on Earth.

      1. Steve—I can completely relate to your story. I came to this blog to help me. In April we sold our home and moved in with my parents for a short while (12 weeks). During that time, there were two kittens that had been born previously to our arrival. They were both long-haired and black and white. My 3 1/2 year old son completely bonded with the female chose to stay away from human contact, but loved her brother dearly. When we closed on our current home and moved into it in the beginning of July, we took these two kittens with us. My son named his “Itty Bitty” and I decided to name the female, “Twinkle Toes.” I haven’t had a cat since my 14 year old cat Duchess had to be put down just over 3 years ago. I healed, but never had the need or want of another. The new house had a huge barn, and with all of the birds and fields around, we thought it’d be nice to have a barn cat, or two as it was. Over the course of 2 weeks at our new home, I saw the demeanor of the girl kitten change. She started to trust me. Whenever I went out to the barn, she came closer. One day, she let me pet her and began to purr. Ever since that day, she became my closest companion around our small farm. Twinkle Toes followed me everywhere I went, from the house, to the barn, to the pasture when feeding our two horses. She chased my feet as I walked and rubbed against me. She was always purring, seeking attention, and the most loveable creature I have beheld in a long time. This past weekend, I was getting my son and my niece whom I’d been watching from Friday into Saturday afternoon, ready to go to my cousin’s wedding. Both of our kitties liked to lay under the cars when the sun was out, so I made a habit of “checking” before I got in to drive away. On Saturday, however, I didn’t make my normal check. I was in a slight hurry and didn’t want to be late. Made sure both kids were buckled up and ready to go, plus the diaper bag in tow (my niece is not quite 1 year old). I got into my car and began to back slowly as I normally do, but then i felt a bump on the passenger side. I immediately had a million thoughts in my mind….did I hit a toy? Was it the stump that is in our driveway? Please don’t let it be one of our kitties…. Unfortunately I got out, and it was my girl, Twinkle Toes. Those were the worst moments I’ve had in awhile. I became shocked, crying out, screaming, all while my son began crying in the backseat as he had no idea what was going on.

        Needless to say….I’m a wreak. Family and friends have been telling me the same thing: “It’s not your fault, it was an accident. You didn’t mean for it to happen.” It’s only been 2 days and I feel like my world has crashed down. I feel all at fault. All because I didn’t make my normal, routine “check” under the car before I got in. I keep thinking “What if…” and lots of them. I just can’t stop crying. My son still doesn’t understand. His kitty, Itty Bitty, has been meowing and searching for her, even though we did allow him to see her before we buried her. My dog even searches for her, as she liked to torment her and chase her around the yard. Nothing’s the same. It’s so very hard to accept that she won’t be there when I get home from work, to greet me, let me pet her, and tell her “Hi my pretty girl.” I feel all to blame, even though it was an accident. I just hope that she knows how sorry I am for what happened, and that she knows how much I adored and loved her. It’s so hard when you can’t get that answer, or pet them and hug them and kiss them one last time, just so that they know.

      2. I’m so sorry for your loss. I think this is just something we have to live with, but they smile at us from above and want us to be happy.

  48. My dog first got sick, three years ago, stories were running wild in my apartment that a neighbor had poisoned my dog she was in the vet about a week. I would come home and pick her up from the vet. I knew she was a one person dog and would be more stressed about being away from me for that time the next morning I would take her to the vet. I had to put her down for liver failure 8/25/2016. I have since found out that it was not the person rumor said but another, one who called himself my friend. So my bad judge of character is what killed my sweet puppy. I wish so much that I could go back and move away from him.

  49. Ok here goes. My love or dog Kylyn was almost 17 years old. He was the best. He was a shih tzu/ poodle mix and I loved him. It was June 6th 2016 and I left my house to go swimming with my mom, niece and granddaughter. It was hot out but very breezy. My fiance came home for lunch and let Kylyn out and forgot about him. I text my son n law to please go check on him and he replied he was already out and sleeping in the shade. I told him to please take him inside. Then got a text to please call my son n law. He told me to hurry up and get home that my boy wasn’t good. Told him to rush Kylyn into a cool Bath and I was on my way. Within 5 minutes got a call that my Kylyn was gone. I am feeling so angry even 3 months later at my fiance for leaving him out, God for letting this happen, myself for going swimming, my son in law for not getting there sooner. Today I lost it and cried for 2 hours screaming at God and anyone listening

    1. I’m very sorry to hear about this, but you are so lucky to have had almost 17 years! Wow. I wrote my story below about what happened to my beloved Banjo 6 weeks ago. She too died because of the heat and because I was so stupid and busy and distracted and trying to do everything at once, and I forgot about her in a hot car. I am so sick with guilt. But we can’t do this to ourselves. We gave them the best lives we could while they were here. I know that for a fact in my case and I sense it with you as well. I also am mad at the world and mostly at myself. I constantly ask “why” and “what if”, but it does no good. I’m very sorry for your loss and I truly hope you can find peace with yourself and your fiancé. It wasn’t his fault. Maybe it was just his time. I don’t know. You have to tell yourself whatever you have to to get through this, and you have to somehow make yourself believe that it was no one’s fault and there just isn’t anything that could have been done to change it. We live our lives not realizing how every action really does impact another. We don’t mean to make mistakes. But we do. Take care of yourself. . .

      1. Beth, thank you for sharing your loss and I’m sorry for your pain. I lost my dog, Bentley, this past Friday night. I’m so ridden with guilt, can’t stop crying, because I forgot him in the car. I brought him with me and my younger son to pick up my eldest from school. When we got home, I helped my youngest out of the carseat, loaded my arms with all my bags/purse/water bottle and went in the house, thinking I’ll come back and get him. I forgot. I got busy with my kids, meltdown to naptime and forgot my sweet pup in the car. It wasn’t hot, it was raining on and off but he was in there for just over 4 hours. I went to take the carseats out to transfer my kids to their Dad and found him already gone. I know it wasn’t malicious or intentional, but it still feels like my fault. I loved him so much, my first ‘baby’. Trying to deal with this guilt and mourn is really hard.

      2. Oh Kristy, I am so sorry to hear this. No it wasn’t your fault, it was an accident and you have to remember that. But I know how hard it is. It was 8 weeks ago yesterday that I did this to my poor Banjo and I will never be the same. This is the kind of thing that happens to other people until it happens to you. I just wish everyone out there understood this. What has compounded my grief is knowing that I am being judged by people. It shouldn’t matter but it does. Just know that you are not alone and that things like this can happen to the best of people and the best dog owner. I would say that I am a better dog mom than a kid mom, but not on that day. We all have our faults. I got busy and distracted just like you did, and our poor dogs died because of it. But we didn’t mean to do it and we would do anything to take that day back. My thoughts are with you. I know how hard this is. Xxx

      3. Beth, thank you for sharing. I’m so sorry for your loss.

        2 days ago, my husband left our 7yr old Ruck in the car and forgot about him for 40min. He had passed before we got him out of the car. We tried to put cold water on him and revive him all the way to the vet to no avail.

        I’ve never seen someone hate themselves so much. I don’t know what to do or say to make him feel better about it. I just kept repeating “it was an accident…” “I’m still here for you, love you and I don’t think anything less of you…” He sent an email to friends and family to tell them what happened. Now the fear of judgement is looming on him, and he just doesn’t feel worthy of anyone’s trust now.

        I’m hoping time heals and he learns to forgive himself. In time I’ll share with him these stories of good people who found themselves in the same situation.

    2. This story really hits home, I just lost my dog a few hours ago. She was 14 yrs old and struggling to get around but she still had a lot of life left. I let her out to go potty and I forgot about her. 2 hours later I was frantically running around looking for her and she had somehow knocked the kiddie pool over on top of herself and she suffocated in the heat. I’m so torn up about it and my husband is blaming himself because I asked him to let her in but we both forgot. She shouldn’t have gone like that and the guilt is overwhelming. I’m glad I found this site to let it all out. Thanks for listening, maybe time will heal us. We gave her the best life and I feel like I let her down

  50. My 5 year old brittany, Hobie, was hit by a car and killed 3 days ago. Over the last few years, he has broken through the invisible fence several times. After the last time, my husband and I agreed that we would put up a physical fence. But, I started back to work and the kids have their activities so we just didn’t get to it yet. I feel that if I had been more responsible, Hobie would still be here. He was such a good dog and didn’t deserve this. His first year was full of neglect (we rescued him when he was a year old). I am having a very hard time with the whole thing.

  51. All this stories have really helped me try to cope. Yesterday my chihuahua gordita died , i feel its all my fault. Me and my husband were going to visit his parents and we decided to go on our bikes, i always put her in my bike basket and she really likes it. This time she jumped out and i ran her over with my bike. It was so horrible i wished i had bein able to stop in time or left left her at home i just didnt want her to be left alone since we were not home i put her in the bathroom so she wont get in the cat poop. She was such an energetic, loving little dog. Sometimes she drove me crazy and i would yell at her now i feel so bad i should of bein nicer but i did my best. She was my first indoors dog so it was ard having her pee and poop in the house but she was getting better. She was just a little over 3 mnths just a little baby i should bein more carefull she loved me and always wanted to be with me and i killed her. I hope she can forgive me and i can forgive myself for causing her death. My gordita i was so excited for her to meet the baby (im pregnant) i know she was gona love the baby and the baby was gona love her but now she will never even get a chance to and she died in horrible pain. We didnt even get a chance to take her to the vet she died to fast but maybe for the best cus i wouldnt want her to be in so much pain. Now shes in doggy heaven and i hope she knows how sorry i am and how much i love her ♡♡

    1. My Dear i feel u i am in this situation right now its just not a dog A Cat i am so devastated i even wanna hurt my self.. my Male beloved Cotton Cat has FLUTD blocking his urethra and caused him not to pee i did my best to save him i rush him to Vet now i regrets bcoz i didnt Let vet admit him due to i had no car from ver clinic to xray clinic i cannot go to take my cat for xray so i decided to take him home meanwhile plus my money is not enough in my pocket tho i can afford to i dont know i thot i did my best i ask vet to put a catheter and give him meds to survive and i said to ver i promised il go back to vet for furhter checkup i was so stupid and the meds diuretic coz him to die he was so sweet lovable and cuddle white cat i loved him like a child to me sleepinh with me that meds kills my cat and i was my faulth for not letting meds admit him for iv fluit i thot antibiotic can help and that meds since my cat is lethargic i hate my self i dont know how can i endure the pain i have now it wasnt my intension all i want the best for him knowing in my intension what i did is to save his life.. i love him so much but i felt his early death was my mistake but not in my intension bcoz all what am doing for him i thought was the best wat to help him surive i am so stupid owner sorry for my english :(

  52. I lost my beautiful dog Troy on Wednesday and the guilt is unbearable. Our house was burgled and Troy escaped and was knocked down by a car. I keep thinking that if only I had gotten a house alarm when I said I would, and if only i had been home as I was supposed to be all day, he would still be here. I didn’t do my job of protecting him and now he is gone. I miss him so much it hurts. I can’t eat, can’t sleep and I am having panic attacks as it is my fault that his last moments on this planet were so horrific. I feel like the guilt will never ever pass, and I can’t listen to people telling me to remember the good times with him and that he had a good life. I know he had a good life, but he should still be alive. RIP Troyboy, miss you and love you forever.

  53. Well, earlier today i was playing around and having such a good time with Rey, my little dog. He was more than a dog and more of like a little brother. Well my father got home at 6pm from work and he left the door open. I was cleaning my room and i heard a cry and it was Rey, he had been hit by a car, badly. I ran there and when i got there he was shaking and he couldn’t breathe, I tried to help him but a minute later he was very pale. I’m 17 and i had Rey dog since i was 15. It might have not of been that long but i loved him so much. We had a connection he knew me and i knew him. He was not a dog but my brother and family. And he died in my arms. I felt hopless. Tears wouldn’t stop comming out my eyes. He was such an amazing soulmate and his life was taken away in an instant. I am very sad, i really don’t know what to do. It’s hard to forget, i can’t forget we have way to many memories, people say remember the good times ypu guys had but that brings back all the good times and makes me sadder. I really don’t kmow how to deal with the death of my dog, just not seeing him wander around my room or house just doesn’t feel the same. It hurt’s alot. Rey I love you bud, I hope to see you soon brother, ❤️.

    1. I am so sorry for your loss Brian. My Simon just died last Wed. I had him for 8 years, your right it doesn’t matter how long you have them, there’s a connection, bond, love between you and your animal that is so special. I find it hard to when people tell me to think of the good times, I miss him, my house is empty and quiet now, the guilt of me not putting him on the lower level of the deck will forever haunt me and finding him there dead, hanging :,( you little Rey passing in your arms is so sad as well. I believe we will see them again, and there’s nothing we can do but grieve and move on, out Babies would not want us to be down and beat ourself a up continually. I’ll be praying for you!

      1. Thank you so much! it’s hard to deal with but i know i’ll see rey again and that brightens up my mood. Rey doesn’t want to see me like this all sad and full of tears but happy. Thank you, it means alot.

  54. I had my dalmatian terrier not long. AND she hated being locked inside the house all day so I let her on the porch with water and toys and everything. Well I tied her on a leash so she couldn’t get into any trouble. But I didn’t think she would be able to jump over the edge or pull the table that was holding her. I can’t even move it. Anyways I showed up with my boyfriend and she was dead. Apparantly for hours. (We had been gone about 5 hours) anyways I feel just terrible like I shouldnt have gone with my boyfriend or that I should have done more. And to make matters worse is her best friend (a Lil chihuahua) was inside because she can’t handle the heat. And had to hear it all. Now I’m holding my little dog apologizing still for everything I did and shouldn’t have done. I don’t know how to get over this. Not to mention I have underlying emotional issues.

  55. I am so sorry for your loss. It’s heartbreaking and devastating to deal with your dog’s death, as well as the guilt and pain of being part of an accident that caused it is just overwhelming. I wish I had words of wisdom and comfort – I wish you weren’t going through this.

    I wish we could turn back time.

    But we can’t. We can’t change what happened – but you can remind yourself that it was an accident. You never would have done anything to hurt your dog, much less cause death! You loved your dog with all your heart – and that love was returned to you a million times over.

    Your dog forgives you, and knows it was an accident. Now, you must grieve your loss and work on forgiving yourself. This isn’t easy – forgiving yourself is a process that takes time and effort. It’s not a one-time thing, and your grief and guilt won’t go away overnight.

    But take heart. Know that your dog is resting in peace, and your souls will one day be joined in peace and love! Beating yourself up for this accident will not bring your dog back.

    My prayer is that you find ways to forgive yourself and stop torturing yourself. May you experience the compassion, grace, freedom, and love of God — a love that brings healing and forgiveness, life and hope. Reach upwards for the peace that surpasses all understanding, and inwards for the love and forgiveness only you can give yourself.

    Your dog has already forgiven you a million times over, and only wants you to find peace and joy. May you forgive yourself, and allow yourself to breathe lightly and freely.

    In sympathy,

    1. My dog’s name was Diogi and he was a 13 year old Yorkie. I had gotten him on Christmas morning just a month after turning 7.
      He began getting infections from his teeth that spread to other areas of his body. Over 4th of July weekend his teeth had gotten so bad it caused an eye infection. I took him to the vet and got him fixed up but he needed his teeth taken care of ASAP. He has dental surgery on August 16th and we put him down on August 27th because infection had spread his blood stream that caused irreversible damage and seizures. All he ever wanted was to love me and be with me and I completely let him down. My baby died screeching in pain, unable to walk, and covered in his pee. I waited to do the surgery until the cheaper vet was taking new patients. I had the money to pay the $600 more to get it done sooner but I didn’t because I just bought a car and owe for school and didn’t want to delay paying off my loans. The worst thing I did was not giving him his antibiotics which directly led to his death. They have him liquid that tasted and snapped horrible. He fought me every time and I hated putting him through that so I stopped after a few days. I honestly thought he was fine because he just got off antibiotics for his eye infection and didn’t show any symptoms. After his surgery he kept biting me (on accident, he was trying to clench his mouth shut) whenever I tried to give him his antibiotics so I only did it for three days. I should have done so many thing differently. I should have fixed his teeth before they got to that point. I should have brushed them every day. I should have payed for comprehensive blood work to detect the infection. He would have be 14 on Sept. 5th. I can hardly love with myself for what happened. I hope whoever reads this can learn from my many mistakes and do better for the animals you love and that mean the world to you.

      1. My beautiful boy Lhasa Apso Counsel died on Sunday October 16, 2016. When they tell me to think of the good times we had, it seems to go back to 2011, when he was 8, and we walked all over the city, and he made me so proud. But I think we steadily drifted apart, he no longer needed to find me every minute. A stray cat came and died, and did that take attention away from my dog now losing his hearing and eyesight? And did online shopping take the place of my dog now sleeping all day? This last year we walked so little, and then he started screaming when he urinated. I don’t want to think of what I would do to my best friend. I just straightened him out and waited for him to calm down, and he would recover in a minute. This would happen 7 or 8 over the summer, and I didn’t take him to the vet. Did I want to punish him for getting old and forgetting me? Did I need an episode longer than 30 seconds? On Sunday it happened again, and this time it didn’t stop, and my beautiful boy died. Oh Counsel I love you so! More than cats and the internet and this ugly house in this ugly city! I’m so ashamed, you were the best part of me, and I killed you.

  56. I bought my Chorkie when he was only 6 weeks old, had no plans to get a dog, when I was a child I was trying to get my neighbors dog out of the road so he would not get hit, instead I scared him into oncoming traffic and I watched him get hit and ran to him, he was dead in my arms. It took me years to get over that to even get a dog was big for me. I had Simon 8 years. He had to stay with a friend while I was out of town for awhile, I came back and he has fleas, so I took him to the vet, they treated him and then I had to have my house treated, I put him on his lead on the lower back deck this morning with his blankie, food and water. I went to work, stopped on the way home to get him a special treat for staying outside all day, only to look out the back patio door and not see him, but I see his lead was through the space between the deck spindles I guess you call them and my heart dropped, I dropped everything and ran out there, and there he was hanging, dead, I will never forget that image, my neighbors got him down for me, I was hysterical, IF I only put him one level lower, or made sure his lead was longer, or took the extra time to make sure he was safe and nothing could happen to him, I am eat up with guilt, my heart is broke, I didn’t deserve him, he was such a good dog, just wanted to be held, and loved, wasn’t a barker, just a sweet dog. I could of treated him better to when he was here, I was always working, kids, dealing with divorce, moving, he was always last it seems like, I could of done so much better by him, I am such a horrible person. I cant stop crying and don’t know what to do :(

  57. It’s so heartbreaking reading all of these stories. I am currently at a loss of all my senses. My 12 year old Pomeranian Charlie, died yesterday unexpectedly and I am torn with guilt. He managed to get into a locked away bag filled with candy while I wasn’t home, and ate a bag of mini chocolates. He did this before so I didn’t take it too seriously I gave him water and let him throw it all up…but at one point I noticed this time it’s different his breathing became slower and he couldn’t even walk…I rushed to the hospital but by the time we got there it was already too late. My sweet boy who was full of life that morning, was gone that same afternoon. Although the vet tried to console me by saying that the amount he consumed was too toxic for his body and there’s nothing that they could’ve done, I keep thinking that I should’ve took him sooner. I don’t know where my judgment was, I’m always so responsible. I asked for his forgiveness when they brought him in the room to say goodbye. I hope he can forgive me, because right now I feel like I will never forgive myself.

    1. I definitely understand your pain. I left a glass of grape juice on my bed table and caught my puppy beagle and chihuahua on the edge of my bed drinking it. Completely forgetting that grapes are toxic to dogs I didn’t think much of it and took the rest of the juice away. They had consumed a lot because I had about half a glass. The next day my beagle and chi both vomited but they were their normal selves so it still didn’t occur to me. 48 hours later my Beagle was sick all day while my chi was completely fine. Since my chi was fine I didn’t relate the grape juice to him being sick since they both had some. As the day went on he got worse so I called around for vets it was around 6 and a lot of the vets where I live were closed and the only one I found that stayed open later said the vet was currently out of town and wouldn’t be back in until next week. I woke up early around 5 am to get ready to take him to the vet but it was too late. I feel completely stupid for forgetting that grape juice is toxic for dogs and not taking him to the vet that same day he consumed it. While I am pissed at myself I am 10000% grateful that it did not affect both of my puppies I would have been too distraught and not to mention I’m pregnant and the amount of stress can’t be healthy for my baby boy

  58. We had a Black Pekingese named Queen Luna(3yrs old) died March 27,2015 beautiful as can be and she just got fix about 4 weeks. I let her out the gate, because she’s well behaved and listens, I thought my daughter had her, but she ran down the street with her son Teddy Bear( Shih tzu/Pekingese)about the time me and my daughter jumped in my truck, I took a wrong turn, about time we came to a stop light, we seen Ted Bear, my daughter jumped out to grab him, turn down a street and there was Luna in the street dead. It’s been over a year, but it still hurts like hell at times. I still go through why I let her out the gate and thought my daughter had her, why I took the wrong turn.

  59. Thank you for this post. I will try to apply these. Our dog Akon just died this morning. She choked to death on her leash after it got entagled with her son Coco’s leash. Coco survived, Akon did not.
    I remember I was eating breakfast and heard barks from our backyard, but I ignored it thinking it’s the usual barking in the morning. Though I remember there was something strained and effortful about the bark.

    She was already nine (9) years old. It’s been a long life for a mini pinscher. But I do feel incredibly guilty that I caused her death. If only i left the breakfast table and went outside, maybe I could have saved her. And what a terrible way to die choking on a leash. The day’s not over yet, but I felt so depressed the whole day and so terribly guilty.

  60. I’ve never experienced the pain of accidentally causing your dog’s death, but I felt I had to share my thoughts.

    To everyone who was feels responsible for an accident that led to your dog dying…I want you to know that my heart goes out to you. I have no idea what it would be like to accidentally cause my dog’s death, but I know that I would feel such guilt and pain. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself — but I want to tell you that you CAN forgive yourself!

    An tragic accident happened, and your dog died. You were part of it but that doesn’t mean you are guilty. Please learn how to forgive yourself, so you can move forward and heal.

  61. Its been less than 24 hours since she was just laying asleep next to me.
    I work nights and I always come home exhausted to my baby girl grumpy. She even gets up to check my room if I’m home around the time I’m off, according to my family.
    She was on medication for her heart. One of them makes her pee a lot to get rid of fluid build up. So at 550am, she needed to pee. I let her out the front. And everytime, I sit outside and watch her. But this one time, I sat back inside and fell asleep for 10 minutes. I jolted up fearing the worst, only to find the worst had happened. She was killed by a coyote. I found her 100ft away from the house. I was her protector and I failed her. I was her everything and she was mine and I wasn’t there for her because I fell asleep. She had puncture wounds and left in the street. I think a car might have scared the coyote off otherwise, I would’ve never found her. You never think it can happen to you. When it does, you simply want to die. It kills me that she went that way. That she went alone. Without me by her side in her bed. It’s all my fault because I was tired. I failed her. I miss her so much and have been crying non stop. I hope to see her in heaven again and hope she forgives me and knows how much I love her.

    1. I know your grief. I feel that I failed in how my dear Dancer died on Saturday, i am racking myself with guilt. One hour before i was walking her and 2 hours later I was burying her. I still am numb. Its been 4 days and it feels like an eternity. I am not sure I can go one, i wanted to die on Saturday. i still think about it but she has a sister I have to be here for to take care of. It has changed me completely. Some things are out of our control, see Dancer was also on heart medicine and was nearly 10 – old for a Cavalier. I would have been probably selfish to keep her alive as long as possible. I am not sure it was not God’s will to have it done in accident like it was. I have to think that. I have to. I am so VERY SORRY for your loss, I am heartbroken as well and know the grief you bare.

      1. I’m very sorry for your lost. I just went through the same this past Thursday Aug 18th, my boxer, Buster is 11 years and 5 months old. He gets tired easily didn’t do well outside in the heat but he loves to go on walks so that day it was cloudy and it had been raining the past 2 days. My daughter and I thought it was a great day to take Buster for a walk and so we did. We walked the same route down our street and back. He usually pants and makes snoring sounds after a walk sometimes a good hr. then he’s ok. and same thing with this walk so I thought it was normal even though it was a little more intense. I tried to cool him off numerous ways thinking that’s what he needed. He seems to be struggling to breath my husband said lay him on his side then it seems like he was breathing easier so I thought ok he’s going to be ok like usual, and I laid next to him on the kitchen floor the whole time and then it looked like he wanted to prop his head up so I thought good he wanted to get up now and get a drink. He was having a hard time getting his head up. So I helped him and as soon as he got his head up while still laying down be almost immediately fell to the other side and his body seem tensed up I called my Husband we took him to the car to get him to the Dr, but at the back of the suv my husband said he’s gone he’s not breathing so he tried chest compression and blowing air into his mouth but nothing! We went to the emergency vet hoping they could revive him but they couldn’t. Went for a walk about 3pm and he was gone around 7pm. I blamed myself for not realizing the signs that he needed help and for not taking him sooner! I hate myself for that. I let my buddy down. I am the reason he isn’t here today! How can I ever forgive myself! I can only hope he did not feel too much pain. I wish I could have a do over and save him. I beat myself up over this. I hope we all can find peace one day.

  62. On Saturday, August 6th, I accidentally ran over my beloved Dancer- a nearly 10 year old Cavalier Spaniel, She meant the world to me and supported me through divorce and everything in between. I am racking myself with guilt and to be honest on the day it happened I did not want to exist any more. I have her sister alive and that is what kept me alive so far. I was rushing and just did not think to check where she was. She was old, on medicine and could hardly hear. Part of me thinks it was a blessing, because it was instantaneous. The other part of me keeps playing it over and it hurts to bad in the bottom of my gut that its hard to concentrate, eat or do anything. I loved my dog Dancer so much and I miss her so incredibly much. I have cried myself to sleep for 3 nights in a row and find myself breaking down during the daytime. I try to keep occupied with work but the numbness is there. Please please please forgive me, i did not ever intend to hurt Dancer and never ever would have. I would give anything including my life to not have that ever happen to anyone ever again.

    1. This just happened to us yesterday. My husband ran over his beloved border collie while taking the dogs out running – something they have done for years. For some reason, Doc just stopped and Randy didn’t see him. He rolled over him and heard him scream. I know he can’t get it out of his head. He keeps saying, “My dog. He trusted me and I killed him.” He lived for 30 minutes but there was no saving him. He died in the back seat on the freeway. We had to leave him at the hospital and I kept thinking, I will never fill out a form again on the amazing doc. He was such a lover, so calm and mild and faithful. Our hearts are broken this morning with no Doc to feed, no Doc right behind us, no Doc anywhere. Steven, we feel you pain and wish you the best…know there are others just like you who are buried in guilt and what-if’s. We are crying along with you this morning.

      1. I’m so sorry that you have to go through this. While the feelings of guilt, sadness and anger go away, I have found that the feeling of love for the dog never does and that’s what I think of the most now, how much I loved her. I miss her everyday and think of her and I will never be the same but I’m finally able to smile and cherish the memories I had. I can still cry easily if I let it, however I can look where she is in the yard now and also remember all the good times. I am so very sorry to hear of your loss and I know the heartbreak you are feeling. The hard thing for me was remembering it was an accident and I would have never ever ever hurt Dancer. Your husband has to know this also. This site helped me a lot with the uplfiting words, and also the similar experiences. It helped understand how many accidents do happen and that tragedy can happen in life.

  63. My husband and i are going through marital problems because of me. We have been fighting for the last 3 weeks and it has been leave the house, come back, leave and 4 days ago he told me to get the dogs(we have 3 english bulldogs) and leave. I gathered them up (the one has breathing problems because of a elongated pallet) he was hot and excited and i had no where to take them except to my dads basement which wasnt very cool. I was only there less than a hour before he called to tell me to bring them back. When i got back home with them i noticed that he was breathing so hard and struggling. I started wetting him with water on a wash cloth and he was laying on the air vent and i was trying to cool him down and i took my focus off of him because my husband said he will be fine and he started yelling at me again and i was trying to stay focused and i just thought he didnt look good but was continually distracted by my husband and we went in the other room as he continued yelling at me, by the time i got back in there which was less than 15 minutes my dog was dead on the kitchen floor. My son was standing in kitchen and said he never heard him get up from vent and/or breathing still hard. Idk my son started chest compressions as i screamed his name and begged for him to wake up. I am heartbroken and devasted.

  64. My dog Cooper and I were so close. We relaxed on the couch together, went on drives together, camped together, hiked together, walked daily together, talked to each other, traveled, and Cooper followed me wherever I went. I love Cooper so much and I still feel him with me. Cooper died yesterday because of my carelessness and preoccupation with my 11 month old grand daughter, potluck preparation, and my work-a-holism. I took Cooper to the dump on Saturday as I always do and when I returned home I left him in the back seat of my truck with the widows up in 95 degrees of heat and he died by the time I realized I had left him there. I feel so terribly sad and angry at myself. I can’t believe I have lost my best friend. My wife loved Cooper so much. My son adored Cooper and is so angry with me and I don’t blame him for being angry. My grandson will be told tomorrow. Everyone loved Cooper and especially my wife, son and grandson.
    I know Cooper and I loved each other so much. I know his spirit is with me. I believe the spirits of the deceased all go to the one God Conscousness. I also believe God is love and forgives me but wants me to learn from this terrible mistake. I am trying to quit beating myself up.
    My neighbor used his bucket tractor to dig a hole for us to bury him in. I plan on making a memorial garden. While I have so many positive memories, I can not erase seeing Cooper’s body in the back seat of my truck and having to lift him into my wheel barrel and subsequently into his grave. He died at a young age of 9 and was a very healthy dog.
    I appreciate all the stories you all have shared and knowing I am not alone brings me comfort. I will continue to pray and seek peace and understanding. I will be more present in every area of my life because of this mistake.

    1. This is exactly what happened yesterday. I had taken my precious lab to library with my kids and I always sit out front and all the people coming in and out would pet her. We got home and I got busy making lunch and doing chores. My sweet girl died in the back of my SUV. I am sick and my husband and kids heartbroken. I am too ashamed to tell anyone what really happened. I feel like the absolute worst human ever.

    2. I did this same thing last month. I took my two dogs, Banjo an almost 9 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback and Rider, an 8-month old Ridgeback on a walk with my twin daughters. Long story but Banjo road home with me in the front seat and Rider was in the back of my SUV. Banjo was such a diva and would never get out from the driver’s side with me when she rode in the front. I always had to go around to get her out on her side. I would make mental notes of this as I used to worry I might forget her. Well on that particular day I somehow forgot. I got Rider out and my girls got out, and I went in the house, shut the garage door and went into my office and worked for 2 hours. I didn’t even think about her as she would always just lay around and sleep mostly anyways. IT wasn’t until my girls and I were going to go to a pool later that day that we went to the car to find her. It was so hot that day. ANd I had shut all the windows up as it looked like it could rain. I left my baby to die in a not car and I am so so sad and guilty. She helped get me through the loss of my first dog over two years ago. We were both so lost after he died and she and I became best friends. She hated being left anywhere alone and I would always tell her I would never leaver her. But I did. I already have some PTSD from the whole thing and am seeing a counselor for the first time ever in my life. The guilt is unbearable. I made the mistake of telling people, as it was an accident and I didn’t want to make it worse by lying. And I thought maybe this would help others. But not everyone has been very kind to me. I just heard the other day that someone referred to me as “the woman who fried her dog.” I don’t even know who this person is but somehow they know my story. Actually they don’t know my story or there is no way they could think I would have done this on purpose. I was busy and distracted and I somehow forgot to do something that I have done 100’s of times without incident. It was a terrible accident that I would do anything to take back. ANYTHING!! I hate that you have experienced this loss too but I will say that it makes me feel better to know that I am not alone. My god people even do this to their children. I have never judged those people and I really wish people wouldn’t judge me. This was a terrible accident that could happen to anyone. A sheriff in Florida just did it with his K9 dog last month. Nobody is perfect. I wish you all the best in dealing with your grief and guilt. Whatever I can do to get though this I am doing. This is enough to eat you alive if you let it.

      1. Thank you! It can eat us alive if we let it, I’ve just starting telling myself that Simon would not want me to keep punishing myself and something positive has got to come out of his death. I have vowed to slow down and smell the roses and take nothing or no one for granted anymore. What happened with your dog could of easily happened to the people passing judgment, ignore them, God knows your heart and how much you loved your dog.

  65. I just don’t even know… look, my dog had supposedly “epilepsy” but my vet told me to not medicate him because “reasons” even though i told him he was having episodes 1 per week… we didnt medicate him and the episodes even decreased in time, like a month or so, but suddenly they started increasing in frequency again, like 1 per week or 2 weeks and today i heard him and i though “he is having one of those again…” and i know i cant do shit when he is having them but i just cant stop thinking about what i could have done, i wanted to make tests with another doctor, in fact i was going to check that next week, i could have gone sooner but to me honest i didnt had the money (im unemployed thanks to our amazing society and system) so my parents could not give me the money and in fact they often over reacted when i told them that my dog needed this tests… whatever, thing is my dog is dead and i just cant understand suddenly he was in a seizure and immediately he stopped moving and breathing entirely, i dont even know if it was because he hit himself with something because he had the attack in the worst place, he probably saw it coming and hide there because it is like a corner behind a lot of stuff, i had to pull him while he was having the seizure because he was hitting himself, i dont even know, i tried, i just cant stop thinking that this is all my fault.

  66. I am completely heartbroken and devastated. My German Sherman of 12 years died this past Sunday. He had been sick a long time with a pancreatic disease which we were treating regularly with medication. He got the pancreatic diease from his mother. It turns out that the pet store where we got him from sold sick dogs as we later found out he came from a puppy mill. At the end of June my dogs stomach blew up. My family and I instantly thought that it was constipation because he kept trying to go to the bathroom and he kept passing gas. He didn’t look like he was in pain. Shortly after his stomach went down and he went to the bathroom so we really thought it was constipation. With his pancreatic disease he always had issues with going to the bathroom whether it was diarrhea etc. A few weeks later it happened again and the same thing happened, it went down shortly after and he went to the bathroom. The fact that it went down didnt make me thonk anything was really wrong. Again he didnt show any signs of pain
    It happened again this past Sunday and again we thought it was constipation. We were sitting with him trying to get him to go to the bathroom to relieve the constipation. Shorty after we noticed that he was having difficulty breathing and couldn’t stand up he went into shock and his heart stopped beating. It turns out that he had something called the bloat which I know now is the second largest killer of large dogs. I’ve never heard of it before. I’m just been beating myself up, wishing that I had known what it was, I didn’t know that his earlier experiences with bloating were early warning signs. I’m just so angry at myself. I wish I had known what it was and if I had gotten him to the vet he might still be here. I learned that surgery is the only thing that can help a dog survive the bloat. I don’t know if he would have survived surgery but at least I would have known that I tried. I since he was old but I just feel like I let him down. I just wish I had known what the symptons where or had taken him to the vet the first time that it had happened. How could I be so stupied to thonk it was constipation. I never experienced anythong like that with my previous german shepherd. I don’t think I will ever forgive myself. I let my baby down. He depended on me. I can’t eat or sleep. I hate myself for it. How could I have been so stupid.

  67. About a year ago we found an older male poodle who had been dyed pink near my husband’s business. He had very long nails, bad cataracts, and was extremely thin. I brought him home and he’s been part of the family ever since. The vet and groomer both thought that he was at least 12 and hoped he would make it another year (he has bad kidneys). After feeding him, grooming him, and giving him a loving home, he’s more spunky than our 9 year old dog, just hard of hearing and nearly blind. After almost a year of him peeing on our wood floors every night, I decided we should put him in the laundry room while we are sleeping so he doesn’t ruin the wood. Like many women, I hand my delicates to dry instead of using the dryer. Unfortunately we I went to let him out this morning, he was gasping for air as he had strangled himself in my bra strap that was hanging down. We heard him crying last night but he cries every night. He hates being locked in the laundry room. I feel awful. He’s still with us for now, but his neck is very swollen and he’s lethargic. He did get up and walk around outside for a bit and drank some water, but he’s laying down again and his breathing is labored. We decided a year ago to not treat his kidney disease because it was too costly and the vet didn’t think he’d live much longer regardless. I’m hoping he pulls through but it’s not looking good.

  68. A few days ago, my brother and I had the house to ourselves because my parents had gone with our sister to a softball tournament. Our only responsibility was taking car of the dogs. Because my parents were not home, my brother who was 22 decided to have some people over. My Corgi stayed in the house and my shepherd who was only 1 year and 10 months was put outside. With all of the distractions, we did not realize someone had left the gate open and he had gotten out. We should have put him to bed earlier, checked the gate, or at least continuously check on him. He got out and we did not notice for several hours, we noticed was missing at 2am, and we all went looking for him in the night for 3 hours but to no avail. I printed fliers and posted them everywhere around our town, and put an ad of craigslist. The next day at work we hear a German Shepherd has been brought into the closest shelter, and we get excited and are going to go check it out after work and see if it is him. 2 hours later when our shifts are almost over, we get a text from someone who has seen our ad telling us they saw a dead german shepherd on the side of the road and our emotions do a 180. We go investigate and find out the dead dog is my dog. He had been struck and killed by a car by my negligence. We called my dad to let him know as well as my mom who fell into tears. My dad said to let the animal control pick him up, as he had already been reported. We went home, and m brother went back to work. I called my dad on the phone and begged him to let me go and pick him up so we could bury him on our property, and he let us. Seeing him the way he was and burying him was by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do. This tragedy has pushed me into religion, as the last few days have been the hardest I have ever faced. It has also led me to thinking about whether or not we get to meet back up with our pets when we get to heaven. I really hope so because I miss my boy.

    1. I’m sorry to hear your story. I have a similar story. Its easy for me to tell you it was just an accident, but when someone tells me that, I can’t seem to accept that excuse. But it is an accident. I really do hope we are reunited with our babies when we go into the next life. I think we do.

      1. I feel the same way. I was hoping someone would respond and your response just lifted me up. I have been devastated and numb, I am here still because Dancer’s sister is alive and I have to take care of her, otherwise I am not sure I would be here. It has completely impacted me in every sense and I am not sure I will ever be the same. I believe we will be reunited with our loved ones in the next life. It only would make sense. She is with me now and forever, its just going to take time to adjust to the new way she is in my life, not in the pyscial sense but in my heart and head. I have to think this.

  69. I got my puppy at 6 weeks old and he was a white German Shepherd that came from 2 Black and Tan parents. My roommate got the other white female that came out of the litter. His name was Bolt and I loved him so much. Part of the reason I got him was I personally struggle with depression and I thought having a puppy that relied on me for sustaining a healthy life would help me with sustaining a healthy life for myself. That dog helped me so much! I made sure to take such good care of him and give him absolutely everything he needed and he was such a great boy! A week ago I had him with me at the lake and I invited my friends out for a weekend on the water. Bolt was 4 months old and still growing like a weed! I went to pull my truck forward so I had room to put the jet ski trailer on because it is light enough you can just move it with 1 or 2 people. Before I put my truck in drive I looked out my window and had Bolt sit down and I said stay. We had been working on stay for the last couple of weeks. He was about 5 feet from the drivers side door. I then looked away and pulled the truck slowly forward about 10 feet and somehow he went and walked in front of my back tire and I heard him swqeel and by the time I got out of the truck and ran to him he was gone. I’ve never ever had something hurt me so much. I’ve been absolutely devastated and I feel 100 percent guilty because I was 100 percent the cause of my puppies death. I loved him so much and I never ever thought I would have to bury him at such a young age. I can’t even use my iPhone because I can’t stand to see the pictures of him that are on it. I don’t know how I’m ever going to be able to get another dog because I just can’t handle that much pain again and I don’t want to even risk experiencing that. I have the images of him dead burnt into my mind forever and it’s so difficult to forgive myself because I killed my own puppy. I am beyond sorry :(

    1. I’m sorry for your loss. Just know you’re not alone as I had to bury my German Shepherd and he was far too young as well. He was just under 2 years old. Burying him was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. He was hit by a car and when we went to go and pick him up off the side of the freeway before animal control picked him up. Seeing him was heartbreaking, as the car hit him and opened him up. He had been there for a day, dead in the hot 100+ degree California sun, and when we got there he did not smell pretty either. I’m also dealing with the fact that it was my fault as I did not make sure the gate was closed before he got out.

  70. My little girl was just a puppy and didn’t even have a name yet. I rescued her from someone who was going to put the whole litter down. My 7 year old son was playing with her in his room. I’ve told him many times if he was to hold her he was to sit on the couch. Of course today he didn’t listen and I was too busy to check in at that moment. He was standing on his bed holding her and she wiggled free. He dropped her from a pretty high height and she hit her head and/or back on the end table. He took her to the bathroom without telling me and finally called for me when he realized something was wrong. She was completely twisted and could not hold her head up. She was gone within an hour. One of the most horrific things I have ever seen. I feel so incredibly sad and guilty. I wish I wouldn’t have let him take her in his room. I wish I would have left her in her crate while I was busy. I wish I could redo the whole day. I’m so upset with my son for doing something so careless but I know he must be traumatized from seeing her die that way so I am harboring my feelings to myself. I love animals so much. My pets are my family. Today was awful and I wish it never happened. I am only glad that she passed pretty quickly after the fall. She was pretty calm and did not cry. I’m so glad I didn’t have to watch her endlessly suffer. I’m so sorry this happened to you little pup. ≤/3

  71. My neighbor had a 17yo cat named Sammy.. His son was 19.. I assumed Sammy was well loved all his life .. during this last 3-4 years I think his son (though loving the cat giving him tons of attention and love for at least 14 years!) didn’t have time for him and was off and away all the time. Sammy wanted so badly to have the attention and to be an indoor cat.. However due to circumstances, Sammy was an outdoor cat and killed rabbits and mice of all sizes and didn’t like the dry food the Dad left out for him. Sammy was needy for the attention he got all his life and he’s beg to come into my place.. In fact every Niebuhrs place! I had no idea his name or his age.. I could tell with his crying and emotionalism that this was a very sad cat. I started to let Sammy in this last winter.. Sammy came over and slept all day in the bed and sometimes most of the night with wife and I for 7 months. He’d wake us up whenever he had to pee.. not once did he ever pee in the house.. But I admit he was a full time job.. He drooled all the time. He was such an emotional and talkative cat and was with us every hour of the day and we started to feed him wet food.. He begged me no less than 5 times a day for a new can of food.. I was definitely his personal slave.. I didn’t mind at all! Since when I later found out his name and age .. I knew in a year or two I’d wish h’d be begging me while he was dying of old age! So I cherished every moment of his life with him.. He really felt that to.. He felt so very loved.. Until one day he felt very abandoned! Well we had to move.. Another neighbor suggested we take Sammy with us and would be mum about where he’d gone to becasue she didn’t think Sammy could survive the winter being outdoors. We moved and paid the pet deposit. But it took us 7 days to get into a place.. It was fairly warm out but I told myself I’d wait for the first rain and drive back to our old place and wait for him.. But we also knew once Sammy got back here it’d be really hard becasue we’d need to keep him inside for a month to let him acclimate while he cried and begged to go out we couldn’t risk him being confused .. At least he’d know we loved him? Well we didn’t go back soon enough, it was 2 month later we went back and found out Sammy was hit by a car out on the main hwy. (About 3 weeks after we left). In 3 years, not once did I ever hear of Sammy going out to the main hwy adjacent to our gated community.. Had he gone in search of the food and love he was getting every moment for the last 7 months? Emotionally he was probably a wreck for at least the week we left.. Probably crying and wondering why we wouldn’t let him in anymore. I am a 45 yo man so for whatever reason I cant seem to cry for longer than 3 seconds at a time (about 8 times a day). I cant seem to breath the rest of the time.

  72. Hi. So this happened two years and a bit ago … And what I am about to tell you has only been told to one person … My best friend. Not even my mother or brother knew.

    So it was all my fault. I hate myself so much for it. I still can’t cope with it and it’s been over 2 years.

    I had a teacup poodle. One night, my mother was getting on my nerves and there were a pile of buckets beside me. I knocked over the buckets so that I could hopefully distract them. Little did I know, my dog was sitting beside me.

    They landed on top of her and she was knocked right out. I carried her upstairs and called for my mom… Pretending that I did not do it. Her tongue was sticking out and she was paralyzed. She could not move.

    I slept with her that night. I couldn’t sleep. She was cuddled against me the whole night and I knew it was going to be the last night with her.

    When the morning finally came, we went to the energency animal hospital. They did x-rays but found nothing. Liquid was now coming out of her nose.

    It was time. I spent 15 minutes with her in the room. Bawling my eyes out … Exclaiming how sorry I was. I was a mess. The vet came in and it was time … She went peacefully but a part of me died inside … A part that can never be revived.

    I have her ashes and a clay of her pawprint on a bedside table and I hate myself so much. I cry atleadt once a week and even though I did get another dog I still feel as though I cannot live with myself.

    If anyone, anyone can help me at all, please comment.

    1. You didn’t do it intentionally. I know it hurts to know that you could have prevented your dogs death, but would you have thrown the buckets on the floor if you knew your dog was there? I don’t think you would. You obviously loved your dog or else you wouldn’t have held her threw the night. I know it hurts to know that your dog probably had many more years to live, but I truly believe that God let’s everything happen for a reason. You won’t know the reason, but you can trust in God to know there was a purpose. Keep in mind you probably won’t ever move on…and honestly I wouldn’t expect you to if you truly loved your dog. But you can move forward. Your dog will always stay in your heart and she knows that you didn’t do it intentionally. She forgives you. You just need to forgive yourself. Remember…dogs give unconditional love. She isn’t going to hold it against you because you made a mistake. Just because you made a mistake doesn’t mean you’re an awful person. I think you might be feeling like this decision defines who you are. Or maybe you feel guilty because no one else knows the truth. Just know that the only way to truly let things go are to fully let everything out in the open. You might be vulnerable afterwards but it’s worth it. I’m sorry this happened to you. Something similar happened to me. She was my besfriend and I feel like I should have been able to protect her. I felt like if I were her true guardian or mom that she would still be alive. She brought me through the roughest points in my life so it doesn’t make sense that I couldn’t protect her when she needed. I felt so guilty for feeling helpless. And sometimes I still do, but then I think of all the memories we had. Like how stubborn she was but I loved it. And how she loved to swim and stick her head out the window while driving. Or how I used to trick her into falling asleep before I crawled in bed because she would leave on her because she would always get too hot. Then I think of how I used to bath her and pay for her food. I took care of her. Never would I have let her die if it was in my control. I don’t think you would either. It helped me to get through the day by knowing that she is always with me. I wear her dogtag so that I can remeber her. When I start to miss her I look down and take a couple seconds to tell her how sorry I am and how I love her. And I know if she were still here she would show me that she loved me too. You didn’t do it on purpose. You would go back if you could. Its okay to feel guilty, but at some point you have to realize that it doesn’t make you a bad person or define who you are. You wouldnt have let it happen if it was in your control. And if none of this helps or makes sense, I think some of the guilt you’re struggling with is feeling ashamed that you didnt tell anyone else what you did to your little girl. Be open with them, or at least be open with yourself. don’t feel ashamed if you need to go to a counselor. Dogs are like family. Life is a real deal. Whatever your struggling with is a big deal. Don’t let the stigma attached to a psychologist hold you back from moving forward. I hope this helps. I’m sorry about that happened.

  73. My dear friend died yesterday. It’s not a feeling that it’s my fault, it’s not some imagination leap. It is a FACT that it was my fault.

    She vomited several times the night before, but that happens every now and then since she’ll eat anything from the ground but she never had any problems afterwards.

    She then became anxious and was like that all night, but I thought the vomiting upset her stomach and she’ll be fine in the morning as usual.

    She could’t find a place and was constantly moving, making noise with her nails all night, so at about 4 am I kicked her out of the room.

    In the morning she was very sick, barely breathing, with her eyes empty and wide open. I rushed her to the vet and they revived her two times, but after two hours she died.

    I don’t care what anyone says. It was 100% my fault.I shouldn’t have sent her out. I should have rushed her to the vet in the middle of the night immediately instead of worrying about my sleep and the vacation that was expecting me, no US in the morning. I even yelled at her once for interrupting my sleep. What kind of person does that?

    It turns out she had her bowls twisted and was in a lot of pain. While I was yelling. While I was thinking about my sleep and my vacation.

    I berried her. Can’t stop thinking about it. She was my friend and my joy in the darkest of times. She pulled me through sadness and loneliness and in return I killed her. Not only did I kill her I caused her hours of suffering. And that is that.

    1. My Mom has experienced this same feeling with her last dog. The dog who’s name was Chance, ate some rat poison one of the neighbors had put out. She got really sick and we did not know why at the time. The first day, my mom wanted to take her to the vet but did not. The next day she took her to the vet, and the vet kept her overnight. She passed away in the cage overnight. My mom has never forgiven herself for it because she believes she should have taken her dog the day she stared showing sickness.

  74. Wednesday July 13, 2016 my 10 year old toy eskimo was hit by a car and killed. We have a fenced in yard with 2 gates and Wednesday I let my Amie outside about 3:30 to go potty and seen the gate was open. Numerous times Amie was let out with gate open and Amie would always bark at the back door. Well this time she didn’t 5 minutes later I get a knock at my front door telling me my dog was hit by a car….she never made it alive to the vet. I am having a real quilt issue if I had just went out and shut the gate like I have also numerous times she would be here today! I just feel like I caused so much pain to everyone especially my family! I don’t think I’ll ever get over this guilt I’m feeling! I cry myself to sleep every night and wake up every morning crying! Amie was my baby and I just let her die….I should of went out and shut and locked the gate! I was cleaning my house so I was still in my night clothes but that never stopped me before I have gone out in the winter time to shut the gate if I seen it open. A couple months ago Amie was figuring out how to get out from under the fence so my hubby had to fix those areas all the time! But even when she was escaping from under the fence she was still coming to the back door. Amie never went to far our neighbors have big dogs and she was going across the street to sniff their yard and always coming home… Amie was hit in the middle of the street about 2 feet from my driveway! I hope my guilt starts getting better or I’m not sure how I can survive this guilt feeling!!

  75. My buddy…Whiskey died today.he was 12 years old and I feel so guilty as I left him as I moved to another country.I thought that he would survive as he was healthy and happy dog and I will bring him to me once I settle down.i was taking care for home though I was not physically with him.all his needs food and medicines were taken care by me.I don’t know what to do now.i think it was my mistake to leave him back in home country.I want to tell u all something ,he was the only one who was with me in my time of need and when I was alone.did I become a selfish that I left him alone.i don’t know what to do know but I just wish that he forgives me for all this as my intention was to bring him to me once I settle and pray to God for my lovable and adorable parterner.May his soul rest in peace and I wish he would be the first one to meet me in heaven.Luv you Whiskey.

  76. My baby girl Sophia was only a puppy. She was a beautiful beagle. I was at work and my husband was dealing with our unruly boys. She was out on her cable in the back yard. She tangled her cable around our almost hundred pound grill, like she has many times before. This time she was bigger and stronger. Attempting to get away from it, she pulled it down on top of her. My husband heard the bang and ran outside. He pulled it off of her, but the damage had been done. I left work and he rushed her to the only vet opened on Sundays. She had complete internal contusion. Her lungs were completed brushed, making it difficult for her to breath on her own. Her body was shutting down. It would have cost thousands of dollars to attempt to pull her through this. The vet gave her a 50/50 chance with a ventilator. As she lay in the back room on oxygen and in pain, with heavy tears my husband and I looked at each other knowing what we had to do. It took us about ten minutes for us to tell the vet we just couldn’t afford it. I held her paw and kissed her nose while the vet injected the overdose. We buried her four hours later. She turned 6 months the day after we put her down. I hate myself for so many things. I hate that I didn’t take the time to hold her a little longer when she was alive. To kiss her sweeter. To play with her more. To run with her further. To walk her longer. To be more patient with her stubborn puppy antics. She died so young because of us not watching her more closely. We blame ourselves and I think of her fifty times a day. I still hear her barking outside. I still see her food bowls on the kitchen floor when I close my eyes. I still see the holes she dug up out back. I see a little of the stuffing out back from one of her toys. I still see her cable lying on the ground it back. I run my fingers over the holes she put in our kitchen chairs. Yesterday I found one of her half chewed chew sticks under the stove that got away from her at one time. I still see her crate by the kitchen wall.
    I still hear her whimpering when I awake in the morning because she wants out of her crate. I picture her in her coffin box laying so still with her eyes closed. I picture her beautiful multi colored fur shiny and beautiful from the bath I gave her the night before. I want her to know how dreadfully sorry I am. I want her to know I love her so deeply. I want to bring her back. She never deserved to die so young. I hate myself. I’m tortured by her memory.

  77. Little Pickles was only in this world less than a year. I rescued him from an owner who let him get parvovirus, malnourished and planned to shoot him. And yet he was the most beautiful, loving soul. He would see me and his novelty-sized tail would whip around like a helicopter rotor. His whole body would wiggle with delight. He had an infectious enthusiasm for life and was loved by all who met him. I was so lucky to have him.

    I feel such guilt for not appreciating every second with him and for what ultimately happened to him. Pickles would chase my car down the drive if he wasn’t kept inside. That day, my ex let him out as soon as I’d left rather than waiting 10 mins. He ran down the drive to find my neighbour coming up the hill. We’re on a bend and my neighbour couldn’t have seen him soon enough.

    We rushed him to the vet and they prepped him for surgery to put a plate into his leg. But the night nurse fed him kangaroo (he can’t eat red meat) and we nearly lost him that night. We were called in the next day to hear that he had been found in a pool of bloody diarrhoea that morning and was receiving blood transfusions, but was rejecting them. He looked terrifying when we saw him.

    Amazingly, my dog survived and went on to recover over the next couple of months. The next morning we went to the vet. I knew from the vet’s tone that she was preparing me for a discussion about euthanasia. She said Pickles’ chances of surviving a chest drain were slim in his condition and if he did, he would require a plasma transfusion and laparoscopic surgery just to find the cause of the fluid in his lungs.

    She offered three possible causes: a plasma protein disorder; lymphoma; or a split/herniated diaphragm from the car accident. The prognosis for any was really poor and would need ongoing treatment and would mean poor quality of life at best.

    I consulted with my family and it was clear that euthanasia was the humane option. I don’t think I fully understood what I was doing, though. I was in shock. I have never experienced death and I was completely unprepared for what happened.

    At 4:45pm we went in to see Pickles. He was in an oxygen chamber to help him breathe. He still stood up to greet me with a limp, but loving, wag of his tail and a pained and desperate whine. I sat with him and I talked to him and told him that it would be over soon and that I loved him. My mum was there and my ex was, too. All his favourite people.

    We carried him out to the operating table, draped with blankets, and sat him down. I wasn’t prepared for how quickly he would go to sleep when the nurse gave him the sedative. As it went in we were patting him and feeding him treats. He had no idea and I think that was best. But suddenly he was on the bench unconscious and I hadn’t had time to look into his eyes and say goodbye. If I could go back I would want to be alone with him so I could feel like he was connected with me.

    Then she gave him wings. It was over in less than a minute, but I couldn’t accept that he was gone. I suddenly panicked and wanted him to wake up. It was horrible. I was sure he was still there and everyone was telling me it was over. It took several minutes of standing there kissing him and patting him and telling him I loved him and that I was sorry before I realised he wasn’t going to wake up.

    Since he went to sleep, I have been inconsolable. I blame myself and feel that I failed him and didn’t deserve him. I have been through s very tough time myself recently and have had a difficult life with mental health problems. He filled a space in my life where love had been missing and I have a huge hole inside me now.

    My ex and I will bury him at my property on Friday. I am going to plant a crepe myrtle over his grave and I will care for it and watch it grow with the loving attention I could have given him if I had have been more attentive when I had the chance. I hope it will give me some comfort through the lonely days up there on my own.

    Thanks to the author for giving me the opportunity to get this off my chest, and thank you to all who read this. I hope you can all find peace and forgiveness in your hearts.

  78. I accidentally ran over my 12 year old min pin Bambi and killed her this morning. I didn’t know it until my six year old told me Bambi was dead. It was heart wrenching seeing her laying lifeless after being so full of life. It also was tragic my six year old found her. I completely melted down. Thankfully my wonderful brother in law was there to help me pick up her remains and console me and my family. I feel terrible, but I know it was an accident and she never felt a thing because she was asleep. I could go over in my head and million times why I didn’t check under the car, before I moved it but it won’the bring her back. Rest in Peace my sweet angel Bambi. ?

  79. my 11 year old brittany spaniel passed away sometime this morning after three surgeries one to remove a huge lump from her inner thigh a fatty lipoma. It was affecting her walking and her bladder and she was in a lot of discomfort. So we thought, if we remove it we can improver her quality of life. well it got infected and necrotic so she had to go under again to have it cleaned out and insert a tube to saturate the area with antibiotics. she was so much better so happy and wanting to run around again. and then she tore her stitches open by walking down the biggest steepest flight of stairs in our house. the third surgery went fine and she bounced back once again because of her gorgeous spirit. and we decided she should stay at the vet overnight so he could minister her. He checked in her at 2am and she was ok. That morning she was dead. All I can think about is how she spent the last three weeks of her life tormented by discomfort and she died alone and afraid away from all her family. She didn’t deserve this and we should have never had this surgery it wasn’t threatening her life just made her sore and now the 11 year old dog that everyone guessed was about two is gone and the light of my life is gone and she died alone. I’m 21 years old and I’ve been starting to think about her death and prepare for it and I figured she would have at LEAST another four or 5 years in her she was exuberant and fizzing and anxious to be around people. This isn’t the way she was supposed to go at all and I can’t shake this image of her totally alone and probably desperately wanting us to come and get her. He screaming howling cries as we left her the day of her last surgery and how we were so confident that she was being her dramatic self. We weren’t there for her when she deserved and we didn’t deserve such a beautiful warm loyal obsessed dog. My heart is broken I love you Molly

  80. I am so sorry for your loss. It’s a terrible grief, there is no guilt like the guilt of causing your dog’s death. Knowing that you could have prevented it makes it even worse…it is a terrible heartbreak.

    Grieve your loss. Allow yourself to feel the guilt of feeling like you caused your dog’s death. Go through the pain — because the only way to get through this is to experience those terrible feelings. Talk about how you feel, keep writing all the pain and memories out of you. Get those feelings out, express them any way you can.

    You will heal, and you will forgive yourself because you will come to accept that this was an accident. You never, ever would have allowed this to happen if you knew about it!

    Your dog forgives you, and loves you even now. Unconditionally, forever, no matter what you did or how death occurred. Your dog does not want you to feel bad, and your dog never had space for grief or guilty feelings.

    Give your dog the honor of a peaceful memory and a calm spirit.

    How to Forgive Yourself

    In sympathy, and with healing prayers,

  81. I have so much anger, guilt and sadness in me right now and I’m trying to find my way through it. This past Sunday 6/26/16 my nephew let my girls out to go potty, Nika is a white American bulldog 2 and 1/2yrs old that I rescued at 8 weeks old and Roxanne is a beautiful blue nose handicapped pit bull that is almost 2yr old and I rescued her a yr and 4 months ago. I am always very vigilant with my babies and I live in Florida so I know you have to make sure they don’t stay out too long and become over heated, I raise a niece and nephew and have told them MANY times that they have to keep an eye on the girls if they are outside bc the heat could kill them. On Sunday my nephew let my girls out at about 8:30am, I have been under a lot of stress lately and for some reason I didn’t get up as I normally do and I accidentally fell back asleep, so I wasn’t awake to check on the girls or tell my nephew to check on them, he’s 13yrs old and knows he should have checked on them without needing to be told it’s one of his responsibilities, at 9:58 he wakes me up and asks should he get the girls in, I tell him yes and they shouldn’t have been out there that long anyway, he opens the door and few seconds go by and he starts screaming that something is wrong with my wheelchair bound angel baby Roxanne. I rush outside and Roxanne is laying to the side and her eyes are barely open and she’s barely breathing, her tongue is hanging out and she’s covered in drool, I get her out of her wheelchair and bring her inside and immediately can feel she’s over heated so I put her in the bath tub and start running cool water over her, I can tell it’s not working, all I can do is cry and beg her to stay with me, the closest vet open is the emergency vet 50mins away and I know she’ll never make it if I can’t regulate her temp. I’m trying so hard to get her cooled down but as I am doing this I see her eyes staring to drift back in her head, I know I’m losing her, she passes around 11am. I have so much anger towards my nephew bc he knew to check on them and just didn’t do it, I don’t know how to get over this anger, I sent him to a friends house so I don’t lash out. I lost my 8yr old boxer in 2014 bc I wasn’t home when he needed to get to the vet and I wasn’t home bc this same nephew was causing problems that I was called to deal with and so I couldn’t be home, I tried really hard not to be angry at him for that loss but this is the second baby I have lost and I don’t know how to forgive him. I also blame myself for falling back asleep and thinking they would be ok and that a 13yr old could be entrusted with the responsibility of checking on them and thinking that I had repeated enough times that they couldn’t be just left outside for periods of time in this Florida heat. My baby sat on the ramp to the door with her wheel stuck so she couldn’t move to get to the door and scratch on it to let me know she needed in, she tried so hard to get inside but she was stuck and she basically cooked to death. I am so angry that I let that happen to her, that I didn’t protect her when that was what I promised to do the day I adopted her. Her sister, Nika, is so sad, she waits at the door thinking that Roxanne will be coming back, it breaks my heart. I’ve cried for two days and I feel like people just don’t understand, these are not my ” pets “, they are MY children and I lost one of my children to something so preventable. Please, if anybody has any advice on how I can work through this anger towards my nephew I am all ears, at this point I don’t even know if I can continue having him in my home and I hate that I feel that way but I don’t know what to do about it.

    1. I totally understand how you feel. Had a similar situation with my daughter. Who was 14 at the time. You can’t punish your nephew for the loss. He’s a kid and they get easily distracted. I’m sure he feels bad enough! You wouldn’t want to scar a child over something like this.. Sometimes things just happen. I’m sorry for your loss!! I hope time heals all the wounds

  82. The stories of others and the article kind of helped last night. I went to a deep dark place and this lended me a hand. My beautiful hunting partner, friend, little spoon snuggle buddy, sweet kisser, and snack lover Ailani passed away on my birthday last week. She just turn 3 on the 4th of june. She ate the hard vine that grapes come off of . It took her 48 hours to pass it. During that time it must of have pierced her stomach or small intestines and healed up quick but allowed a small amount of yeast into her abdomen. She seemed fine, and had a few weird things happen over a week and halfs time like going into stage one bloat every morning. Which was fixed with some gas x. Her abdomen was slightly bigger but it seemed like I was the only one who noticed it. But she played with me and acted normal. Until she went septic. The vet explored her abdomen and found no bad organs and blood work came back fine. She died the next morning at 5am. My heart shattered into pieces. I had spent the last 3 years with her. And hind sight is always 20/20. But the guilt of those off things and not acting on them is killing me on the inside. Ailani was my comfort dog. She had a perfect personality. So sweet. The question that sits in my head now is do I deserve another dog. Her breeder is going to breed her parents together for the last time. She offered me pick pup. But I dont know if I deserve a pup.

    1. You could have never known that was gonna happen. Don’t feel guilty I think you should get another puppy your a caring pet owner.

    2. I know how you feel. My sweet gentle 1 year old yellow lab, Harley passed away a day ago from sepsis. We got back from vacation (had our regular dog sitter stay with our 3 labs-one is Harley’s cousin) and I gave them all a digestible rawhide to eat. Harley ate his quickly but that was normal. That night I awoke to him throwing up. He seemed fine after that. The next morning he gobbled his breakfast right down like normal. The next day he threw up multiple times while I was at work (my family was home). He still acted normal but I started researching on the Internet and saw that throwing up undigested food and burping could be a sign of bowel obstruction and I was thinking about the rawhide he ate so quickly so we took him to the emergency vet that night. They examined him and his belly was soft and they couldn’t feel anything so they said they could give him fluids and anti nausea meds and send us home or they could do costly X-rays to explore. Since he seemed so normal we decided to go home and see if the meds helped and see how he was in the morning. The next morning he seemed sad and not is usual energetic self so we took him to our regular vet. She did an X-ray and she saw on an XRay that he had an obstruction. She did surgery and removed a big bunch of string. I thought it would be the rawhide. She said she did have to make 6 incisions to get all the string out but the intestines looked great and started moving right away. She felt he would recover from this. He came home from the surgery two days later on Thursday and seemed great…jumped into the car…kisses for everyone and our other two dogs but later that night he wouldn’t eat, which presented the problem of giving him his meds and he seemed so nauseous (drooling and licking his lips) so we went back to the ER. They tested the fluid in his abdomen for bacteria and found none. He had no fever or outward signs of anything negative going on. So we decided to have them watch him and give him meds and fluids. They mentioned opening him up to explore but after talking with his regular vet who did the surgery and not wanting to cause him more trauma we took the watch and see if he improves approach. The next day my husband and I and our 4 kids came to visit thinking he was still in the same condition but the ER vet seemed worried and wanted to do surgery. She had found one bacteria while doing a test on him. We agreed. We all went in to see him and he looked the same. He wagged his tail and we all hugged him and kissed him. Thinking he had a good chance of being ok. When they opened him up they found he was septic and called us and said there was nothing they could do. They had to euthanize him and we couldn’t even be there. When our 15 year old lab was euthanized we were all there with him. It was hard but I knew he lived a good long life. I’m so shocked by this….so is our vet because everything looked very healthy when she went in the first time. It’s so hard because he was still a baby. ? It’s killing me that the kids are so sad and I can’t fix it. After our 15 year old lab died in Jan. 2015, they were also sad but it was expected. This was not. They said they thought they’d be older when Harley died and didn’t have enough time with him. And I feel so incredibly guilty…should we have done X-rays earlier, gone back in instead of waited. I’m so devastated that I failed him. He was my sweet, gentle boy who cuddled with me, sat like a human on the couch, ate like a crazy man, captured numerous moles in our backyard, cuddled and played with our other 2 dogs and was just a huge part of our family. I’m having such a hard time coping. I keep doing the what ifs. I can’t sleep or eat and I keep crying. I just keep picturing his sweet face when we left him for the last time. It’s killing me but I still have to function for my family and other dogs so I’m trying to go on. I found these posts at a much needed time, so thank you and I’m so sorry for everyone’s losses of their beloved pets.

  83. I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine how horrible and sad it would be to hear your dog crying in pain. My heart is broken for you. I wish I could tell you how to deal with the grief and guilt you feel, but I honestly don’t know what to say.

    This was an awful accident, a terrible thing that you never meant to happen. It wasn’t your fault. I know you feel guilty, like you caused your dog’s death – but you didn’t. Horrible accidents happen sometimes, and there is nothing to gain by hating yourself or beating yourself up.

    Go to the library or Amazon, and get a few books on forgiving yourself. Even better, talk to a counselor. Sometimes we need an external objective opinion to help us overcome traumatic events. Seeing your dog die is a traumatic event, and you might benefit from talking it through with a trained grief counselor.

    I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. May you forgive yourself and find peace.

    In sympathy,

    1. My toy poodle who I’ve had since I was 5 died yesterday because of me. Since living in the country, I was taking a jog down the road. I had headphones in so I couldn’t hear nor see him running behind me, following me. He is a very small dog, weighs about 5 to 6 pounds. At the end of my road I stopped to take a breath, when I saw him. Then the house where I stopped at, their dogs came running out. I’ve never seen them before and didn’t know much about them. They were sniffing my dog, and weren’t doing much. then after I caught my breath and turned towards home and called my dogs name. But the two dogs were surrounding them and growled, crowded around him and wouldn’t let him move. I called him again. Hoping the other dogs wouldn’t mind. But all of a sudden the bull dog grabbed him by the neck and through him to the ground. I ran over and started punching and kicking the dog trying to get him off my baby. But I was so afraid of the bigger dog, not even knowing what breed it was but knowing it could really hurt me if I hurt it. they kept biting my dog countless times. I ran up to the people’s porch and banged on the door crying. The women called in her dogs and felt terrible. my parents later rushed to the vet with my dog, where when they got there the vet said they couldn’t do anything to help. So, we put him down. It was by far one of the hardest experience in my life. whenever I see my neighbors dogs I sincerely hate them for what they did. Our two other dogs, realize that he’s gone and have seen very down lately. I want another small dog to replace him but realize he will never be the same as well as do the same actions. it just seems unreal, I expect him to run into my room and be standing behind me when I’m making myself a meal. It’s very hard and my family and I miss him so much, but we know we are going to get through this. It’s just the fact that he could of lived longer, and we always thought he would. it’s going to be slow around here for a couple of weeks. But we will forever have our memories with him.

      1. I’m sorry for your loss!! I did worse then you. I let my daughter come home with her pit bull. He attacked my little dog Sidney 3 weeks ago. She survived that one. We’ve kept them completely separated since then. Tonight she busted through the door and killed her. I’ve cried all night. My daughter took her pit to be euthanized right after. Why didn’t I make her do it the first time? I’m so mad at myself!! I can’t get the scene out of my head. I guess that’s why I’m writting this to you.

  84. My heart hurts so bad. On Monday our baby gypsie passed away at around 230 am. I can’t seem to get past the fact that It’s my fault. My husband and I divorced a year ago and I pulled her away from her home. Then we had to move a couple more times during this last year. In May she had puppies and was an amazing mother!! Recently my ex husband proposed and asked us to move back home. We were all so happy. The puppies were weaned so we got them to their new homes at about 5 weeks because they seemed like they were draining her. We went back to pack and took her with us. While we were packing for 2 days she seemed to start throwing up. Every time she ate or drank. I had told the landlord I would be out by a certain date so I was focused on accomplishing that. During the move I crushed a nail and my salon was within walking distance. I ran over there and she was at the door barking at me and I told her to go home and momma would be there in a min. So she did. We got moved on sat and Sunday morning she disappeared. We called for her for about 20 mins or so. Then I looked under our deck and she was laying there staring at me but wouldn’t move. When we walked away she came out and got a sip of water and started throwing up again. So we went to town to get her pedialyte to try and help. My daughter forced pedialyte for several hours while I was busy. I didn’t have any money to take her to the vet and it kills me that I didn’t at least attempt it. At about 11 pm we noticed she looked really bad and withdrawn. So I stayed up all night trying to nurse her. She had diarrhea and was vomiting but I just cleaned it up and loved her. Finally her last hour she came to me and I picked her up and she just layed in my arms. It was the most awful thing I think I’ve seen in my life. She cried out for over an hour. It was so loud and piercing to the ears. Her brain seized her breathing was slow hard then slow then hard. I held her until the end and until her heart wasn’t beating anymore. I am just so sad. I feel like it’s my fault and that I didn’t do enough and now she’s gone because of it and my entire family is hurting. Why wasn’t I more attentive? I was excited God had brought our family back together and we were all going to be a family again. And then I go and do this. I don’t know how to get all of this pain and guilt to go away. I loved her dearly and I was so selfish that it caused her life. This is the worst feeling I have ever felt.

  85. I am struggling so badly with the guilt of my dog being killed. I fostered a dog in the past three weeks and I always kept her separate from my other dogs because I wasn’t sure how she would behave or how they would behave towards her.

    On Fathers Day, we took our kids to the park and to a concert. We were rushing out of the house and I swore I shut the gate that separated my dogs from the foster dog. I just.. I should have double checked. I always double checked.

    I came home at 230 in the morning to my beloved 10 year old Australian Cattle Dog, laying dead at the bottom of the staircase.

    He was killed by the foster dog. She attacked him and punctured his little lung.

    I feel like it’s all my fault. If I hadn’t fostered that dog or if I had checked the gate, he be here with me now. My heart is broken.

    I had the rescue come and take the foster dog back. And now I’m trying to figure out what to do. My daily routine included him in so much. I just feel lost. I’m so lost.

  86. I’m so sorry for your loss – thank you for being here, and sharing what happened. It takes so much courage to write about how your dog’s death happened and the resulting guilt. Your story will help others survive their own accidents and deal with their grief and guilt.

    May you forgive yourself, and may you rise above the pain. May your heart heal and may you know deep in your heart and soul that it was an accident. You never would have deliberately hurt your dog, and if you could turn back time you would.

    Allow your dog’s soul to rest in peace by letting peace overcome your own heart, mind and body.

  87. I dropped my beloved Pug of 10 years down a flight of stairs onto cement. I will never get the image of her body contorting, twisting and the horrible way she landed and the sound of her cry. I was going up stairs (living quarters) and had her in my right arm while opening the door w/my left. She’d been having potty holding issues and back leg issues and peed a little going up the stairs. I didn’t care, she is my “baby girl, my home girl!” In a freak moment she twisted slightly and slipped out of my arms. I screamed and panicked, wrapped her in a beach towel, with her in my lap I told her I love her, I’m SO sorry, she’s going to be ok, etc. I raced to the closest vet, sobbing hysterically, trembling out of my skin, 15 min later the vet came out with a solemn face. She said there are internal injuries, she’s lost nerve feeling from waist down and was going into shock. I raced the hall to find her, being given oxygen. She was panting so hard, tongue out and eyes dazed. I wrapped my arms around her, sobbing, telling her everything on my heart. She was given morphine, but after 15 min was still in pain w/elevated heart-rate. The vet said the best thing for her is to allow her to be at peace, no more pain (put her down). I screamed, sobbed, then realized w/her health not 100% over the past 6 mos., it was unfair to try to take her home and hold and love on her until she passed. She was in shock and pain, and it was my fault. How could cause such trauma and horrific pain to my sweet friend who loved me more than words can say. I loved her soooo much back, though at times, I’ve been busy, working, and had been impatient with her. She had a great life with lots of love and adventures. I understand it all, except for the horrible pain I caused her in her last 2 hours of life. She by no means (no animal or human) deserve to go that way. My heart is crushed I told her as they injected her, to wait in heaven for mama, romp and play with Otis and Wally (2 dogs of our family’s past) and to give mama a sign she’s ok, out of pain and happy in heaven. I’m praying, waiting tor that sign. She got so worried and concerned when I cried or was upset. I know she doesn’t want me to be sad, but I can’t let go of the horrible accident, and the pain I caused her. Broken, crushed, regretful, missing her. Godspeed Charlotte Fiona (Fifi). You will forever be in my heart baby girl!

  88. I wish I had been more patient

    I am still struggling with guilt 4 years after I had to euthanize my little dog. He was my mom’s dog, and I cared for him and her as they grew old. He was the light of her life, and I loved him so much too. After my mom died her dog was inconsolable, and it affected his behavior. He would be up all night going to the bathroom, and I wasn’t getting any sleep. He reverted back to going to the bathroom in the house, and it was overwhelming. He was a stubborn little thing when mom was alive, and after she died he was a pain in the butt, to put it mildly. Still, that’s no excuse for mistreating him. Sometimes I would yell at him. One time after being up all night, at having to get up again at 3:00 a.m. I took him outside and made him sleep on the porch. I came out the next morning and this little dog was sleeping up by our barn in the dirt. He had never slept anywhere but in my mom’s bed and then my bed for 14 years, and I can’t imagine how scared and confused he must have been. And I didn’t mean to neglect him, but I know I wasn’t as diligent about his care as I should have been. His little teeth began to fall out and he wasn’t eating, and the vet ended up having to remove most of his teeth. I just feel so guilty – he was my responsibility after my mom died, and I didn’t love him the way I should have. I know I was grieving and exhausted, but I wish I had been more patient with him. Up until that time he was just adored and spoiled by both me and my mom. I tell myself I did my best those last few months, with so much grief and so little rest. But he was grieving too, and he didn’t understand what was gong on. I came home from work one day and he was having trouble breathing. He was 14, and I took him to the vet and they said his heart was failing. I held and kissed him while they put him to sleep, and thanked him for being a good dog, and I told him I was sorry. But I still feel guilty.

  89. I feel the same way about my little dog Kostis. I found him in my yard when he was one month old and kept him for 1 wonderful year. Then last wednesday he got out and was hit by a car. Somebody found him dead and moved him to a field and i could not find him! I found him the next day. I really hope he died instantly and was not suffering alone. And I hope he had a beautiful little life and I wish he knows how much I love him and how guilty I feel for not being more careful. He was the most wonderful friend. He would follow me everywhere, jump on me, sit right next to me all the time. I love him so much and I will never forget him!

  90. Rochelle Rodrigue

    My dog Bruno died on Wednesday 6/1. He was 13 years old. I feel guilty. I feel like I should have taken better care of him. A few weeks back the vet said he might have hurt his neck, that he might of pulled a disc in his neck and so the vet gave him anti-inflammatories and then pain medicine when days later he didn’t seem to be getting better. Then at one point he seemed to be getting better. Eating again, drinking water…But then the day he died he was panting really heavy. I feel guilty because that morning I should if taken him to the vet. But so stupid I had to go to work and thought well he’s still in pain and it’s going to take time for him to get better. Later that night I took my son to soccer then about 10 p.m. I noticed that Bruno was doing worse so I said to my son “we need to go to the emergency room.” On our way there Bruno was what I thought was throwing up but turns out he was dying there in my lap and by the time we got to the ER vet he was gone. I have a lot of regrets and think that if I have done better with him he would still be alive. I miss him so much.

  91. My pit bull Drift just died. I’m not sure how long ago, there was no sign until I found the body. The bathroom sink hadnt been properly secured to the wall, he knocked it over and it fell on him. As far as my dad can tell, he died instantly on impact. I’m glad he didnt suffer, but I feel so guilty. I should have been paying more attention to him and noticed his death sooner. He shouldnt have been in the bathroom. How could i not have heard a sink collapse?! Logically I know that I couldnt have protected him and his bulk probably muffled the sink, but it still worries me that he was alone in his last moment. Did he know he was loved?
    When we got Drift, i didnt even know we were getting a pet. I came downstairs for breakfast and there was this beautiful pit puppy kissing me hello. He was skeletal and torn up but so full of love. Dad told me he’d been running some errands late at night and found this dog digging through the garbage by the freeway. Dad picked up the dog to see if he was lost but he didnt have any tags and looked like he’d been badly abused. He had his hips and spine permanently bent so he walked with an odd waddle, had a huge tear in his head by his ear, and was half blind in one eye. Drift had been starving. We decided to keep him and nurse him back to health. He got big and strong and was so very smart that we gave him the middle name Feynman after the physicist. He was loud and messy and a liked to cause trouble, but he loved us and we loved him so very much.
    Drift was maybe around a year old when we found him, and only lived with us for a few months, but I hope and pray they were good ones. That he was happy for the time he had. I only wish I could have done more for him. He deserved a longer, happier life, but I hope this one was good enough.

  92. My dog pitty died because of me. My sad forgot to take her in the morning so I took her out. After wards I went to school. When I got home my beloved pit was on the patio lying there. We brought her to emergency and she died on the way there. All I can think about now is the way she looked at me when I put her outside

  93. It has been one year now since I have lost my beautiful Staffie x Jack Russel doggie, Jackie. She was just 6 years old. I thought I will get over her death by now and the guilt but it still haunts me. She was bitten by a huge puff adder on one of our walkies in the forest. I took her leash of so she could run freely and I feel guilty about that. Because I should have protected her. I should have thought about the snakes. I did rushed her to the vet immediately and she was on a drip for 24 hours, but died of hypovolemic shock. When I walk in the forest, I still cry when I think about her and her “leash on life” that she had. She was such an energetic and happy doggie. The only thing that really helps me getting over the guilt, is that she had 6 wonderful years with me. She was spoilt rotten. But it still difficult.

  94. My dog was always energetic and happy, everytime he saw me he would jump on me and try to lick me, and would go grab a tennis so we can play a game of catch. Then 2 weeks back I heard some children from street talking at my gate, and when I went outside to check, they had given a rat to my dog and I quickly grabbed the rat from my dog (but was already half eaten) and threw it in the dustbin, he was fine for 3 days and still looked happy everytime I saw him. Then at day 5 he stopped playing with me and didn’t give me much attention when I walked in. Then came a week later (which was in the middle of last week) he stopped eating his food and was pooping red stuff, so I assumed he had bacterial infection and gave him pills for that. Then Friday he would walk away to his shelter to sleep everytime I approached him, and on a Saturday too. He’d drink the water I give him, but would walk away to his shelter when I gave him food, and I thought he wanted space so I decided to give the space. Yesterday on Sunday, he finally got out of his shelter and lied next to the house entrance and was always staring at me, and I thought he was recovering because he got out of the shelter but I was wrong. Few hours later I found him lying down sideways with blood coming out of his saliva and not responding at all. That’s when I realized that the rat it ate had ingested poison. I now feel bad for not taking it to the vet when I saw the symptons. I can’t stop imagining the pain it had to endure these past days, and it makes me feel worse. It was my first dog and I had it for only 7 months, it was so young and was not even a year old.

  95. Yesterday I witnessed my best friend get run over and die right before my eyes. Mr Bojangles was my beloved miniature dapple dachshund. He was only 7 months old, I had only had him for 4 months. Despite this short time, Mr Bo had helped me in so many ways. He helped me with my anxiety, depression and my panic disorder. He was my only light in dark days. I loved him with all my heart, and he meant everything to me. It has been the hardest day of my life. Coming downstairs not to be greeted by my baby barking and jumping up at me. After work yesterday I took him for a walk, as it had started to rain I knew he needed to go for a walk before it got any worse. I put on his coat and his lead, as he looked up at me with his loving eyes. During the walk, he was always mischevious and never listened to me. We had just crossed the road, and I tried to retract his leash as it was one of them that extend to a greater length. However the leash jammed up as it is quite an old leash, and before I knew it my crazy little Mr Bo had decided to jump under a passing van killing him instantly. Nothing will ever help the pain I feel, or stop the guilt I feel. It is an intense pain that I will live forever with. He was my best friend, and in many ways he inspired me. And now he is gone.

  96. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you – may you forgive yourself and allow yourself to move forward in peace and acceptance.

    Here’s a beautiful poem, to help you cope with the guilt you feel after your dog’s death…

    Request From Rainbow Bridge
    by Consta Jenkins

    Weep not for me though I am gone
    Into that gentle night.
    Grieve if you will, but not for long
    Upon my soul’s sweet flight.
    I am at peace, my soul’s at rest
    There is no need for tears.
    For with your love I was so blessed
    For all those many years.
    There is no pain, I suffer not,
    The fear now all is gone.
    Put now these things out of your thoughts,
    In your memory I live on.
    Remember not my fight for breath
    Remember not the strife
    Please do not dwell upon my death,
    But celebrate my life.

  97. We just lost our 5 year old Welsh Corgi, Pippa. She was only alone for an hour. She broke through the baby gate and got her head stuck in the cat food container and suffocated. I am wracked with guilt. She had epilepsy and her medications made her starving all of the time. She received the best veterinary care, her own Neurologist and an army of dog walkers and friends who made sure she was rarely alone for more than a few hours and always got her medications on time. No dog was ever more loved. I can’t believe she’s gone, she was the light of our lives. I feel I should never own another dog again after this horrible tragedy. My guilt is so palpable my heart feels like a lead weight in my chest and all I can do is sob. I know the grief will eventually become lighter, but how do you say goodbye to your beloved companion over something so incredibly senseless? If only I hadn’t worked that day, if only I had come home earlier, if only I had better secured the cat’s food, the list goes on and on. Now I am alone and the house is deafeningly quiet without her “chatting” and pestering, her nails clicking on the hardwoods, her barks and growls as she chased the cats around the house (it was a game they all played, the cats actually loved it). No one calls “hello?” at 0600, “where’s my breakfast, I have to pee…” Now just silence. The vet said she died doing what she loved, eating cat food. That gives me little solace. I would do anything to have her back. We methodically controlled her seizures, diet, exercise. We loved her from the depths of our soul. And she was taken from us by a cat food container. I cannot wrap my head around this senseless tragedy. Rest in peace, Sweet Peaches. We loved you to the moon and back. I may be suffering terribly, but I know you are no longer in pain or hungry.

  98. My dog just died a while ago. Yesterday, May 4,2016 I left the house early in the morning because I had to go to a job interview and I left my dog outside of our house not even a hint that I should make him come inside of his cage or our house. By 12AM, my mom called me and she said that our dog is already lying on the ground breathing heavily and after I went home, me and my brother rushed to the vet clinic to save our poor dog. The vet said that he was suffering from heat stroke and then we confined him there. The doctor put some dextrose on our dog and they put a fan near him. Ang our dog was still breathing heavily but his eyes are still open. Then the vet told us to return tomorrow because we admitted our dog for 24hrs. Then a while ago I got a text from the vet saying that our dog didn’t make it. He died when it was still midnight. And the vet texted me at 9:16AM. And when I finished reading his text I cried heavily. And I am thinking that it was really my fault. I killed my dog. If only I made him come inside his cage he would still be alive now. And I can’t forgive myself and I am still feeling guilty right now. I am blaming myself for our dog’s death. And now I am really having a hard time moving on because I really miss our dog. I miss his barks at our neighbors. I just miss his presence here in our house. And our home won’t be the same again without him with us. And i am regretting the day that I left him. I wish I could restart that day so that I could save him. Maybe he’ll still be alive now. :'( my heart is really broken right now.

    1. I have 3 beautiful dogs. And the most recent one that we brought home was a 3 month old pit bull. We named him Dekan. He was a beautiful dog who was so smart and great with people and my other dogs. Now we usually keep 2 of them in separate kennels outside and one we let on the porch. Today we were in a hurry to go to church, so I filled up bowls of water for each of them to have. And the big kennel had a shelter over it. The other did not. So I put an old dog bed on top of the kennel to give Dekan some shade for the day. (Not thinking that it would blow off) We came home about 5 hours later to find Dekan laying stiff in his kennel. I am completely grief stricken. I can’t do anything around the house without crying and I know that if I had just taken the kennel inside or secured the bed for shade that he would still be here in his spot on the couch. I don’t know how I am ever going to forgive myself for this. Thank you for sharing your story.

    2. Oh my I’m so very heart broken to. I’m very sorry your dog passed my beloved dog diesel passed Saturday June 11 I wanted to go see my grandchild an I left my beautiful pit bull in our part of the cabin it had the walls an roof on it I also had a fan an left the door open to outside but blocked it so he couldn’t get out the temp was 95 degress and he had been left there plenty of times but that day I stayed gone from 9-5 when I came home he was already gone. My Buddy was happy loyal loved people slept with us every night I can’t believe I left my baby out there an he suffered to death I will never forgive myself

    3. I just read your story . I am so sorry. I left my pug outside and forgot about her. Even though she was older she was still full of life. I found her dead on the lawn on a hot day. I am so sad and miss her and the guilt is unbearable
      My kids tell me it wasn’t my fault and trying to make me feel better saying that she was old and just probably passed. I know that isn’t true.

  99. It has been one week since I lost my Max. He was a 4 yr old Alaskan Klee Kai. So little and beautiful. He would sit with his paws crossed as if he was royalty. He was my baby boy. If I was sitting he was in my lap if I was walking down the hall he was at my heels. To me and my daughter he was so sweet and loving. But he was full of mischief and didn’t care for strangers at all. We often had to deal with locking him in his crate and holding him back when people would come over because he would snarl and bite at them. In this aspect we had learned we need to protect him from the risk of hurting someone else. He was also an escape artist. I have a big fenced in backyard and when I brought home this little tiny puppy and saw how small he was,I put chicken wire fencing around the base of the fence to help prevent him from being able to see a way out. Between the rabbits digging to get in and Max digging to get out, there had been several escapes. I started lining the fence with bricks I did everything I could to keep him in until I realized he had to be tethered. Inside there is always the risk of having the door open to wide during the pizza delivery or the kids going in and out of the house through the garage. There were a couple escapes that way but usually I would just drive my car out and follow him down the road of our are quiet neighborhood and he would jump back in the car thinking we were going for a ride. Every time I would say one of these times he’s going to get hit by a car we need to stop this. Last Tuesday I worked all day came home had a quick dinner with my daughter spent just a few minutes sitting and talking and then I had to leave for parents meeting. I patted Max on the head and kiss my daughter goodbye and went out to the garage. As I stepped through the door I hit the button for the garage and suddenly saw max running across the garage. I yelled “Max No!” I hit the stop button yet he squeezed under the door and a second later I heard a thump. My daughter heard me yell so she ran to me. We open the garage door to discover our little Max laying in the road right in front of our driveway having just been hit by a truck. In the next minute not only did I have to realize that I was seeing my beautiful love of a dog laying dead in the street but I also had to witness my 11-year-old daughter run out and pick up his dead body and scream so loud that the neighbors came out. I am grateful that he died instantly. My daughter said at least we know at that moment he was feeling so proud and so happy for having escape the house. In moments when I’m crying or telling her that I’m so sorry that that happened my 11-year-old is reminding me that it wasn’t my fault. I keep feeling like there were so many things that could’ve happened differently that day. Things I could’ve done different. The feeling of guilt is horrible. I know that I have to accept this horrible mistake and let it go. I need to get myself to the point of looking at pictures of his sweet face and feeling the joy in the memories of him instead of feeling sick with sorrow and guilt. That’s how I ended up on the site, looking for support and looking for affirmation that will be OK to forgive myself. I know for a fact that if Max was here today he would jump up on my lap, lick my face and let me know that he still loves me….. Then probably even try to run out the door again!! The reminder that I did not deliberately hurt my dog so I do not need to feel guilty, as well as reading these other stories has helped. Thank you.

    1. Today I ran over my 10 month old baby Westie, and I couldn’t feel more sad or guilty. Normally I take Shiro to pick up the kids from school, today wasn’t the exception, a kid of the carpool wanted to come over to have lunch and when his mom came later he didn’t wanted to leave, so I said I could take him home at 6pm. When the time came, Shiro climbed into the car and I had to put it back on the floor, Then I got out of our garage always keeping him on sight, My husband and a friend were standing there so I couldn’t close the door again, but I never saw that Shiro started following me, and I ran over him with the right rear tire. When I felt the bump I looked at the rear mirror and saw him lying on the street, I yelled and cried so loud, then my husband told me he had died instantly. Now I feel I owe him so much, he was so loving, always my companion, but as a puppy always chewing on everything no one in this house really liked him other than me, I think he didn’t received all the love he deserved from us, I Ended his short life and cant forgive me for that,

      1. I also ran over my 4 month old German shepherd. The worst feeling in the world. Feeling that bump and not being able to just go into reverse and take that couple feet back, it’s just horrific. I’m so sorry for your loss :(

  100. We lost our sweet Bentley two days ago. He fell from a 40 foot cliff during a hike on Sunday. He survived the fall, and he looked so happy to see us when we found him at the bottom a few minutes later, though I knew he was badly injured and would probably not make it. He died about 45 minutes later in my truck on the way to the vet after another hiker and I carried his 60 lb body from the woods. We started a gorgeous day with a hike in the woods as we often do on weekends, and by mid afternoon, I was burying him in my back yard, wrapped in his blanket, curled up in his sleeping position, with one of his favorite chew toys.

    He was a beautiful reddish-blonde colored, long-haired retriever / lab mix, and would just be coming up on his first birthday. He was so sweet and full of energy. He was a little rambunctious, but so eager to please, and I know he fully trusted me and would follow me anywhere.

    He always did well running on the trail, and he was agile on rugged terrain, but he still had a little bit of that puppy clumsiness. I feel a great deal of remorse and guilt for what happened to him. I should not have allowed him off of his leash near a cliff, and especially after a rain which caused the rock surface to be very slick. He lost his footing and slipped over the edge. In truth, I should probably not have had him in such a dangerous location at all.

    I always thought, “I want my dog to have fun and run free, not be a leashed, caged house pet.” I stand by that statement, but I should have been more careful with where I took him. A momentary lapse in judgment by me caused a situation which, although by chance, resulted in his death. I feel horrible, and I miss him so badly, and I feel so remorseful for cutting his happy little life so short.

  101. I almost killed my dog. She kept destroying all the plants in our garden and I wanted her to realize its not correct. So I carried her back home from the garden n pinched her asking not to repeat it. She never usually cries even when she’s in pain, but this time she moaned. I freaked out and kept her on the floor and went to get the car to go to the vet. By the time I came back, she had pooped. This happens right before someone’s death. My pup recovered soon and went back to destroying the garden in 30 minutes, but I cannot forgive myself for what I did. She’s a little baby after all.

  102. This happened 15 years ago and I still cry my eyes out to this day and feel like I’ll never forgive myself. I was only 17, I was young and stupid, and I went joy riding with a guy mate at the time. For some reason my dog was in the back of the car, I can’t remember why but we must have been driving round for a good couple of hours. At one point she fell off the seat as he went round a corner and we actually laughed!!! That night she wouldn’t come in the house and just lay under the car for a few hours which was massively out of character for her. She passed away the next morning. I hate myself so much for not looking after my beautiful little dog and being so irresponsible and probably causing her death. I love you Bonnie. I’m so sorry x

  103. My poor mom ran over my 15 year old poodle 4 days ago. We both feel a lot of guilt right now.. She does for the obvious reason, and I do because I let it happen. She was old and it was already hard to walk and get up, she had Cushing’s disease and was starting to get infections on her skin.. So i feel guilty because I should have euthanized her before this happened (she fell asleep under the car and I guess she heard it go off but wasn’t so fast to move away}. But she still wagged her tail at me, she loved food and loved sleeping by my side, and I just couldn’t do it. The fact that I’m a vet student doesn’t make it any easier, because I can’t argue I didn’t know! I I knew she was old and sick and couldn’t let her go..
    My mom cries everyday and she can’t take the picture of my baby lying on the floor out of her mind. I act strong for her and tell her its not her fault (I know it isnt).. But I know she can’t shake off that image. We both know we didn’t so it on purpose, but we can’t stop thinking about the pain she felt.
    I try to relief myself and my mom by telling us shes ok now.. She can run and play like she did some years ago and she’s happy.. But it’s so hard to convince ourselves when even priests tell us dogs don’t go to Heaven.

  104. I let my boston terrier outside to go potty at our apt complex yesterday. Someone hit her with their car and took off. A neighbor lady pounded on my door saying a little black dog was just killed. I realized she hadn’t come back inside yet. She was dead. In the middle of the road. There was a chicken bone next to her. Someone must have left their garbage in the road and she went to get it. My children were with me and unfortunately saw her. We are devastated. She was the best dog. She just had her 11th bdag april 15th. We are having her cremated and I bought my girls and I necklaces that will have her picture on them and a mini urn inside.

    I’m so sad and I don’t know what to do. I feel responsible for letting her out. I can’t stop crying. This hurts worse than when a person dies because she was so innocent and the only one there for me through difficult times. Does this pain ever go away?

  105. We found this stray kitten on a road. She was only 3 weeks. I waited there on the road to see if her mother will come. After 3 hours, she didn’t so we took her home. She was thin and just too small. In a week time she got better. Became a little healthier. Often playing. The day before yesterday, I found her lying on her side like she was dead. I immediately took her and warmed her up. She was breathing but still limp. Gave her milk and she was fine after that. I let her return to her bed. The next night it was the same. She was having convulsions and died after some time. I feel guilty. I really feel guilty because I had the chance to take her to vet but the circumstances weren’t allowing me. She was with us just for a week but I can’t stop crying and blaming myself. If only I had took better care of her.

  106. I feel almost silly for writing this. People here had worse experiences than I had. I was lucky enough not to lose Bella. I was just careless enough to leave a huge box of dark chocolate in paw’s reach. We had to go to the doctor so they’d induce vomiting and then put her on IV. We’re not out of the woods yet, but it looks promising. But I can’t get over the guilt I feel for being so reckless. I live alone and I try to give her everything I have. I try to be so meticulous about everything that involves her. And then this happens. Every time I think of this I can’t stop crying. I just feel so stupid and irresponsible.

    I guess I just needed somewhere to let it out. My parents think I’m crazy for feeling this way. I just wish I could feel like I’m a good mom to her, but I can’t.

  107. When Sammy first came to live with us I was upset b cause i didnt want her to take attn away from my Dog Pandora. But I grew to love Sammy. A few yrs ago we had to put Pandora down I was heartbroken but Sammy helped me get thru it, shes been my baby, my best friend & my world I wouldve given my life for her. She was the sweetest most obedient dog ive ever had, i would hug her & she would put her head on my shoulder abt a wk ago we had been gone for awhile & she hadnt gone to the bathroom like she usually did every day, by the time we got home she had gone to the bathroom in the house which is something she hadnt done n awhile, i found her huddled n a corner hiding i thought she was worried she did something wrong i told her she didnt but she still tried to hide i noticed when she got up to go to the bathroom she had trouble walking her back legs would cause her to slip. I thought it was from the way she had been laying on wed i noticed white stuff coming from her vagina i thought she was just in heat she seemed fine she was dtinking & eating normally but on fri she was hiding again & she refused to go in my rm where she slept i noticed her paws were cold but i thought it was from the cold in the house. She went to the bathroom than finally went to my rm & fell asleep when i woke up a few hrs later she hadnt eaten or drank her water i had to go somewhere so i was preoccupied she seemed fine my dad got her to eat some leftovers we were gone for maybe 3 hrs when we got home she was laying on my floor dead ive never been so heartbroken n my life. Sammy was my baby she meant the world to me i feel like i failed her & didnt protect her like i should have. She depended on me & i let her down, ive done nothing but cry for days i cant do anything i just want my dog back i cant live without her she was my whole life. Ill do anything to have her back

  108. Our English bulldog Chato was such a noble little guy…had him about 12 years and when my son brought him the first time I though the dog was so ugly and mean looking that I said I didn’t want him..of course we kept him..This began a closeness between him and me and a great love for him..Lately he had slowed down quite a bit and was sleeping a lot during the day. He had gained a lot of weight over the past couple of months. About a year ago they gave us a Siberian husky pup who although she was pretty rough with him, gave him companionship. I had to separate them while eating and stand there until they finished because the husky would fight him for his food so lately Chato would just stay in his house to avoid her and continue sleeping. So I would feed him the pieces of can food.

    Last Thursday I made pork chops for dinner and there was one left plus two small bones. I had already fed them so I saved them till last night Friday and cut up the pieces real small and divided them up with spanish rice I made Friday..I gave the husky her food and Chato his while in his I am standing guard outside his house I see him come out and he’s coughing strongly…I yelled to my son over and over while I am watching Chato coughing harder and harder and I know he is choking and already is losing his balance…my son runs out and says not to panic because I am making the dog distressed too..but I can see his tongue a bluish color and my son opens Chato’s mouth and reaches in and feels the bone lodged in his throat…my son starts crying saying he can’t pull the bone out,.he feels it but with just his the time Chato is unconcious and my son finally gets the bone out..but Chato is unresponsive…I put my mouth over his mouth trying to give him mouth to mouth and my son hits his heart about 5 times but nothing…at that moment we both realize that Chato is gone…

    Had I not given him that bone..but to me it was going to be such a treat for him and I even saved it for him…I did not intentionally mean to have him choke on it..such. Cruel way to due..and today I read what to do if your dog loses consciousness..had we done that last night, he might have lived..but we didn’t know…we tried as best we could. It was so terrible to not be able to revive see him go limp and know he had not made it..and all because of me…I cannot stop crying and reliving every detail..I continually ask Chato to forgive me..I thought he would die of old age but I caused his death before then…God i am so sorry..

  109. I am so sorry for your loss. Please find consolation and forgiveness in the fact that you never, ever would have hurt your dog on purpose! Your intention was never to cause pain or even death to your dog…you loved your dog so much, and the last thing you would ever do cause harm on purpose.

    Know that your dog forgives you and would never want you to feel guilty. Forgiving yourself is a choice you have to make every day – a deliberate effort! Know your dog is resting in peace, and your souls will be forever intertwined.

    In sympathy,

  110. My darling little puppy Henry died a mere 45 hours ago and I am distraught beyond words. I was the one who ended his life by running over him in my car :(. I didn’t see him as he ran trying to race me to the front door to get me before our other dog did. I’d had such a busy week and I was rushing as Henry and I had puppy classes that night and wanted to get things organised. I am devastated that it happened and my grief is so immense. I keep playing the awful scenario of what happened over and over in my head. Everything in the house reminds me of him…. he was such a little mischievious boy and was into everything. He was always getting told off… but he just loved the thrill of everything. In his 7 short months he lived a full life. He loved his head out the window of the car, loved tissues and ripping them up everywhere and loved his toys. He was just starting to get big enough to jump on the couch and chairs – and he was so proud of himself for doing it! We had lots of years left with you little man and I am sad beyond words that we didn’t have that time left together. RIP Henry

    1. Oh my…I just accidently ran over our 10 year old mini dachshund Ruby 2 days ago. My husband had let her outside and it was late and dark out. I drove into the driveway and ran her over . Thought I hit a rut . Did not know I had run her over until I was getting out of the truck and saw my German shepard go running over to something so I went to see what she was getting so excited about and realized it was Ruby. We buried her in the yard yesterday. I feel so guilty and hurt so bad. heart is breaking. I cry all the time and I keep seeing her sweet face in my minds eye. I wish it never happened…I killed my dog who was so faithful to me and was my soul pet. I can hardly handle it. I went to the local animal shelter and signed up to volunteer there in her memory. My cat keeps searching the house for her too and that is heart breaking.

      1. Dear Laurie, i feel your grief, sadly, the same thing happened to me.
        On Monday, while i was leaving the driveway, i felt something under my tire, just like you i thought it was a branch or something, then i heard a wailing sound. I stopped the car, got out and found my baby crawling in pain. I took her to the vet, the X-rays revealed that she had a broken pelvic. Operation was set to take place the following day at noon. Caramel had stopped crying, she was looking at me and in her eyes it looked as if she was asking me what was going on? I hugged her, i kissed her, i told her she was gonna be okay, that i was sorry, that i didn’t see her, that i should have been more careful. Caramel died before they could operate, she died during the night, she was a beautiful Dachshund, 9 years old, (had her since she was a puppy) she loved the ocean, she loved our quality times together and she loved to sleep under the cover. I miss her terribly, i can’t sleep, i can’t eat, i can’t stop crying, i feel remorse, because i am the one that cut her life short. I killed my own baby girl. How can i ever forgive myself. Everywhere i go in the house I see her. I loved her so much. I feel as if my heart is being teared apart. RIP Caramel,

  111. Yesterday we had to have our beloved mini dachshund put to sleep. He was vomiting in the night on Tuesday, and soon he couldn’t keep water down. My husband took him to the vet, and they said he had kidney failure and bladder stones. The vet kept him overnight, and they expected him to be better after IV fluids so we could pick him up in the morning. But when the vet phoned us yesterday, they said he had started having seizures overnight and his kidneys were shutting down even more. One of the bladder stones had lodged in his urethra so he couldn’t pass urine either. They did emergency surgery, but even before that the vet only gave him 50/50 odds of surviving.

    The vet phoned after the surgery and said they had successfully dislodged the stone. Now we just had to wait and see if his kidneys would start working again. To make a long story short, they didn’t. He went into total kidney failure and began having more seizures. The only way to control the seizures was to keep him under anesthetic. There was no way we could save him at that point. They thought he might even have had a stroke or some kind of brain bleed. I held him as the vet gave him the injection to end his life, and now I feel like I wish I could die with him. I would have done anything at that point to save him, but there was nothing to do.

    But that’s where the guilt comes in. I loved that dog so much. He was like my baby, he went everything with us and sat on my lap all the time. He slept beside me in bed. He was so sweet natured and friendly, his tail always wagging. Everybody loved him and said what a special boy he was. And it’s my fault he’s dead. I could have saved him when it was still possible to do something, and I let him down. I don’t see how I can ever forgive myself because I have true guilt, not just imaginary. It is actually my fault that I don’t have my Snoopy at home with me today.

    Several weeks ago, my husband told me that a couple of times when he’d watched Snoopy go pee, the last couple of drops were red. I told him that the only time I had blood in my urine like that was when I had a kidney infection. But did I do anything? No!! Snoopy didn’t act sick. He ate as usual, and played, and went pee without seeming to be in pain. But I knew he had something wrong in his kidney and I didn’t do anything! Maybe then his kidney failure was early and we could have given him medication or something to help him, but now it’s too late. We left it until we couldn’t ignore it anymore and now he’s dead.

    And what’s worse is that the last time he saw the vet was 3 years ago! We had stopped getting regular vaccinations for our dogs because it was expensive and they were indoor dogs and we figured they weren’t likely to be exposed to any diseases. But if we’d had him in for annual checkups, maybe they would have found out long ago that his kidneys were shutting down! Three years ago everything was normal, but I have no idea when things started to go wrong.

    How could love him so much and then take such bad care of him? How could I put the cost of preventative care ahead of his wellbeing? I believed we were good parents to Snoopy, but we weren’t. We let him down when he needed us most, when we should have been watching and paying attention because he couldn’t tell us what was wrong. And now he’s gone forever and I will always have to live with what I did. I didn’t deserve such a wonderful, special dog. I will carry this guilt with me forever.

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss. Your story touched me because our baby Doobie, a mini poodle/terrier died yesterday afternoon.

      Similar to your Snoopy, he had been excessively urinating. He had an ear infection and was on steroids for 2 wks, the vet said it was a side effect. A week after completing his meds, he was still excessively urinating and having accidents in the house. He was 5yrs and completely housebroken. I thought it was the medicine flushing out still.

      He went for his follow up and they said he shouldn’t be peeing like that still. We were told he should get some tests in case he has a kidney infection or stones. They gave us a price and I said if it’s not important, I’ll wait. I figured I could go to another vet where it’s cheaper. First week, too occupied with other stuff to make the appointment. Second week, too occupied with my own stupid stuff again and we adopted a new dog which made 4 now, to make the appointment. I finally said, I’ll take him next week. Over the weekend he started acting differently. Sunday he was aloof and Monday he’d just sit in the bathrooms. Monday night came and he was terrible. He hadn’t eaten in 2 days and he was dehydrated, lethargic and making whispery groaning sounds.

      The next morning my husband took him to the vet and they kept him to administer IV fluids. At 7pm the vet told me he was doing a little better. He had a diabetic Ketoacidosis episode. They were able to get his glucose levels down. Also said I could visit him the following day. I called the next morning, let them know I was coming by. I went with my 2 daughters and the vet said he didn’t do well overnight and that I had to take him to an emergency vet center. We waited there for my husband for 2 hrs while we held him. He looked horrible, his eyes were swollen and it looked like they might’ve bled a little. I took my girls home.

      My husband called from the ER and said his heart stopped and they managed to resuscitate him. He was on life support for less than half an hr when he was declared brain dead. I agreed to remove him from life support so he wouldn’t suffer.

      WHY didn’t I take him to the vet in the weeks prior? WHY didn’t I rush him to ER Sunday? WHY was I so neglectful? If I had taken him to the vet, not ignored it, he would be on treatment and he’d still be with us. I have caused my family so much pain. Our other dogs wander around at night looking around and are depressed during the day. And it’s only day 2! There’s an emptiness in our house because of me. I understand what you’re feeling. My guilt is so immense. Why was I so selfish. I thought, he’s fine, he’s our Doobie, he’ll always be here, it’s not serious, I’ll get him into the vet. What a joke I am. And I’m actually responsible for 3 kids too! I’m trying hard to make it right by making sure the other dogs are good. That makes me guilty too and ashamed that it took his death to do it. Guilty for not starting with him.

      I’m devastated, so heartbroken. I’m keeping myself busy all day just to keep myself from crying and slipping into depression. I keep thinking I’ll see him in his usual spots when I look over. In 2014, we lost my mother in law. In 2015, we lost our close friend and neighbor. Now, I make it worse by neglecting our baby until he dies to add to the yearly death roster!

      I know this was long, but I guess it really does feel good to write it out. Reading these comments has helped some, I appreciate the opportunity. I’m trying not to cry every 5 seconds.

    2. I lost my beloved dog Marley yesterday. I can’t get it out of my mind that it was all my fault. We were pulling the seats out of my minivan at 8:00am so we could put a couch in there. She crawled up in the car beside me, I left for a min and came back. After an hour I gave up, shut the doors and went inside. Little do I know that my poor baby is still in the back of the car suffering. I walked back out to my car at 5:00pm, I opened the door and saw her dead body laying there. It crushed me. She was a big part of my life. She loved me unconditionally and I repay her by killing her. I can’t get her out of my mind. I had to burry her today and it was the hardest thing ever. I’m so sorry baby girl, please forgive me.

      1. I am crushed. A similar situation happened to me yesterday. I took my year old lab Hunter to run some errands and when we got home, I quickly unloaded the car, let him out and went inside. When I came back, I noticed I left the door open and flipped it closed. My beloved dog was inside… I am devastated. He was my best friend and I feel so empty. I will pray every day that he forgives me. I can’t stop crying. I am absolutely heartbroken.

  112. I lost my little Bonnie girl two days ago. I miss her terribly, she was my little puppy girl. She would great me every time came through my front door. So very excited to see me. She was a wander and I had to keep her inside. I blame my self as I knew when I let her out to pee she would jump side fence and wander off. I knew she had no road sense but most of the time I would go find her or she would come back to front door. Not this day and I am to blame. I should of went looking for her but I was to selfish and was doing other things. My puppy depended on me for everything from feeding to affection and one very important factor SAFETY. I tried to stop her from jumping fences by putting up a barrier but she was such a good jumper, she was a fast little foxy. I should have done much more but that’s ok to say now isn’t it as I didn’t do it then :( that makes me a very selfish person and I will not forgive myself. The lady next door came to tell us. I thought she just wanted to me to get my dog as it was in her yard, but I heard my partner say she is dead and I just crumbled. When he brought her back she was I a white sheet and I kept saying lets take her to the vet pleading with him, but he knew she was dead. she was four houses up. They didn’t stop, but a lady saw her and went and asked the neighbours which led them to us. did she die instantly or did she want me there to help her. I feel so guilty I didn’t go get her as I have chanced to. My heart aches and I know when I go home this afternoon she wont be there to great me. You will be forever in my heart Bonnie Boo. I have been reading all the stories on here and I realise I am not alone. I hope everyone is ok x

  113. I had a 8 week old yorkie she was as sweet as can be well today i took her to the groomers to get her first cut and i went and picked her up she was beautiful with her lil bandanna around her neck just cute with her new lil cut and she knew it well i was at my moms house waiting on my girlfriend to get off work and it was time to go get her but i had to run my mom somewhere and i decided im going to clean out my bavk seat of my car and i thought she stayed inside the house but lil did i know she was right behind me and not knowing i opened my driver door to set the stuff i had in my had down but i kept the door open and still did not see her i was in the back seat cleaning and i hear her cry so i got out the car to see her lower body hanging so i rush to open the door and all i seen was blood so im thinking its something small like a nose bleed so im trying to look to see and she wouldn stop moving then i realized she couldn move her neck and thats when i knew she was gone it hurt me to my heart to see her like that and now every time i close my eyes i see it all over again

  114. My little Snitzie was a female mini dachshund who live with my wife and I for about 13 years. She was probably two years old when we got her. She loved me fiercely and would “protect me” from any other of our pets that would try to get my attention; barking and growling at them Last fall she was diagnosed with cancer and was having stomach problems. I was told to keep her on a canned diet.

    My wife and I have been living in separate states due to the needs of her mother who she is taking care of. I am trying to maintain a job, take care of my mother who is in a nursing home and prepare our current home to be sold. I am in a constant state of exhaustion.

    As stated earlier, Snitzie was not able to eat dry food due to digestive issues. She had been on a canned diet for many months. I had run out of canned food and did not replace it and fed Snitzie dry food for several days. Last Saturday morning I woke up and Snitzie was dead beside me. Looking around I had seen that she had thrown up her dry food and that there was blood on the bed. I feel so much guilt that I killed a dog that I love and it makes me wonder about what kind of human being I am. I have not told my wife about his and don’t know if I should. I only know that I miss my little Snitzie. Any advice or help would be appreciated.

    1. I so feel for you. U did not know your dog would die from eating dry food. My dog 15 year old had congested heart failure among other problems. I didn’t have enough meds to give her 2 a day for memorial day weekend. I GAVE her 1 a day and she died. I was the 1 who kept my dog alive for 2 years after she was diagnosed with megaaophogas. Fed her 5 times a day in my arms for 2 years yet neglected her heart medicine. I am sick with guilt and can barely function.

  115. 168 hours ago, My darling Frankie, a 17 month old chocolate brown Moodle[Maltese x Toy Poodle] female, got out the front door when someone else opened it, and got ran over.
    the last i saw she was running past me in th eopposite direction out the back door to the safe back yard, with one of my socks in her mouth. She was so happy, and tried to get me to chase her as she went, but i was making the kids breakfast.
    And then all of a sudden my wife was calling me from out the front, and i ran to her, and then my world collapsed.
    I lost my grip, and just freaked out. She dies instantly, but I held her and kept asking her to wake up, and then threw myself on the ground and freaked out. I needed to hold it together for my family but i could not do it. I head butted the power pole and thumped the ground, and screamed and yelled, and needed to be escorted inside, where i cuddled my baby dog for an hour asking her to wake up, and trying to resuscitate her.
    I had wanted another child. My wife was not up for that, however my daughter wanted a doggy, and my wife and I had always wanted a small little dog, so we chose a Moodle, and the day she came home she connected herself to me, and never left my side. I work from home, so she stayed with me always. I took her for rides on my skateboard, and then when she was older, she would run along on the lead in front or next to the board. We did this every single day for her exercise, and we also threw balls for her to run and catch every day. She was the best friend I have ever had apart from my wife. She was my baby. I wanted another baby child, but i got given Frankie instead, and she became my baby.
    I miss her so so terribly. I feel so horribly guilty for a few reasons though. One is , each morning I would make sure I knew where she was and pick her up so she could not run out the door when my Wife left, yet hat morning I did not. The only morning i did not do it she died. The other thing is, i did not make the front gate enclosed enough, for she knew how to get through it. It would have been so simple to fix. Usually the times she got out, she would just run to the footpath and then wait for me to put a lead on her. Usually I doid that in the house, but she was a fast little girl who sometimes got out, so she would wait. But this morning she ran out on the road, and by chance our quiet street had a car coming along and now it is over.
    I have not stopped crying all week long. I do not know how I am ever going to forgive myself, and do not know how to get over her death.
    I miss her so much. All I want to do is call her name and throw ball for her. I cannot ride my skateboard anymore. I just want to wake up with her kissing me again. Each morning she would kiss me to wake me up and give me the biggest softest cuddles. She slept next to me every night. Frankie loved me so much.
    I always had time for her. I always let her sit in my lap. Frankie made me feel so special.
    Frankie knew I loved her, and she trusted I would always be there to protect her. I let her down that morning. I should have followed her out the back when she wanted me to , and then she would not have snuck passed towards the front door, and got out.
    I have been screaming silently all week long, and crying violently. I am having trouble sleeping, and trouble eating. I am a 43 year old grown man. This is ridiculous behaviour. I just have no control over it.
    I will get another Moodle one day. It might take a while, but I know Frankie would want me to have another dog. She loved all other dogs and loved it when I played with other dogs. At the moment though, I cannot bring myself to even leave the house.
    Our cat Tux, would cuddle her and clean her and play games with her, and now she is fretting also.
    My children are coping well, as kids do, but they are still upset. My wife is also upset. Frankie was our dog, but she was my companion. So it is me who feels shattered.
    I am sorry this is so long. I am rambling. It feels good to write it , even if I am sobbing. Thankyou.

    1. We lost our sweet ace yesterday. Same way. He was hit by a car right outside our street. My husband and I had left for an appointment and my children were home with ace and a babysitter. As we were leaving ace tried to come with us. I said to my husband lets just take him. He said no. Ace escaped out of the backyard less than an hour later. Now ace is gone. My husband blames himself. I don’t blame him but I wish he would have said yes. He was only 7 months and the sweetest, kindest, most loving dog. I miss him terribly and can’t stop thinking about him and all the things we did together.

  116. Our family got 2 Siberian Huskies at the beginning of last summer. They were 11 months old and they had been together since birth. Their birthday is tomorrow. However, last night when my mom came home she opened up the garage before closing the gate and did not know that the pups were in the garage. They immediately ran out and up the driveway. They usually come back as soon as we call their names, but last night thy just kept running. I got a call from my friend who was following them down the road, trying to call them to him. It was then that he witnessed one of them get hit by a car and she died instantly. We don’t know how to help our other dog grieve over the loss of her sister. We don’t even know how to grieve in this time. We gave her the happiest, and best life we possibly could while she was alive. But my mother insists that it is her fault our baby girl is gone. She keeps trying to give “what if” situations. Even though none of us blame her for what happened, she insists that we hate her. She also thinks that our remaining dog hates her for “causing” her sisters death. How do we help my mother and our dog when we don’t know how to deal with this either? Please help us.

  117. 2/29/16
    I’m a wreck. I’m 22 and had just adopted a 7 week basset hound puppy for myself after having one before and losing him to old age I knew I had to get another one. And I did, his name was Kylo. He was my baby and the most beautiful one. Sadly yesterday night i pulled up to my drive way and both my parents were outside waiting for me. My mothers eyes, you could tell she had been crying. And without too much waiting my dad had told me and I’ll never forget “Kylo is no longer with us, he drowned.” I dropped to my knees and I haven’t been able to stop sobbing since last night. My poor baby he was only 10 weeks a couple weeks shy from 3 months and he has drowned. That puppy was my baby my love, I loved him so much, I had driven 6 hours to get him and couldn’t stop counting down the days till I had him. I was driving home that night excited Bc I was going to see my baby. My heart is broken and I don’t know what to do. He had fallen into the pool when he was let out like he has been doing for the past 3 weeks, with out other dog Caesar. He never would go into the pool area and when I saw him I would go pick him up and take him to the yard again, but this time when he was let out he some how managed to fall into the pool and my parents didn’t realize it in time and found floating on top of the pool. He was just a baby and so little. My heart is so broken. This year had started with a bang with me being able to get him and him completing me after losing my other basset hound and now I have lost them both.

  118. @Maggie’s Mom…I have been enduring the same guilt. In April of last year, I let my terrier mix (Chiquita) out before bed to relieve herself. She went out the front door, which was very routine as she had done this for 10 years with no problems. She never strayed from our front yard, but on this night she saw a cat across the street and immediately bolted after it. In the blink of an eye, she was hit by a car speeding down our usually quiet street and died instantly. It all happened so fast, but eerily slow at the same time. I ran to her but she was gone. My heart sank. I picked up her lifeless body and held her in my arms for as long as I could. It hurts as much now as it did that night and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get over the pain and guilt that I feel. I miss her so…she really was my best friend and her passing is all due to my carelessness of not keeping her on a leash. I will never make that mistake again.

  119. On Monday night 01/04/16, our little welsh terrier, Maggie, was hit and killed by a car and it was my fault. I got home from work a little earlier than normal as my husband was out of town and I let the dogs out into the backyard. I was feeling lazy and checked out from the world by distracting myself with my phone. Two hours later I get the call. Our gate had been left open but the dogs never would have found out if I had not left them unattended for so long in the yard. She was hit right near our house so they had not been out of the yard long. She was not quite 4 years old.

  120. It needs to be more socially acceptable, and there needs to be more widespread support for people who should not have dependents, either pets or children. She was not my dog, but I have been the daytime caregiver for offspring’s dog, and I have had a deep bond and love with her for 16 years. Speaking as an historically poor care-giver, my last memory of interaction with the best dog in the world, who had been cared for and treated for a year for multiple severe problems, which she kept rallying miraculously from, is that I took her for a ride in the car, and she fell the short distance into the well of the back seat, while I was driving 5 mph. I did not immediately pull over to get her back onto the seat. Part of that was due to heavy traffic, but part of it was a sense of having had it. She climbed back up on her own, but I had let her be in that well for 5 minutes. The worst of it is, of course, knowing that at that moment, I just didn’t care. Far better to acknowledge if you are not a caregiver, and know when you’ve reached your limit than to cause harm, or have the sense of not caring, even for a moment.

  121. I saw the last response by ”Nick” in which I have three Pomeranians. As a matter of fact out of the blue a couple of years ago I sent photos of my Pomeranians to Laurie. Since then we’ve adopted our third Pomeranian named ”Casper.” When my Himalayan Manx Cat passed away back in September 1995, my life gradually was went downhill after that to the point I felt that no one would understand. My parents are elderly now in their 80’s.My Pomeranians are ages 7, 6, 11 months. Looking ahead if I’m still around in 10 more years, I’ll will be dealing with a lot of loss grieving from what my instincts are telling me. I realize people change yet truly wondering what may happen when all this comes down in a short amount of time. My need to cope, will be a HUGE challenge, my Dogs are so special to me. I recall that one day I’ll never forget it was Friday July 16th 2010. Our oldest Pomeranian gave birth via Cesarean the day before. She had five pups all girls. As I watched them during the night, yet told my roommate to take over watching them.She never did, all the pups were attacked, two of them dead. My heart felt hollow inside seeing this before my eyes. We took the pups to the vets as a surgeon came into the room yelling at us . We already felt horrible already let alone this vet yelling which I was about to get up then tell her a thing or two. My roommate decide to give the pups to the vets in which the three have great homes. The thing that still gets me is the two that died. That really crushed me unlike anything in quite some time. I realized that the most important dogs in the world were the two that I still had. Cherish every moment with them,. A note someone recommended for me ,was when my Pomeranian passes to the next world, is to make donations to Pomeranian Rescues in his/her name. No donation too small just do this with several honorable centers to keep their spirit alive in their name. I just might do that when the time comes about. My dogs are the kids I never had, that taught me some responsibility not to mention a priceless wonderful relationship unlike any friendship in the world. Midnight, Sampson, Casper , your Daddy truly loves you!!! I’m not just a dog person….I’m a proud Pomeranian Daddy. :>)

  122. I had my toy Pom for 6 years until 2 days ago. He was the best friend I ever head. Anytime I was sad he knew exactly how to cheer me up. My friends invited us over and I knew they had a pit bull but it was usually locked up or in a bedroom. I set him down on the ground and the other dog immediately charged and got him by the neck. I rushed him to the vet but his heart stopped shortly after. They said he had brain trauma so even if they could have stabilized him he may never have been the same. I just hope he knew how much I loved him and someday I will see him again.

  123. My Abby was a 5-year-old beautiful Golden Retriever. She was the sweetest dog ever. We moved to the country about half-a-year ago, and I let her run free, though I did “teach” her not to pass a certain spot in the front yard to keep her out of the road. She understood not to follow me past that point. However, our property has a lot of road-frontage beyond the “yard”. One morning last week, the kids missed the bus on the first pass, so they went down the road to the neighbor’s to catch it on the way back. Abby went through the woods and tried to cross where the kids were waiting and got hit by a car. The vet said her front leg was shattered and would require surgery. Her back hip was knocked out of socket, and may also require surgery. In all, it was going to cost between $3000 and $5000. After consulting with my wife, I decided to let my Abby go. I am dealing with a lot of guilt over that decision along with not getting an in-ground fence in place sooner. To be fair, we have had a lot on our plates since we’ve moved. We have two teens, two foster-children (toddlers), and we have fostered three others over the past few months. At one time, we had six children living with us. Still, I can’t seem to let go of the guilt. If I loved Abby as much as I say I did, I would have protected her better, and I would have paid the cost to have her surgery done. We aren’t rich by any means, but we’re not struggling financially either. In other words, I could have made sacrifices, and now wish I had. My wife tries to re-assure me that even if I had put her through surgery, Abby might never be the same, and there was no way to know something else wouldn’t happen to her soon after. I have tried to look at this as a learning experience to take better care of any future pet. I have tried focusing on the good times Abby and I shared, and that she loved me and would forgive me. Still, I can’t seem to stop thinking about the what-ifs.

  124. My kids and I were visiting my parents 45 min away from home. We weren’t home yet when my husband came home for his 8pm break and let both my dogs out to pee. Of course, they ran off, and he had to leave to go back to work at 830. I got home at 900 and didnt notice they werent in the kennel right away til I heard a scratch at the door. It was my youngest dog, Jax but his mama, Lily, was not with him. I asked my son to let him in, and I went to get ready for bed assuming, like usual, Lily would be shortly behind Jax. I had not slept well the night before, and fell asleep sitting on the edge of my bed taking my socks off… Next I know it is midnight. I checked hoping she was in the kennel… but she wasn’t. I got my coat on and drove up the road, only to find her lying on her side, in the road, eyes open, not breathing. I covered her with a blanket from my van and brought her home…I have never felt so guilty. I should have gone looking sooner. What if she came to the door while I was asleep and no one let her in so she wandered off again? If I was home, this would have never happened… I will never know… May she rest in peace. I will miss her so… Love you Lily…my girl.

  125. My 9 year old Great Pyrenese dog passed away yesterday. I think she died of bloat because I fed her too much food. She had cut up steak with her kibble and bread with peanut butter. The guilt I feel is devestating.

  126. I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine how heartbreaking it is to hold a beloved dog as she is dying. It sounds like you feel so guilty and bad about her last couple of days…and yet you did everything you could to take care of her. You loved her right to the very end, and she knows that.

    Yes, I think your dog still knows you loved her with all your heart and soul. An outburst of frustration is nothing compared to the years of love, attention, time, food, playing, walking, and petting you gave her! Dogs know when they’re loved.

    I hope you can forgive yourself. I hope you are able to find healthy ways to deal with the guilt and grief you feel about your dog’s death. Please don’t let the end of her life affect the whole relationship you had with her. The love and bond you shared is precious, and my prayer is that it will get stronger and more treasured as you process your grief.

    You did everything you could for your dog, and she knows it. She is resting in peace now. May your heart heal, and your soul be filled with peace and the joy that comes from loving a good dog.

    1. Thank you, Laurie! Yes you are right, and I know it, but the hardest task now will be to fight the regret and guilt about the last two nights. But you are right, I will keep reminding myself, that she had such a great last 2 yrs. with me and we shared sosososo many wonderful moments! I hope she didn’t die because she felt I didn’t love her anymore or I was giving up on her. But my friends keep telling me that her heart was old an weak, she was, after all 17,5, and acute heart failure is nothing that can be prevented at this age. I truly believe her mind and sould would still be with me but her body failed. To all who are reading this: please stay with your dog til the very last minute, we owe it to them!!!! I know she was afraid, she didn’t understand what was going on, and holding her helped her, I am sure! And I hope it made up a little for yelling at her the night before:-( Love and Peace, treat your pets as if any day could be the last, because it may be their last!!!!!

  127. 2 yrs ago I adopted a 15 yr old lil dog from a shelter. she had mites in hear ears, causing her to become deaf, she could hardly walk because her behind legs didn’t work anymore and she was inconitent. I have 2 more dogs and had them for 12 and 10 yrs. i fell in love with her right away, i didn’t care that she needed diapers and pooped all the time. she was the love of my life and taught me so so much! I bought a doggy stroller and we started having lil ‘adventures’, to lakes, into the mountains, to animals parks, riverbanks, etc etc. she enjoyed every minute of it! I only worked part time, so I had enough time for the dogs, most of all for her! she needed special diet, and was the happiest dog of all and so were mine. I didn’t miss not being able to be gone from home for more than 5 hours, or go on a vacation, I had her!! Then, last week, she had a boost of diarrhea again, she often had that! she was 17 and human seniors are much alike…, I didn’t think anything of it! But it got really messy because she lost her diaper when I was at work and the mess was pretty nasty when I got home around 10 PM….So I yelled at her a little, for the first time EVER! But made up 5 min later, because I knew it was’t her fault and she was fine since she couldn’t hear me anyways, I hope….????? The next day we all went to another lil trip in the morning, to a river bank and to a small forest, all was fine, she had a good time! But she wouldn’t eat much, but again, that was normal too for her, some days she ate more than others, but she was panting a lot…….But I have a wood stove in the living room, so I thought she was just warm from the heat. That night when I got home from work she had diarrhea again, it got on the carpet and all over her behind and even on me and she was panting like crazy, and I was really upset again – the second night in a row!!!! Never was for 2 yrs, but all the pooping and panting really got to me and by the time I had her, me and the house clean again, it was 1 AM! the room was very warm so I opened all windows, and after cleaning her, I put her in the kennel, but left the door open, which she loved, because it was her little cave and it was further away from the oven. I was afraid she would poop again during the night, so I figured the kennel be a good place just for one night! I also decided to sleep next to her on a camping mattress…..just in case she was NOT OK because it started feeling NOT right to me that she was pooping and panting th way she was:-( ?!!! I live in a very small village and there is NO emergency vet. And I really didn’t know if anything was really wrong with her either, since she often had diarrhea and my other dog was panting, too! The next morning she wouldn’t come out of her kennel, so I gently took her out and cuddled her, she didn’t poop over night, and as I held her I could feel something was not right!! She seemed without strength and started panting again!!!! So I called the only vet in town and drove right by 5 min later. And was told she was dying of acute heart failure, her temperature had went down and her mouth was all white inside. It was a SHOCK!!!! The vet said to relieve her, she was chocking…….so I held her when she got the first shot and the second. I am heart broken since! I burried her at our favorite lake and wrote her a love and good bye letter and sunk it in the lake, I will never forgive myself for yelling at her for pooping the way she did the last couple of nights:-((( All my friends tell me I gave her the best 2 yrs in her life, she could not have been happier, but I feel so vain, so horrible!!! Never before did I get upset when she pooped, and lost her diaper, but the last two nights, when she must have needed me most, I got upset with her, and I hate myself for that!!! Do you think she knows I still loved her with all my heart and soul? even though I did not see that she was dying??????

  128. Our beloved 4yr old Burmese Oggy lost his life on Monday 8th February to a horrible accident. He has always been a very curious cat and would hop into cupboards if you left the door open or into any spots he could fit into. I have to say he was probably one of the best cats I have ever owned, so full of life, attitude and love. Well for some reason I would always worry when I heard my washing machine bang like it was off balance or something, any time this happened I would panic and think in my head “where is Oggy”, I have two cats but I only ever worried about Oggy. Of course he was never in there but it just would hit me in the stomach and I would be fearful of checking the washing machine. Well on Monday I got a call from my housemate with the worst news imaginable, that somehow while she was doing her laundry he had found his way into the washing machine and without her knowing she had accidentally killed him. Oggy would often disappear for a day or two so when he didn’t come home that night I wasn’t too worried and he wasn’t there for his breakfast the next day I went out calling for him but he didn’t come in. When I got that call at work I totally fell to pieces knowing that he had died in such horrible circumstances but also was in shock that he died in a way that I was always paranoid he would even though in all of his four years I had never seen him get into that washing machine so I don’t know why I feared that he would do that. I feel so guilty, I feel empty inside and I know my housemate feels the same if not worse but I don’t know how or if I will ever recover from this. We went out and purchased a new washing machine, I can’t bring myself to use the old one but my Mum wants to take it and I just want to smash it to pieces with a hammer. I think about him all of the time and imagine all of the ways he could have died in there, did he drown? Did it take long, how much did he suffer, I know he suffered terribly and I just can’t stop thinking about it.

  129. Dear Daniel,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I can only imagine the pain and grief you feel, as well as the confusion about your marriage. Your wife is also suffering, and understandably not able to easily find ways to deal with the guilt about causing your dog’s death.

    I encourage you and her to talk to a counsellor together. I don’t think this problem is easily solved by “simply” getting a divorce or deciding to stay married. No matter what option you and your wife choose, you both still need to work through your pain and grief. A counselor will give you ideas for processing your feelings and re-establishing trust and love in your marriage — even if you get divorced.

    I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a dog is painful no matter what the circumstances are…and it’s a difficult pill to swallow when your wife was responsible for your dog’s death.

    Talk to a counsellor. Hopefully, both you and she will have time alone with the counsellor, as well as time together. You both have a great deal of healing to do…and I don’t think you should navigate it alone. Get support, so you have guidance and wisdom through the process.

    In sympathy,

  130. I have an unusual situation. I am an extreme dog lover, my wife is not. I was raised with dogs in the house, she was not, and can’t handle dogs inside. I insisted that we get a dog, and she was against it but finally relented. We got a sweet puppy, and I was happy. We are very busy people and are gone alot, me more than my wife, so it was hard to take care of the puppy. Unfortunately my wife was the one who took care of her the most, and she had never housebroken a dog before. We would crate her, but she still would mess in the house. My wife was constantly taking care of the puppy, cleaning up after her, washing her bedding, all the while dealing with her stressful job, and the kids. She would cry and say she couldn’t do it anymore and wanted to find the puppy a new home, but I was adamant and said no, the puppy was ours and she would just have to deal with it. I believe that animals are like family members, and she believes they are just animals. She said when the puppy pooped in the house it was like a goat or something was pooping on the floor, since she was raised with animals outside. I knew she was struggling, but I just wanted to keep the dog. Well I went on one of my 3 day work trips, and I guess the dog had chewed up the furniture and pooped all over the house again and she snapped and put my dog down when I was gone. She at first just told me the dog had just died, but then she admitted that she had killed it. She is ridden with guilt, and cries all the time now. She said she was extremely depressed, and was ready to leave me cause she knew I was adamant about keeping the dog and didn’t give her an option, and basically was choosing the dog over her. She said I had backed her into a corner and didn’t give her any options and she felt there was no way out. She thought about just taking the dog to another town and dropping her off somewhere, but she was afraid she would starve and suffer. She also thought about taking it to the shelter but she knew that would probably put her down too, so she thought just going ahead and putting her down was the best thing. She said she felt like I had backed her into a corner, and had given her no way out, since I wouldn’t even consider finding her a new home. My problem is, I think she is a murderer. She is devastated and can’t forgive herself, so how can I forgive her? Should I divorce her? We have 4 kids together and other than this she is a good person, she just is not an animal lover and never has been. Please help.

  131. It takes a lot of courage to share how guilty you feel for causing your dog’s death. Thank you for sharing your story, because it will help hundreds of sad pet owners deal with guilt about their own dogs’ deaths.

    May you forgive yourself, and know that your dog has forgiven you totally and completely! Your dog loves you, and knows you would never ever have done anything to deliberately cause harm. Your dog wants you to be peaceful and happy, and to live without guilt, shame, or grief.

    Take a deep breath, and let the peace and love of your dog flow into your heart. Accept forgiveness and love. Grieve your loss, work through the pain, and find ways to heal your heart.

    In sympathy,

  132. Today after work i went and got my 2months and 3week year old son his formula and i came home which i live in apts and went to the laundry mate to wash and this american lady said something rasis to me and when she was leaving she hit me with the door. In my 23 years of life iv never experienced anything like that myself untill nw. I was so mad and i also wanted to cry and i still do. Well i tell my husband lets go walk the baby and the dog around while we wait for the cloths. So i go get my almost 2year old half red nose and Shepard dog and im walking him. Well my husband doesnt tell me there is someone coming tords us and im still thinking about wat jst happend well my dog jumped at this man and almost bit him and jst got the back of his shirt and my husband is yelling at me saying its my fault so i get even more mad because my dog has been like that with ppl he doesnt knw and i had got really tierd of it. My husband couldnt even control him when he would act like thaT with ppl. So i took him to the pound and signed him over and nw i feel guilty because i got him when he was 2weeks old and i bottle feed him and he would cry for me sometimes he wasnt a bad dog he was jst getting to aggressive with people he didnt knw that didnt do nothing to him and with other dogs and i had gotten tickets from him running out the gate at our old house and iv had to pay alot of money to get him out of the pound and if i would of gotten in trouble again because of him then i would of gotten in really big troulbe and i do feel bad for my husband but he also didnt fight for the dog to stay he jst said fine but your going to take him i couldnt take it no more and i cant jst give him to anyone so i put him down and he was so scared when we got there he didnt want to go inside and now i feel like a piece of shit.

  133. last sunday we went out with the kids and wife and as i was leaving i stop by the main gate of the house to see that it was looking not completely closed, the gate was damaged and just a little push would open it, we spend the whole day out side while it was storming, when we got home the gate was fully open and our beagle was not home, i looked for him thinking he would be inside the house since it was raining, and i thought, dumb dog, for sure he’ll be crying out side asking me to open the gate, he would love to go roam every time he found the door open. As i unloaded the things from my truck and sat down my phone rang, with a crying lady telling me she witnessed my beagle getting ran over by an suv and it looked like he died, this was a couple blocks from the house. I met with her and grabbed my dog, he was still warm and his nose was wet, but his heart wasn’t beating and he was not breathing anymore. i’ve been crying every day thinking, if i should’ve fix that gate like i said i would, if i would made sure that it was properly closed.
    I’m sorry buddy, we miss you a lot

  134. My name’s Brad. I’m 23 years old and my wife Ferney and I live with my parents. We have 3 pugs, two of them tan pugs and 1 of them was a black pug. These pugs are my parents dogs but I treat them as if they were my own. There names are Boozh, Maisy and Ava. Ava was the black pug that died. Here’s my story on how I accidentally killed my parent’s dog Ava. On Monday February 1st 2016 at 9:00 P.M I was coming home on my way from picking up my wife from school, it was dark and the roads were wet. My wife and I live at my parents house at the moment as we are helping my dad with his health issues. I drive a Ram 3500 diesel truck and its a loud truck so the dogs would hear me when I’d come home. so every time I come home the three pugs would run outside and greet me as I would walk into the house. As I was driving home that night, I’d pulled into the driveway. I didn’t know that my dad had the dogs outside going to the bathroom because I didn’t seem him standing outside. I was pulling up to park my truck when I felt that I ran over something. I thought, “Oh God, please let it be a hunk of snow.” Instantly my heart began to race and my limbs became numb. I got out of the truck and looked behind the back left wheel and there she was. Laying in a pool of blood. I completely and utterly lost my mind, I had no control over myself. My dad was standing nearby, he didn’t see what happened. I ran up to him and told him what had happened and he ran over and grabbed her. I was literally running around my driveway, screaming, “this isn’t real! This isn’t real! What the hell did I do?” Ava was my mom’s favorite dog and also my favorite to. She was such a sweet and loving dog and i just couldn’t believe that she was gone. In one moment she was alive, the next moment she was dead. My dad had carried her in the house and told my mom. Meanwhile, I was still running around my driveway like a chicken with its head cut off, screaming and yelling and trying to comprehend what had just happened. My mom came outside to find me and she was just as hysterical as i was. I started running away from her because I was afraid and i couldn’t face her for what i had just done. she yelled and said, “Its not your fault! Its an accident!” I stopped and we hugged each other, hysterically bawling together. A little later she called her best friend Lisa and told her what happened. I was still outside and my wife was with me the whole time trying to comfort me. Lisa came and saw me laying on the driveway, she came over to me and her and my wife helped me up and walked me into the house. The next morning we found another black pug puppy that was for sale and we drove a few hours to pick it up. Her name is Reya. Im still trying to cope with what happened, I still can’t comprehend that she is gone. It still seems like a bad dream and when i wake up, she’ll be there. My parents insisted that it is not my fault and it was an accident, but i’m still trying to believe that for myself. I hope one day that i can forgive myself and find a new normal in life.

  135. This morning as I was leaving for work, my daughter was letting our dogs out. Our big girl, Carter always goes on a leash out the front door but our little boy,Geronimo was able to roam because he normally didn’t wander too far. My daughter had come back in to tell me something while the dogs were out. When we went back to check on them Geronimo had scurried across the street. I quickly put my coat on to get him. I thought perhaps if I opened the garage door he would come home on his own. As the door started going up he started across the street and a big black truck came over the rise. Geronimo was coming home when I heard a thud and then saw his little 14lb body fly up in the air. He made it to the yard and we made it to the vets office in record time but we couldn’t save him. If we had just put him out to the fenced back yard or if we had at the very least stayed outside with him, he might be here now, cuddled beside me taking up half the recliner. I am so sad and feel such guilt. He was my daughters fur baby, possibly her only child, my grand baby. And now Our big girl, Carter is looking around like what the heck is going on. We left so fast this morning she didn’t even get to say goodbye to her buddy. This afternoon it was all I could do to cuddle with his “babies” just to smell him again.

  136. On Friday afternoon I was leaving to pick my daughter up from school when are 2 year old Yorkie eyes always glued on me jumped up knowing I was about to leave she loved going for car rides, any opportunities I got I would take her with me. So I got ready to go Sophie jumping around excited to as I was leaving I usually pick her up but lately whenever I asked her if she wanted to go for a ride she would know what was coming and walk with me to the car,but other times she would see the door open and run like it was freedom. So I opened the door she took off to the front yard she had to pee then she started walking in the street usually not very busy, as I went to the car calling her she just stopped in the street and looking at me I called again but all of a sudden a truck driving faster than normal came around the corner Sophie still looking at me then last sec she runs the tire rolls over her, killing her instant, the truck kept going even after I was waving frantically. I freaked out running to house getting my wife, I was in shock I actually watched my dog die in front of me. I could have avoided it only if I carried her to the car, or had her on a leash, or If I would have took the other vehicle, or just left her at home. I feel terrible Im blaming myself cause I did cause it not sure what im going to do now. My stomach hurts Im not eating much I cant sleep very long or I cant go to sleep. Im very depressed beyond what I feel is normal, Im always crying I just keep seeing that image in my mind. What can I do? She was a very special dog we had a true bond she would sit on my lap, or sit on the bathroom floor and wait for me to shower, jump in laundry baskets to sleep. Im not sure where to turn maybe see a doctor Im kinda afraid of what might happen please help!! I loved Sophie so much she was taking to soon!

  137. Last night after a very long day I came home with my dauhhter to find my son relaxing in the house with our 2 beautiful little fur babies, Rosie a shitzu x maltese 2 yr and Oscar a poodle x maltese 8 year old. After being home for a little while and playing with the dogs. I had to pay rent but there was no service in my house so I went out the front and called the dogs for toilet time. They have sat and stood out the front with me for hours with never being distracted or concerned about surroundings. After I paid the rent I leaned up against my husbands car while waiting for the doggies to finish their business when they both come up to me sitting beside me all happy. I lifted my head away from them for honestly what felt like 2 seconds and I heard a car with a loud thud out the front of our house. Straight away I looked down and couldn’t see Rosie I had the worst feeling inside me when I ran over I saw her lying on the otber side of the road, she looked gone and there was blood everywhere. The car stopped and reversed quickly getting out of his car stating he didn’t see her and she was that quick. My brother and the man could feel a heartbeat as I ran inside to call the this time I raced out and her little heart had stopped. I have never seen so much blood before and it was clear that she had major head injuries from the impact. I lost it screaming and howling as I reacued this beautiful little girl and our 13 year old fell in love with her. Rosie was with us for 2 years and I feel like I can never forgive myself gor making this choice or not picking her up when she sat beside me. I just don’t know how to deal this, she was our beautiful girl and I feel like its all my fault and can’t stop crying. R.I.P Beautiful Girl we all love you so much.???

  138. have been living in guilt for 28 years for accidentally killing my dog.. 

    My younger days I use to get put down and abuse by my dad and his friends. By the time I was 13 my sister got me a dog . 

    I use to take my anger out on it ..kick and poke stick. Pegs on his private…

    I use to put up up on a rail and make him fall back the rope got stuck and he feel back and I broke his neck. I relize what I did and cry…

    Too late I took away his life and was very bad and I still live with it today. I wish I was the same person that I am now back then.i well never for give my self.never what I put Scotty through.  2 wrongs don’t make a right. . 

    Hope he in heaven a place I am not welcome  and I don’t want to go or get forgive for my actions.. if I had a chance to go back and say no I don’t want the dog I would.  Send him to a loving home to live out his days. I took away his life and treated him poorly.i hate what I did..always well remember. ..

    David new Zealand. ..

    1. Hi David. While I can not condone your behavior, I can understand it. You must, in honour of your dog, forgive yourself. It was a terrible time in your life and you turned your hurt and anger out on your dog, we have all done it. From cross words to more extremes. You must suffer no longer for the guilt you feel, be remorse full, but do not have guilt as that has kept you stuck and will keep you stuck forever. The best thing you can do now, is what you have done, admit your wrong doings and forgive yourself, your dog does. Now its up to you to give your dog the best answer ever and become ( as i believe you may have, a better human being. Regards Sue

  139. Kelli and Annabelle, I’m so sorry for what happened to you, how awful to know your dogs suffered. I hope you can find peace xx

  140. We bought our children a beautiful little shih tzu puppy for Christmas. They named her Milly and adored her, we all loved her so much. Yesterday I took my four kids to the park and left Milly at home as dogs aren’t allowed there. While there we saw another shih tzu puppy the same age and I thought how we should have brought her with us anyway, as no one seemed to mind this puppy was there. When we got home I had to do an errand so my three older children went to my neighbours and I took the baby with me, after I got home I went up to the neighbours too, leaving milly at home again as they have a big, unpredictable dog. After a little while my two eldest decided to go home, but found Milly dead on our shared driveway, whoever hit her didn’t even notice as she was so tiny. My poor boys had to see her dead, and she was very messed up. My son said after he had gone home to play with her and left the door open, so he feels at fault. I feel it is my fault as I should have made sure she was safe, and we hadn’t spent enough time with her that day so I should have known she would try and find us. My husband also feels at fault as we knew our drive was dangerous but hadn’t built a front fence yet as we thought we could keep her in the backyard. We only had her for a month and a day. I feel like we failed her, if I had stayed home instead of going to chat with my neighbour, if we had taken her to the park or for a walk and tired her out so she would have been napping instead of looking for us to play, if I had been more careful she would be with us now and we wouldn’t all be heartbroken.

  141. It has been three days since I lost my 6yr old dog I hurt so bad and am filled with guilt and what ifs. He was devoted to me and my kids 100 per cent and I’d give anything to turn back time. We are staying in a unfamiliar house for a short time which is not fenced like our property and we were going out to drop a child home. I rushed around to get the kids in the car while my partner dealt with our two dogs. I said to him shall we lock them in the house while we are out? He said no it would be to hot for them and chained them under the shade on the deck. We drove off and returned much later then we had planned taking the kids to a park and lunch. On our return we found my poor dog dead in full sun the other dog was pretty much fine but because my little dude was a bulldog he couldn’t last. I feel so guilty and why didn’t I think the sun would come around the house and why did I not think and tell my partner no it wasn’t a good idea to leave them there. It kills me inside to think how he must of suffered to die that way, he was stuck there unable to get away from the hot sun. How could I let this happen to a creature I loved so much? why did he have no water within reach? why didn’t I second guess my partner and not think we could be held up and put him some where else? Why did i not check his water bowl was closer? Why didn’t we just come home sooner? He was the best dog and could have had so much more time with us. My kids are a mess my other dog is lost. I keep going over in my head the torture he must have gone through and I don’t know if I can forgive myself for cutting his life short and putting him through that.

    1. Like all pet owners who have poured out their heartache on this blog, I have been through the worst pain I have ever known since the day my beloved cat Prada died in a tragic accident in a dryer. I am an animal advocate for an animal welfare NGO, so I have experienced many horrible animal deaths caused by human cruelty and neglect, but nothing could have prepared me for coping with the heart wrenching pain of losing my pet this way, the guilt and anguish could have suffocated the life out of me, but I would like to share with every pet owner who is going through their loss, after your tears have dried up, please let your pet’s love come through to heal you, and honor them with positive actions, for me personally, I went out and rescued 3 young kittens who were in line to be put down at the local animal control facility. Now every time I hug my kittens, it is in celebration of my beloved Prada, she would have nodded with approval.


  142. My puppy was only 6 months old and we had been trying to leave her out of her cage. She was getting into little things, like paper, tissues, my wireless mouse. On this day she had gotten into tissues and bills and instead of putting her back in her cage I told my son to leave her out that I would be home for lunch in 2 hrs . When I got home I found her convulsing body on my kitchen floor. I rushed her to the vet but it was too late. When cleaning up I found the empty over the counter pills she ingested. It as only been 2 days and the guilt I feel is overwhelming. I loved this little puppy, she was helping me cope with the loss of my mom. Not only did she die because of me but suffered oh how she suffered. I love her so very much and I am so very very sorry. Things will never be the same little one, rest in peace my sweet little girl.

  143. I am so sincerely appreciative for everyone who has posted their stories. Less than one week ago, I left the house with my family for several hours and returned to find our home on fire. The house was lost, but the loss of our material possessions does not begin to compare to the anguish and heartbreak of the loss of my beautiful 3 year old dog who was killed in the fire, or the loss of my precious 2 year old dog who was injured so severely that he died just 24 hours later. I since learned that I had accidentally sparked the fire on my way out that night. I have been replaying the events of that night over and over, detail by detail, imagining a different outcome, thinking about what my sweet babies went through and praying that somehow I can be forgiven. These dogs were my best friends, they trusted and loved me so unconditionally. I am just heartbroken and no words can describe how devestated I am at the loss of my friends or the thought that it was me that killed them. I am so ashamed, so filled with guilt and sorrow. I would literally do anything to turn back time and do things differently, to hold them again or tell them I love them. I just hope that by posting, someone else can know they are not alone.

  144. I am sick with guilt over what happened to my American Eskimo, Poof. After reading this article, I believe I have imagined and real guilt. I am a single mom and really didn’t have money for vet and grooming. I only took him for a physical once in 5 1/2 years. I just really couldn’t afford the care he needed. I took him to the emergency hospital 2 months ago, because he ate 1/2 a bag of dark chocolate chips. I let my daughter and her friend eat the chips (which is so unlike me) and they left them out where he could get them (because I wasn’t supervising them). The vet gave him charcoal and a shot. Then just the other day I put him outside in 38-40 degree temperatures. I always thought he was a winter weather dog. I assumed he was playing and hanging out happily. It was abnormally cold for South Carolina. I feel like I should have put that into consideration. The days since then have been in the upper 40s and 50s. I highly suspect that he had a cardiac problem and the cold triggered a heart attack. Maybe he has had it for a while or maybe the chocolate caused damage to his heart. I didn’t NEED him to be outside. This was another example of me ignoring him. He loved me sooo much, but with his smelly breath and long nails (because I didn’t keep up with that stuff) my moments of affection for him were fleeting. I wish I let him out to pee and had him come back in. I really didn’t think it was dangerous outside. Even if he still passed inside, I would have been with him. He spent the whole day alone because I had been working earlier that day. I keep apologizing to him throughout the day, every day. I feel like I shunned him and he got killed.

  145. Dear Amy,
    I am so incredibly sorry for the situation you are faced with now. I completely understand the torturous guilt you feel as I killed my predacious Mawlie just two short weeks ago. People try and ensure me all the time that it wasn’t my fault, as I’m sure people are saying to you. If you’re like me, you’ll have to practice self restraint so as not to smack them senseless. Of course it’s my fault. I didn’t make responsible choices that I should have in order to properly care for this creature who had complete faith and trust in my ability to keep her safe.

    But then I spent an entire evening on this page and read each story here and with each heart wrenching experience I gained a little more unsight and my mentality began to shift. I’ve accepted that her death was a product of a countless number of factors rather than just the one instance that I chose to give full responsibility to. If my partner hadn’t pointed out the great deal on the porkchops in the grocery store I wouldn’t have bought them and she’d still be alive. If Mawlie had been napping while I ate she wouldn’t have begged me into submission and I wouldn’t have given her the bone and she’d still be alive. I could go in sane with all of the ifs and the could haves and would haves. When you really look deep into it there is a countless number of instances throughout the day and the preceding days in which one tiny little change would have completely altered the outcome. So where does the responsibility lie? It’s clear to me now that something like what you’re going through does not require blame, nor does it help anyone in any way. It was a sad, unexpected twist of fate that hurts more than anyone who’s never gone through this could ever imagine. I was also told by another that our pets come into our lives for specific reasons and they know when they come into our lives as well as when they’re going – which is when they’ve completed whatever it is they were there to do for you. A little too Mary poppins for me to buy completely but oddly enough that idea keeps helping to bring on a little peace when I feel myself losing it.
    Focus on the good and the happy and the love and the blessing that chewy brought to your lives. Let go of the blame, as it’s misdirected and counter-productive and chewy would hate to see you wallow in misery. Honor him by spreading the love you have for him over the rest of the family that he loved so much as well. I wish I could be there to meet, have coffee and share stories about our loved ones – so we could both learn to better focus on the good memories of their lives instead of the tragic ways they passed. It’s a process for sure.

    I cry for Mawlie every single day. But I know that she’s proud of me for learning to let go of the blame – and that without it, her loving energy is able to surround me still. And that my dear, is something I will hold onto forever.

    Hope and blessings to you love – may you find the wisdom and strength to get through this and make chewy wiggle his tail with pride.



  146. Today is Tuesday, 1/5, and on the evening of Sunday 1/3, my stepdaughter, toddler son, and I were leaving to drive from NH to our home in MA. My stepdaughter said “come on Chewie” as we were leaving and I was carrying the baby. The car was all packed. I got him into his car seat, and noticed he didn’t have boots on. I ran back inside to get them, got in the front seat, buckled, and backed out of the driveway. I didn’t even give a thought to Chewie, our 5 yr old Yorkie. I felt like I backed over ice. I started to pull away and asked where Chewie was. Then it dawned on me. Lily said “I think he jumped in the car???” Which is complete bs because he wasn’t able to, he was too small. I turned around and saw him in the ground. I got out and he was gone. There was a lot of blood. I must have gotten his head. I killed my own dog, that I loved so much. I can’t play with him anymore. He won’t bark at the door or the squirrels, or lick my feet. My son won’t chase him around the house. And it’s my fault. I should have checked. I can’t stop seeing it and hearing it and feeling it in my mind. It’s torture. .

    1. Give yourself time, Amy. I posted here back in, I think Nov. I also was partially at fault for my dog Hunter’s accident.

      Since then I rescued a fantastic 10 month old pup (now just turning 1) My old lab loves him, he is a good, good boy.

      Dogs are animals, and unpredictable. I’ve forgiven myself.

  147. Note: I didn’t intend on this being the novel it became so I apologize in advance. I won’t be offended if you paraphrase and summarize as needed. Also, some content may also not be suitable for younger readers. But I feel she deserves nothing less than the pure truth, and unfortunately the truth is a bit horrifying at times.

    On Saturday, December 19th 2015, I nervously dialed the Palm Springs animal hospital and explained that my beloved eight-month-old chi/min-pin puppy, Mawlie (who came to me on my birthday, June 20th as the best gift EVER), had eaten a cooked pork bone eight hours prior and was now vomiting and becoming increasingly lethargic (I didn’t admit that it was I who had given her the bone as I had just finished reading the likelihood of an unimaginable prognosis and was not prepared to take on the responsibility and guilt that would accompany it – so I chose denial for the moment). The receptionist said to bring her in immediately and the concern in her voice was audible enough to have us pulling out of the driveway before the closing salutation was complete.

    Upon arrival, I was asked to wait to be called instead of being rushed into an exam room like I had anticipated, so we took a seat in the waiting room, Mawlie was wrapped in a blanket laying on my lap, while other dogs were called into care for their manicures and vaccinations, and a doctor sat in idle chatter with a pet owner about nothing significant, while I resisted the inflow of frustrated and worrisome tears and it was becoming increasingly clear that Mawlie was in noticeable pain. When we were finally called forth, we were ushered into an exam room and I was immediately handed a sheet of paper which listed $760 worth of random tests that Mawlie, whom the Dr. Had yet to acknowledge, didn’t need and which had nothing at all to do with the reason we were seeking medical assistance. I explained for the third time the reason for our critical visit and asked that she would be given x-rays in order to find the bone fragments and determine if surgery would be needed to remove them. The vet explained that the tests were a requirement if I wanted her to be treated at all, then asked if I had any questions or concerns. I stated that I was concerned that they were not treating my puppy’s condition at all and that I didn’t understand why she wasn’t receiving the help she needed unless I first agree to pay for tests that she didn’t need. she had had all of her shots and vaccinations and until now had no health issues whatsoever. He muttered some nonsensical, circular referenced explanation, concluding with the instruction that the $760 was to be paid upfront with no credit possibility or payment plan options available. Only upon completion of these arbitrary tests – and payment in full of course – they would then “look into treating Mawlie”. It was obvious what they were trying to do and I was not going to let these guys bully me into submission, so again I refused the tests. Shrugging his shoulders, he said, “then we can’t help you. Please pay the $60 consultation fee to the receptionist at the front desk”, and quickly left the room, without so much as a glance in Mawlies direction the entire time.

    When she first began to exhibit symptoms earlier in the day, I began to research the potential causes, and discovered the cooked pork bones danger and the damaging effects they have on dogs who ingest them. It caught me by surprise since everyone warns you about chocolate and chicken bones and onion and garlic and grapes… Yet we now know that cooked Pork bones are more damaging and gruesomely fatal than any of those things. If only I had googled it before giving into her adorable pleas to join me for dinner.
    Many of the posts I found on line from people who’s dogs had had the same experience stated that after a day or so the bone shards passed with little damage and their dogs were fine after a fashion, so I had no choice but to take Mawlie home and hope for the best.

    I had just enough time to get ready for a 4 hour Christmas caroling gig I had been hired for that evening, so I got Mawlie as comfortable as I could on my bed, hoping she would sleep while I was gone. I read that water soaked bread helped to coat and cushion the bone for easier evacuation so I set up a bowl of it within easy reach.

    About 5 hours later, when I arrived back home, for the first time I wasn’t accosted with Overly excited puppy kisses. She didn’t start twirling around on her 2 back legs which she knew would earn her treats as it was the most recent trick I had trained her to perform. Instead, I found her still on my bed right where I had left her, stretched out as far as she could, frozen stiff, only her eyes following me intently. Her gaze locked onto mine and she meshed her head sideways slightly, inquisitively – as if to say, “why haven’t you fixed me yet?…” Then threw up a very big portion of bone shards and blood all over the bed in front of her.

    I quickly scooped her up in a towel, rushed to the car once again and drove as fast as I could to the vca e.r. in Indio. I couldn’t stop crying as she laid in my lap, heavy and listless only looking up at me now and then with sad, sunken in eyes that seemed to already contain the wisdom and acceptance of what was to come. Upon arrival, I was informed that there was too much internal damage and at that point the only humane thing to do was put her to sleep. I already owed them $450 for just bringing her in and having her iv’d and examined and they wanted another 400 to euthanize. I only had $300 left to my name at that point, so they made me sign a payment plan agreement and something that stated my refusal to euthanize against recommendation, gave me back my Mawlie, (still in the towel which was now soaked with blood from her backside as well), took all the money I had and sent us home to fend for ourselves. I wasn’t even given an option to give her something for the pain.

    The drive home was excruciating as she continued to vomit and bleed on me and the car while I tried not to crash through heart wrenching sobs and screams for her to pull through and not leave me. Finally arriving home, I laid her in the bathtub, quickly removed my tuxedo caroling costume which was now soaked, stained with gore and smelled sickeningly organic, and climbed in the tub to hold her and keep her as comfortable as possible. After about 30 horrific minutes, in which the internal damage was finding its way out, and my attempt to remain strong for her failed miserably, she arched her back one last time and released her final shattered breath. She died there in my arms while all I could do was repeat over and over how much she was loved, through wracking sobs of anguish, begging her to stay with me and twirl and play.

    I’m not sure how long I sat holding her there after – hours I think – in suspended shock – trying to process this overwhelming grief like I had never felt before. I slowly became aware that someone was yelling my name, but it sounded like a far off echo that I didn’t want to acknowledge. Slowly, as if in a dream, the darkness I had lost myself in began to lift and my surroundings began to take shape once again. I looked up and colors began to appear out of blackness as my vision began to properly function once again. My best friend Wendy was standing above us in tears. She looked so beautiful when she cried, I thought, and watched as a droplet wiggled on the end of her nose. I stared at the tear as it tried to continue its descent and attempted to make sense of what was happening as she explained that she had been calling my name for the last ten minutes from the bathroom door. “luuuuuucasss” I sang softly, imitating what might have been a vague memory of hearing her cries. “I thought you were dead!” She yelled – I was apparently frozen in a far off daze, immobile and unblinking appearing just as lifeless as Mawl… Reality hit me with the force of an atomic bomb. Time felt like it slowed to a crawl as I looked down at what, 12 hours earlier was my jubilant, precious puppy, now barely recognizable, and felt my heart and soul rip to shreds with the undeniable acceptance that she was gone forever. I never knew I could make the sounds that came from me then….

    I’ve been through some heavy trials in my 36 years – more than most people ever see in their lifetime… And I’ve handled everything up until now with at least a semblance of grace and poise – In fact I used to be considered a pillar of strength and a true example of the life, lemons and lemonade euphemism. I don’t even know that person anymore.

    Mawlie truly was a one of a kind pup. Everyone who knew her has cried nearly as hard as I when they learned of her demise -which only makes me feel more guilty by the second. I can’t help but to ponder the notion that she brought so much joy and happiness and love to the world – much more than I ever have – and that our fates should be interchanged. I’m not suicidal I think,, but I certainly don’t feel worthy of life knowing that it caused her death. I love you so much Mawlie and I’m so very sorry. You gave me so much and I returned so little. There is a special place in heaven for a soul like yours and I don’t think I’ll be invited there but you will forever hold all of the love I never thought I could give and I will make the short time you had here be the cause for significance in the lives of others – somehow. I owe you at least that. All my love and tenderness to you my precious pup. Xoxo

    Thank you to you all who shared your stories and blessings to the owner of this website. I sat here for hours reading your heartbreak, crying with each of you in turn, feeling every ounce of your anguish and feeling the intensity of the love you have for your lost cherished ones. I felt myself connecting spiritually to you all, and suddenly and unexpectedly, life doesn’t feel as heavy as it did before. It has been a journey of heartache and empathy with each new experience shared-and it seems to have lessened the burden I thought I was bearing alone. It may even have been the turning point needed to begin the healing process for me… One can only hope.

    Best wishes to you all. May we each learn how best to move forward in such a way that our precious lost loved ones can be proud to claim us as their surviving, cherished family and may they always know us to be most devoted to loving them purely unconditionally – for eternity.

    1. Lucas…..I am truly sorry for the tragic loss of your beloved Mawlie. I thought after 4 months my tears had finally dried up but here I am reading what you went through and the tears are flowing for both of us. My post is from Sept. 10 and is about my lovely boy Brad escaping after I left him at my daughter’s home. I know exactly how hard it is to mourn our loss when it is all tied up in our guilt over what happened. There were many, many days when all I could think about was meeting Brad in the next world and begging for his forgiveness. Looking back I guess this was a sign of serious depression, which thankfully did lift. I too read everything that others had endured and it did help me see that I was not alone in my tragedy and this really helped me to come to some acceptance and begin to heal.

      I read somewhere that there is no way to go around the grieving process and that the only way to the other side is to go straight through and feel all the emotions that are involved. When I had trouble getting out of bed in the morning and no other thought came to mind for hours on end, other than thoughts of what had happened to Bradley, I remembered this idea of having to feel each emotion and process each thought so that we could eventually have it in our heart in a peaceful, non-destructive way. Also, I had to actually teach myself how to treat my own unique being with the kindness and caring that I would treat someone else who was suffering in the way I was. When this finally became part of my thinking then I could stop blaming myself and actually grieve the loss of my fantastic buddy in a normal, healthier way.

      Hope this advice is a little helpful. Just remember there are so many of us out here who completely understand and want to send you our blessings.


  148. My beloved German Shorthaired Pointer, Spencer, contracted Parvo and died quickly yesterday. He was almost 4 months old. I’m beyond devastated. I’m not feeling like myself and I’m just so very sad.

  149. My daughter’s dog got out of the yard and got lost. We were notified by Animal Services that she was at the Pound but had been attacked. Turns out she had a huge deep gash on her back, two on her face, on on her head, with various contusions, someone severed her foot, bleeding from the mouth and she was covered in mud – she just looked so sad and beaten. We took her to the Vet and they told us she would be on a day by day basis. Needing costly hospitalization until she was well enough to get her leg amputated, then more “expensive” hospital time including surgeons, anesthesiologist, and xrays to address whatever else may have been wrong. They told us she appeared to have been attacked with a machete and could well have internal injuries. She was dehydrated and sedated so much she looked terrible. The doctors told us the bill would be in the $5K range. The Doc was making a point they could make no promises and no amount of money could guarantee she’d make it through what would be a very demanding and difficult recovery. We feel so guilty because we couldn’t afford the cost and she had to be in such pain. We had her euthanized and feel terribly guilty about making that “choice”. We are also dealing with how much pain and cruelty she suffered before she was found. Who does something like that…how can I ever live down the guilt I have of euthanizing my dog over the lack of money…maybe I could have put up a You Fund It, but the Vet wanted a large down payment…I am torn with grief and hate for the person who attacked her.

  150. I lost my beloved yorkie today and I am beyond heartbroken. I’ve honestly never felt pain like this. I was on a night out last night then came home around 0230am and I jammed open my main buildings door to go in and get her as I knew she would want out. When I went in my flat door to get her leash she ran out and out main building. She was almost 14 with no road sense as she was never out alone without her lead and me. She was deaf and half blind. I’ve just moved to a new area so she didn’t know it. I searched for her most of the night in the wind, rain and hail knowing she would be disorientated, cold and looking for me.
    I was out first thing this morning again when I got the terrible call that she had been hit by a car in a busy dual carriageway road and had died. I can’t stop crying and blaming myself. I can’t bear to go to my bed without her and I don’t know how I’m going to cope as it was always just me and her. I’m so heartbroken :(

  151. Dear Jamie,

    Thank you for being here, and sharing how hard it is to deal with the guilt about your kitten’s death. It is so hard, I can’t imagine what it would be like for my kitten to die in my hands.

    I hear your pain, and I wish I had magic words to make things better. Giving advice isn’t my strength, but I am worried about your major depression. I hope you take care of yourself, and perhaps make an appointment with your doctor. You might also find this helpful:

    How to Forgive Yourself

    And, here is a list of national resources and hotlines that provide anonymous, confidential information to callers. They can answer questions and perhaps even give you advice.

    Phone Number: 800-442-HOPE (4673)

    Mental Health America – For a referral to specific mental health service or support program in your community
    Phone Number: 800-969-NMHA (6642)

    National Alliance on Mental Illness – Provides support, information, and referrals
    Phone Number: 800-950-NAMI (6264)

    Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
    Phone Number: 800-826-3632

    I hope one of these organizations is able to give you the help you’re looking for. May you find peace, courage, strength, and healing as you move forward.

    Please do come back anytime, and tell me how you’re doing! I’d love to hear from you again.


  152. My benji got run over 2 days ago and I feel so guilty! He was was 5 months old and out on his walk bouncing about and tail wagging, all of a sudden he darted after a moving car and the lead slipped out my hand. I looked behind me and panicked when I realised he wasn’t there, then I heard it, a sound I’ll never be able to get out of my head, a sound of agony and then again. He had been hit by 2 cars and they kept coming until I dashed out into the road begging drivers to stop. My poor baby lay motionless whimpering on the ground, I burst out crying because I knew it was bad. People gathered round but all I could see was him, I was hysterical. A kind lady took me to my house round the corner to get my phone while others watched benji, I rang my family and they arrived shortly after. Benji took his last breaths around 10 minutes after the accident. Now I’m in bits I miss him greeting me when I get home and up, I miss him being annoying, I miss playing with him and worst of all the thought of never seeing him again all, because of me.

    1. Tasha,
      Im so sorry to hear about Benji. I had a very similar experience back in October with my 4 month old, Molly. We opened the gate for her and our other dog to jump in the car, and she saw a squirrel in the neighbor’s yard and took off. She got hit in the road right in front of our house and she didn’t make it. I blamed myself for SO long, but you have to realize that accidents happen that are out of your control. It is so easy for a dog to tug on a leash and you lose grip. I had to come to terms with the fact that it was just bad timing and there was nothing I could have done. It WILL get easier, I promise. We just got a new puppy after we mourned the loss of Molly, and she is great.

    2. Tasha, I am so very sorry for the sudden and painful loss of your precious Benji. I know that you are grieving from the depths of your soul. Please be gentle with yourself as you would never have planned this accident, and it was for sure an accident.

      I know that guilt can be so hard to handle and can get in the way of our grieving and our acceptance of what has happened in our lives. In September my dear cat Brad escaped from my daughter’s home after I had left him there while I was away. My guilt was beyond anything that I had previously experienced, but eventually I had to learn to be kind to myself and teach myself that I never would have purposely put Brad in danger. It has taken me until now to think of Brad without panic and terror that he might be suffering or might have been taken by predators. I now can think of Brad in another place where he is at peace. There will always be a safe little corner in my heart that is his alone and all my memories of him will be kept there as long as I live.

  153. My kitten Bastet was sick, vet started medication and she came home. She died in my hands that night. I just can’t get the last images out of my head. Does anyone have any advice? I have major depression and I feel and know it’s come out of remission and I’m lost. Help me please.

    1. I lost my cat (Tiny) about 8 months ago. I have been going through a lot of pain since. I know that I will see her and be with her after this life. You will be with her also, after this short time on Earth. Have faith that God does have a great place for you, and it wouldnt be happy without you loved pets.
      You will see your cat again.

  154. Thank you for sharing your experience. It is so important to talk about what happened, because keeping it bottled up makes the guilt and grief worse! And, sharing your experience with your pet’s death shows other people that they’re not alone.

    May you forgive yourself. Know that your pet has forgiven you already! Your beloved animal companion is resting in peace, and not thinking bad things about you at all.

    You are loved.

  155. My dog Sam was a maltese/poodle. She was six years old when this June she was accidentally left outside in the heat. I let her outside in the morning like always and assumed my brother would let her back in like he usually does. I left the house and shortly after he left too but he did not realize she was still outside in the backyard. She was an indoor dog and it was 85 degrees. My mom came home and found her dead in the yard and the guilt was overwhelming. She died of a heat stroke and I blame myself for leaving and assuming she would be brought in. It’s now December and I am still having trouble because it was preventable and because I she slept in my bed every night and now she’s gone. I can still hear the way her nails would sound on our hardwood floors and I loved how she would always be there to greet me at the door. When we left the house she would sit on the couch by the window and watch us go and when we came home before you even reached the door you could hear her crying of excitement. Now I come home and it’s silent and I hate it. I’m so sorry and I feel so guilty.

  156. I killed my rabbit BC my dog attacked him. I don’t feel much guilt in my life so this is unbearable and foreign to me. I am breaking down constantly picturing him suffering. This accident was preventable and 100% my fault. I always wondered about vehicular homicides or accidentally running over a kid. How could someone forgive themselves? Do they really deserve a clear conscience. Why wouldn’t you kill yourselves? I see his little face everywhere and have nightmares constantly. I hate my life anyway so am wondering what I’m sticking around for. I have a therapist and am established with many mental health professionals already so “seeking help” doesn’t have much promise. Maybe someone came across this article BC they have a loved one who let a tragedy occur. Those are the only ones who can be helped, by making sure to protect their pets and avoid these kinds of incidents. Also you have to show up to the animal hospital in a respectable manner so the vet actually wants to save your pet. I was a mess and don’t think staff cared for me or my bunny at all so they just took the money and didn’t do everything they could. Life is over.

  157. @Sky,

    I can feel your pain…am going through the loss of my baby kitten which i brought up since a week old when his mother abandoned him with his 2 brothers and sister. I can’t get over the guilt that I got him to an inexperienced Vet to save him… I can’t forgive myself for my fatal choice. I can’t get over it…I even got one more orphan, black and white like him, thinking that it could help the pain and count 4 again…The more I ask other Vets, the more I realize how inexperienced the Vet was. He could’ve been here with us now. Nothing I can do can change this. Can’t sleep or eat. I’m exhausted…Don’t know when this pain will go away…It took many years to get over my dog’s death, of old age… Focus on the happiness your baby will bring… Seek for some professional support to get through this. I will. Please take care of yourself. Your baby needs you…He/she is lucky to have such an amazing, kind, thoughtful mom. You’ll be the best mom in the world. In my thoughts…

    1. Hello Katherine, thank you so much for your message, I am so sorry about your loss, I wish we could all give each other big hugs, it’s so sad to see how many people are going thru the same pain, it’s devastating, I miss my baby dearly, it seams that the pain will never go away. Sending you all the love?❤️ Please email me any time you feel like venting or talking about your feelings.?

  158. I lost my baby cat two weeks ago most likely to the coyote, I hired bloodhounds to search for her anything they found was coyotes poop with black hair in it, my cat was black, they asked me if I wanted the poop to be tested I said no I can’t take this kind of pain, I’m still searching for him, thinking maybe someone took him in because it was windy and cold, how can anyone go through this pain, please help I’m dying, I’m 7 months pregnant and I can’t control my emotions, he was my everything, I saved him from shelter six years ago. Omg I don’t think I’ll be able to survive this heartache, I can’t sleep, I can’t do anything, what helped you to move on ?! Please help?

    1. Sky,

      I so understand exactly how you feel right now. Please see my post from Sept. 10/15. My boy, Bradley, went missing and I was absolutely consumed with guilt, remorse, regret, longing and every other painful emotion. I spent days and days searching and handing out flyers, setting humane traps, posting on Facebook, etc. etc. but in my heart I felt that coyotes had taken him. I answered possible sightings but never found him. I can honestly say this has been one of the worst times of my life and ranks with the loss of close family members (relatives of mine such as my parents and brother). I’m not sure how I survived but I do know I shed a river of tears, read everything I could find on loss and grieving and I guess what has really pulled me through is that I devoted my time and energy to my brother who was dying of cancer. I would have helped him no matter what was going on but I dedicated myself to helping him in Brad’s memory. Maybe you could dedicate your pregnancy to your beloved cat and just be the best Mom ever in his memory. The old cliche about time healing really is true, and although I think of Brad every single day, I have fewer panic attacks when I think of him out there alone, cold, wet and frightened. Moments of sadness and guilt wash over me quite often but are not as frequent or intense as a month or so ago. I read somewhere on a site about grieving that there is no short cut to mourning and grieving and the only way to the other side is right through the middle. You have to let yourself feel the pain in order to get through it, in my experience anyway. Eventually I was able to say that I feel in my heart that Brad has passed and I think this acceptance has helped, but it had to come on its own. No matter how often people told me to accept reality and “just move on” I had to feel that acceptance in my heart. Finally, I am not particularly religious but this whole experience brought me closer to feeling a connection with a power beyond myself as I had to completely give up control over Brad’s well-being and pray that he was in the hands of God and therefore not suffering. Please take care of yourself and your unborn baby.

      1. Hi Faye, I am so very sorry about your loss, and can’t thank you enough for writing me, not in a selfish way, but it’s nice to hear from the people that are going through the same pain. I’m holding so much anger towards coyotes, I’m myself vegetarian and keep saying that I will start eating Coyote meat and start wearing coyote fur, I even started reading how to poison cyoties, I know I’m loosing my mind I won’t do it, but that how much I miss my baby Vader. Just wanted tell you a story what happened while I was looking for Vader. I was walking next to the canyons and found a little puppy running around without a collar, I took him into my car and drove to the vet to see if he had chip, of course he didn’t? Then after my son got back from school we started knocking on every door asking people in the area if they had seen this puppy no one knew him. Then at the same moment someone called me from my posted flyers and said they saw a black cat sitting in the front porch of some house, I quickly drove there and sadly it was not my cat, and once again I gave the flyer to every neighbor they’re asking to call me if they see any other by kitty, that evening lady cause my husband and says I’m sorry I’m not calling about your cat, but my neighbors said you found a puppy, and she started telling us a story, that she saved that puppy from a crazy homeless guy who had locked many puppies in his car and thin one escaped and started running through the streets, she was able to catch him, he was very scared and skinny, so she was nurturing him back to health whe he ran from her house, and she asked us if we wanted to keep him, because she already had 4 dogs and 5 cats, the puppy got really attached to me so we said yes. Now he’s with us, and I’m trying to love him as much as I loved Vader even though it’s hard at the times? My other kitty is very upset, he misses his brother and doesn’t understand why there is a puppy instead of his brother. Anyways just telling you this story, because I’m sure some family that had this dog, before he ran away, or the homeless guy stoled him, was a very good loving family, because the puppy is very well trained and in their minds he’s dead, even though he’s well and alive living with us. ❤️

  159. Dear Suzanne,

    I am so sorry for your loss. Your Best Dog Ever was part of your heart and soul, and losing her is like losing part of yourself. She meant so much to you, and yet you have to let her go. It’s heartbreaking and I am really sorry you’re experiencing this.

    It’s only in hindsight that we can see what we should have done or could have done. In the moment, we do the best we can.

    You did everything right; everything happened exactly the way it was supposed to. It was time for your Best Dog Ever to leave this world. It’s so sad, and it will take time for you to process your grief. Give yourself time to heal. Know that you couldn’t have done anything to save her because you did the best you could for her….and know that she is resting in peace.

    She loves you, and she doesn’t want you to be unhappy. She wants you to remember her with joy and serenity, not pain or guilt. Her heart and soul will forever be intertwined with yours, but she has to leave you here.

    I wish you peace and healing, and freedom from any guilt about your dog’s death. Forgive yourself. Accept the love and healing only your dog can give you.

    In sympathy,

  160. I said goodbye to my “best dog ever” (I said that to her everyday!) on Monday morning around 3:30am.

    We went skiing for the weekend and I was without cell service. Before I left for the 4 hour drive, The pethotel would not accept her at my scheduled drop off time because they questioned the expiration date on her bordetella…they asked me to wait for two hours before they could verify the date and say yes or no to taking her. (The paper clearly said 2/2016as the expiration date)

    Since the snow was moving in and the drive through the mountains in my car was looking more dangerous by the minute, I decided to return home with my baby and asked a friend to check on her. while we were away for the weekend.

    My furnance had been erratic, shooting up to over 90 degrees and continuing to rise, setting off the fire alarms recently, so I told my friend I would be shutting off the furnance (because the programming was out of whack)

    I never thought that she would not have the sense to turn it back on if the temp got dangerously low. She never did. It sounds like I am blaming her, and in a way I am, for what happened as a result of her not simply moving the button to on.

    My baby developed aspiration pneumonia, had reabsorbed vomit in her lungs, and went in to shock. By the time I got home, I knew something was wrong…called the vet…then wrapped her in blankets, put her by the fireplace, took her temp and saw a bit of an improvement. (I know. This is where my stupid comes in…I should have taken her right in to the vet at that moment)

    But throughout the night, her breathing became more and more distressed and she had difficulty standing….we had to roll her onto a blanket and get her into the car. Took her to the vet.

    When I got there, I said I had just 300 on me as I walked in the door..after they took my baby back, .. the vet came out and said we are already at $350…and then described all that he needed to do…I asked if they had payment plans as I did not want to incur anymore debt and he said no, but they did have Care Credit. He said he would give me time to consider and be back.

    When he came back, I asked about the prognosis and if it made sense to spend all of this money if the bacteria had already traveled through her blood stream and with all probabiity affected several other organs. He said he could barely hear her heart beat and that the prognosis wasn’t good. “Your dog is very sick.”

    My dog is 16.

    My dog is a lab, and as many lab owners know first hand, labs get lumpy…really lumpy in my dog’s case. The regular vet said we would have to test the tumors to confirm/deny cancer. So that was also on my mind.

    After thinking it through (I was alone and it was 3am on a holiday weekend) I made the choice to euthanize my baby.

    I have been crying about this decision ever since I left the Vet Hospital. I feel like I let her down…every step of the way…

    any advice/comfort will be greatly appreciated.

  161. I’ve had my cat for 18 years, most of my life. She’s always been an indoor/outdoor cat and although I could tell she was old and moving slower, and deaf, I still kept letting her outside. She only ever wanted to lay on the grass right by the front door and I felt like it was cruel to limit her to inside bc she loved to go outside and sleep. Last weekend she went outside and the neighbors dog, who is NEVER outside his fence just happened to be out somehow and he killed her. I didn’t see it happen but it was so horrific to find her like that when I knew she couldn’t defend herself or hear anything coming. I really wanted her to have a peaceful death and it hurts my heart so much that if I had just not let her out at that moment she would still be fine (she was very sassy and active despite her old age). I’m having a hard time coping and I miss her so much. I feel so responsible as most people would have kept such an old kitty inside for safety. It’s so tough and painful. I just want to tell her I’m sorry

  162. Dear Anne,

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine the pain and guilt you must be feeling.

    Know that you did all you could….and know that your beloved Murphy knows how much you love her! She doesn’t have a shred of regret, judgement, or sadness about how she died. She knows that the end of her life happened exactly as it was supposed to happen.

    That’s the beautiful, amazing thing about dogs. They know that life unfolds – and ends – exactly the way it’s meant to.

    Grieve your loss. Express your pain, and let your heart heal.

  163. My beautiful dog Murphy died a few days ago. She was the best, so much fun and filled with energy and joy until just a few months ago. She was 13 1/2 years old. I know we gave her a great life, but I feel so horrible that a few times over the last few weeks as her health was declining, I sometimes thought it would be easier after she died. Overall, I know that my husband, son, and I did a lot of the extra care that a senior dog needs, but sometimes caring for her was frustrating, because I couldn’t make her comfortable. On the night that she died, I knew she was dying and I sat on the floor and petted her while she was breathing erratically for a few hours. She hated the vet and I didn’t want her to have the stress of the drive to the vet and to be in that sterile room when she died, so we kept her home. After 2-3 hours, my husband took over. Before I left her, I kissed her, whispered to her to let go and that it was OK to say goodbye and then I went to bed. She died a few hours later. I am so glad that she isn’t in pain anymore, but I am so angry with myself that I didn’t stay with her when she died. I feel like I let her down. She was an incredible member of our family and I miss her so much.

  164. I’m so sorry about your dog’s death. Thank you for being here, and sharing your story. No words can express the depth of pain and guilt of losing a dog because of an accident or a mistake…and I just want you to know you’re not alone.

    In sympathy,

  165. We lost our dog Ted this past Thursday, he would have been 2 in January. He was a lab poodle mix, rescued from the south. My brother was walking him as usual during lunchtime. Ted had a thin body which made it hard to fit a harness on him. We found harness that seemed to fit him well, and worked for a few weeks with no issues. That day Ted stopped, my brother tugged on his leash, Ted backed up and slipped out of his harness. He ran and thought my brother was playing with him. My father was there as well. I came home to search, but within 45 mins I received the call from our vet. He was hit by a camper on the road round the corner. The people stopped and took him into the vets office. They tried to keep him alive, but it was too late. The guilt is overwhelming. I keep thinking we should have trained him better not to run. He was always getting into mischief, but was a kindhearted boy. I’m lost and angry, but not at anyone but myself.

  166. My puppy Shepard moved on. October 30 2015 he was only 4 months old he was with me all the time on walks, at the park He slept on my lap at night and woke up with me. i put him outside quite a bit becuase he loved to run around i usually had him tied up. But somdays i would let him go out off the leash he would always run to the neighbors yard there was a dog over there in a cage. he would always run right back to the house never into the street. But one morning i saw him out in the neighbors yard and after a bit of chasing we would run back to the house but one day he didnt .He saw another dog and ran after it the first car stopped but the second car hit him. I miss him so much and feel guilty because he was so young. Ive never loved anybody like that dog though i only had him 2 months. Everyday i honestly just feel like im counting down the days to when ill see him again i hope i can stop thinking this way i just feel so much pain and guilt

  167. I’m deeply sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your experience, and for being so honest about your feelings. May you find forgiveness and freedom from the guilt you feel about your dog’s death.

    Your beloved dog is resting in peace and watching over you with love and compassion. Your spirit will forever be intertwined with your dog’s spirit — and there is no place for self-hatred, regret, or guilt. Allow your dog’s love and forgiveness to wash over you, and to help you see your life with fresh eyes.

    Bow your head, quieten your mind, and receive the grace and love only God can offer. There is no condemnation here, only forgiveness and healing.

  168. My baby Taylor was 8 1/2 years old. She was a beautiful pit terrier with the most beautiful blue eyes and she loved me so much. She was always right next to me. I had to put her down last Monday and it’s all my fault. She developed lung cancer. I smoke and never thought a thing about how it was affecting her. I feel so awful, so guilty. She was my best friend and I killed her. I can’t stop crying. I had a choice. She didn’t. She was pure love and I killed her. I don’t know if I can ever forgive myself. She didn’t deserve that. She was loyal, faithful and loving and now she’s gone because of me. Because of ME! God please help me get through this.

  169. our sienna had a growth removed from her leg….it turned out to be cancerous but not the metastisizing kind. our options were to let it grow back and try to remove it again in a year, then having her leg amputated if it didnt work…OR…have radiation on her leg to prevent the recurrence. she was in the hospital for 8 days of radiation, was set to come home and on the last night there she had some issues….i took her home and was planning to take her to the family vet the next morning. ( the oncologist was a specialist referred by our vet) and then she quickly sickened that night and died on the way to the emergency room. Horrible !!! The thing is, i had a bad feeling about the oncologist, but they kept telling me she was responding well, blah blah blah. i feel like i cheated my best friend out of years of her life ..i should have done things differently…we should be planning our fall weekends and im holding her ashes instead. I feel like a worthless piece of sh*t.

  170. I’m very glad I’ve found this article on dealing with guilt after your dog’s death and comments. It has been less than a day that our princess died. I gave her pork scapula, thinking that because she is small maltese with tiny mouth, she would end up eating only flesh and cartilage (now of course realize how stupid that is). We went around hour to closest good vet with x-ray after I found her very inactive with dried blood under her tail in the morning.
    The doctor said it could be infection but I knew it was the bone. And it was. X-ray showed that her intestine was filled with bone pieces she ate. They said that she cannot have an operation today so after few hours we will take her home and she’ll be operated tomorrow. That moment I was happy. She will be back and okay. Of course when we came back several hours later we heard only bad news. She was still bleeding, shaking and in a lot of pain. We could put her into sleep or let her die suffering anyway…

    It’s all my fault. She had only a little more than a year and I’ve killed her with my stupidity. I want to take it back so badly I miss her and I still kind of expect her to come to me and lie by mi side as she used to. I’m angry and sad…and I feel like one of the worst people in the world…how could I hurt her…how could I kill her…

  171. I lost our mini schnauzer last month. He was 4 years old and an absolute champion at life. After proofing our life and yard to contain him….he got the better of us and in his true free sprit style began to roam. We contained him and found any fence weaknesses through the first 4 years!! Mid September –As my husband was out of town and my young child asleep I froze. Shit, he’s not in the yard (we’d spent 4 years katmai proofing) Didn’t go out and look for him for fear of leaving my young child at home, and since K had always been found or returned the times he exploered I tried not to worry. I didn’t sleep that night and at 6 am i woke up my son to go look. We found him. Dead and stiff near a main road. Awful. Still processing the image,. Loved that dog so much, still struggling in my daily life.

  172. I lost my new puppy yesterday die to an accident and I’ve never felt the way I feel now. We’ve had her 5 days and in those few days she was the most incredible dog I’ve ever had. She listened to everything I said like she actually understood me. I was planning on working with her to be a therapy dog because she was so great.
    I was at work when my boyfriend decoded to let her and our older dog outside while he did some work around the house. She eneed up drowning in our pool. I had talked to him on the phone while at work and he had mentioned he was going to do that and see how it went. I feel so guilty that it didn’t even occur to think that was a bad idea. She was only 4.5 months old and should have been supervised. I know I’ve only had her a very short time but the guilt of not allowing her more time in life is killing me.

  173. I stopped on a trip over a local mountain pass to make lunch in my small motorhome Saturday. I had pulled up a forest service road about 1/3 mile. When I was washing the dishes I thought it was safe to let my 3 year old dog out briefly before we drove on. My old dog was content to stay put.

    He must have chased something across the hwy. I think he died coming back when I whistled from the look of the injuries. The fellow who hit him said he “came out of nowhere” I made a huge error in judgement, he was normally car savvy, but he was a young, enthusiastic boy, I should have known better. I’m grief stricken.

  174. Yesterday, our sweet boxer puppy, Molly was hit by a car and killed instantly. We have a 4 year old boxer as well. They are both pretty obedient and we opened the gate the let them out and load them in the car. Poor Molly saw a squirrel in the neighbors yard and before we even knew what happened, she darted into the street and was hit and killed instantly by a driver who ran a stop sign. He didn’t even see her. The worst part was that I watched the whole thing happen and there was nothing I could do. Within a couple seconds, she was gone. We buried her in the back yard in a spot where she used to lay and sunbathe. Our other boxer Max is torn up. He keeps sniffing around trying to find her and it is heartbreaking. I feel guilty that I wasn’t holding her or looking for cars before I opened the gate. I should have known better that puppies are unpredictable and I shouldn’t have assumed that she knew better. I feel absolutely terrible, especially because she was still a puppy and had so much life ahead of her. I can’t stop seeing the flashbacks and graphic images of her getting hit and dying before my eyes. I don’t know if I will ever be the same.

  175. my cat just died today and i feel like its my fault, well its completely my fault see i live in mexico and in a duplex kind of house our kitchen sink is downstairs on the patio where our sheppard lives well the cat got in some spilt honey and i had to bath him, i went inside for a second and our sheppard had him i tried to pry him away but my cat bit me accidentally and i dropped him and then the dog got hima nd started shaking him i just froze i was horrified, my hand was bleeding profusely but i just couldnt stop watching the dog and cat fought then i heard crunching sounds i knew it was over finally the dog let him go i went back out cautiously and tied up the dog and wrapped the cat in a towel he was breathing hard and when i sat him down i realized the dmage his back and neck were broke and he was pooping on himself i feel so bad i should have saved him but i was scared of the dog i was worried id get hurt and i just watched him get killed im a weak sorry b**ch i keep thinking god will punish me for this cats death and now im considering getting rid of the dog im just not comfortable around him now its not his fault i know i shouldnt have left him there by himselfpobresito theres no vet hospital here or a vet in general i had to just let him die i feel like sh*t like a piece of trash ill never forgive myself

  176. Friday, both of my yorkies passed away within minutes of each other. I only recently figured out what the cause was, and that it was my fault. They died due to me giving them too much water, causing them to over hydrate and develop hyponatremia. I had gave both of them a large water bowl to share because I wouldn’t be home for a few days and didn’t want my dad to have to worry about it. After a little while of them drinking some of the water, I looked in the bowl to find all of it gone. This want new to me, they usually could drink all of the water in their smaller bowls. I let my 2 year old yorkie roam around outside while I watched his son, a yorkie only a few months old, to make sure he used the restroom before going inside of the house. After a little bit, I noticed he started drooling and then he began throwing up a lot, stuff even started coming out of his nose. I took him to my dad and he told me he just probably got sick from eating something from the grass, so I let both of my dogs inside while I went to take a shower. While in the shower, the younger one started whining and yelling so I instantly got out and went to him only to see that nothing was wrong with him after putting pressure on his paws and legs, but he would whimper if I touched his side. I called my mom and asked her what to do and she said just to let him rest for a little bit and make sure to keep an eye on him, so I lied him on my bed and did the same. After a while, he started trying to get up, and it looked as if he was banging his head on the mattress. I ran down to my dads room, crying because I didn’t know what was wrong. I tried to make him stand up but he wouldn’t, he’d only lie back down on his side. I went outside to call my mom and tell her what was going on and she told me she didn’t know what to do. I ran back inside, squatting on my dads floor as the dog began panting and curling up into a ball. My dad told me that he was going to die and there wasn’t much we could do for him now. He started twitching, making random noises as his body started shaking and that’s when I figured out he was having a seizure. A few minutes later, he passed away and we went outside to bury him. I went back inside to change because I had a game that night, and when I went back outside, my dad told me to go check on the older dog because he was whimpering like something was hurting him. I went around the front of my house and saw him at the road, but when I called his name he wouldn’t come to me. I walked out to him and he began following me, but would start wobbling and fall over. I picked him up and carried him the rest of the way, but when I set him back down he wasn’t able to stand up. Soon, the same thing that happened to the younger dog started happening to him. If I could take back giving them such a large amount of water and educating myself more about the subject, I definitely would. I had both dogs since the time they were born, and only being 15 makes the subject more traumatic and heartbreaking for me. Right now, I don’t plan on getting another dog because it won’t be the same. But I’m trying my best to get over the guilt.

    1. Hi mya,

      Your story brought shivers all over me you poor poor thing I know exactly how you feel and that’s not an over estimation I truly do, I lost my beautiful puppy simba 2.5 years not such a puppy but just stayed as one on the 18th July 3 months ago to exactly the same horrific condition I tried to copy my post to you but it wouldn’t work scroll down to the 18th July my names dawn and my dog was simba. This condition is so so rare and our vets who had been a vet for 27 years had never come across it or other opinions I gor from other vets had not experienced this either it’s horrendous apparently they would not have suffered with doesn’t really help I know but it’s something apparently they would have felt drunk like and a bit Woosey but to loose to dogs too you poor poor thing. I started a campaign in the UK to raise awareness and no one knew about this I did a poster and shared on Facebook and put it up in vets and it’s made a difference I also visited dog hydro centres to put the poster up and raise awareness. If you like I could forward you simbas poster and you could have a look and perhaps do something similar or add your story to mine people don’t know about this so the one thing you could do for them is spread awareness I know you are quite young so I will give you my email address and if you like perhaps email me from yours or your parents email and I can send you the poster, it might make you feel a bit better to feel like you are doing something it did me, I still miss simba everyday but I know it’s not my thought or yours it’s a horrible tradgidy and if vets don’t know how would we know but I know if I had read something I would have acted differently like others will now after reading simbas poster. Also if you look up dry drowning in the Internet you will see other people in our position so even though it’s rare it does happen. Best wishes and be kind to yourself it is not your thought x

  177. I just had my dog die a couple days ago and am struggling so hard with guilt. He had health issues in the past where we rushed him in to the vet and this time around I thought it was the same thing and could handle it from home as we had been through it so many times. Little did I know that I would come home from work and find him laying there dead…I can not get over the immense amount of guilt I have for not taking him in this ONE time. It happened so suddenly. I knew he was sick but I didn’t think he was DEATHLY ill. Now I feel like I neglected to provide the care he needed and let him down. I cried so hard for the past 3 days and feel this sadness weighing heavy in my heart. I know he is resting in peace now, but clearly he was sicker than I thought and for the past week I feel like he may have suffered without me even realizing it. As he laid there wondering why I wasn’t helping him for once, because I thought he would be ok this time! This is one of the worst feelings I have ever experienced in my life.

  178. My girl was only 7 she had gotten sick we don’t know what from ,the vet told us it was a slipped disk in her back ,she was in so much pain everyday but she fought so hard ,she was my world and my motivation to get through each day ,well one day I begged for my mother to take her to the vet so we did ,they gave her a shot for nausea and sent us home that night my girl died in her sleep ,the shot was to much I guess, how could a vet not know this ,I trusted them to help my baby and because I wanted her to be ok and decided to take her she died, this happened on April 3rd and I can’t express how guilty I feel for taking her to that place . just wanted to vent because I don’t have anyone to really talk to that understands the amount of strength and happiness that a dog brings into life.

  179. My pug Teddy died on Sunday. He was 9 and had lost his eyesight 2 years ago but he adapted well and was a happy and healthy pug. We purchased a halo for him so he would navigate around the house fairly well and lived a good life. Our other pug Sophie adored him.
    On Sunday, he injured his leg and we decided we didn’t want to wait until Monday to bring him to our vet’s office. There is a vet’s office in the next town which is an ER vet, open 24 hours, state of the art and a beautiful facility. Teddy had undergone an MRI there a few years ago so I felt comfortable taking him there.
    My husband and I drove him to the ER vet and they took us in immediately as they were not very busy. He was panting, which he often did when at the vet, as he was stressed. Instead of examining him in the room with us, they brought him in the back. The vet came back in a bit and said nothing was broken and we could take him home that day. I asked to see him and they said in a little while, they were giving him some oxygen as he was stressed. I accepted this instead of insisting that being with me would lower his stress level. The vet let me know they were gathering 2 meds for him and then we could bring him home in a bit.
    We waited and waited and then the vet came back in and told us that Teddy’s tongue had turned blue and his temp had soared to almost 107 degrees and they had intubated him and were working to cool him down. Again I asked to see him and was told that he was sedated and wouldn’t know I was there. I was panicked but I trusted he was in a good place, one where people bring their pets for emergencies.
    Finally they came back and said I could come back to see him…as we were walking through the door we saw 2 people performed strenuous CPR on my dog and the vet told us to wait outside the door. She then came back and said his heart has stopped, should we continue CPR and we told them no….knowing he had a leg injury, probably from a disc issue and seeing the almost violent CPR, I didn’t know what damage that would have caused. We said “let him go.”
    I went in finally and saw my dog. The dog they carried away from me with his tail up, trusting, happy….now lying on a gurney, soaking wet, intubated, covered in tubes and wires. I held him for a long time and told him how sorry I was.
    I can’t get past wondering what his final moments were like. How does a dog overheat in an ER vet’s office? How long did he suffer before they noticed his distress? How afraid he must have been…hearing all those other dogs barking and in pain, being blind and in a strange place, slowing overheating.
    I’m just tortured by what happened to my baby and the excuse of “pugs can easily overheat” just doesn’t cut it for me. I’ve owned pugs all my life and yes, they pant and yes they get stressed at the vet but I’ve never had a dog die from the stress of a vet visit.
    Nothing will bring him back but I am just tortured with thoughts of what his final hour was like. All the “what ifs”.
    He was the sweetest most gentle boy and he deserved so much better. I failed him and I can’t get past it.

  180. My dog of 1.5 years, Waffles, was hit by a car a couple months ago. He was my boy and I grieved and grieved then recently decided to get another dog. I got Dozer. I had him not even 2 weeks and tonight he ran under my truck tire. I yelled at him to stay away from the truck rather than picking him up since he didn’t know better. I just want a dog so badly. I don’t understand why I can never catch a break. I feel so horrible

  181. worst human on earth

    My puppy is dieing rigjt now from meth exposure. :'( I want it to be me instead of him ..i feel so incredibly horrible i dont know what to do..trying to keep him comfortable but it just hurts so bad to see him breathing fast like that and there is absolutely nothing i can do to dake it back or gix him

  182. My beautiful chihuahua, Wilbur, died last week, in my arms. I can’t stop thinking that I killed him. Yes, by accident, but nonetheless. He was old – we don’t know exactly how old because he was a rescue. He had several bouts of pancreatitis, had seizures throughout his life, but on this day, I saw him falter. I saw him stagger. I overreacted and ran to pick him up as he fell and as my hand made contact with his tiny body, I knew it wasn’t quite placed right and as I lifted him to run to the couch to sit with him, I felt his body go limp and his head fell back – I think violently. I think I broke his neck. By the time I got the the couch and sat, he lay back in my arms and let out a long woeful sigh and threw his head back. And he was gone. Within five minutes I was with him at the vets two blocks away. The doctor took him in the back and 5 minutes later cam back to tell me he was gone and asked what happened. I tried to describe the events – that I saw his back legs collapse – and that I knew something was horribly wrong this time and that I scooped him up to carry him to the couch.

    In the days following, I played the scene over and over in my head. I can’t help but think I jerked him too hard when I picked him up to run to the couch. After five days I was finally able to speak to the vet again in person and begged him to tell me if my dog’s neck was broken and if I had killed him. He said no, and that he felt it must have been a major seizure or stroke. But this is the kindest doctor you could ever meet and I can’t help but feel that he couldn’t bring himself to tell me that I had killed him by accident. I can’t believe that by overreacting I may have killed my dog and that it might have just been a simple seizure and that he would have recovered and lived longer. I can’t help but feel that when his gaze met mine but in my arms, and when he made his last plaintive sound, he wondered why I would hurt him so and take his life. So tired, so sad. Don’t know how to go on. It’s one thing to lose your best friend but another thing entirely to live with the guilt of having killed him.

  183. I left my story here about 4 or so months ago, and thought I’d come back for an update. I’d also like to thank Barbara for the reply. My oldest daughter and I have had a couple dreams where Mudd visits us. I had one on her bday in fact, I was taking pics of some amazing storm clouds with my phone and saw him running towards me in the bottom right of the screen. I dropped my phone to run to him but he wasn’t there,looking thru my phone screen again he was there, I came to the bittersweet realization that he was there just not in physical form. My daughter was touched and felt it was his way of saying happy bday. Its heartbreaking to see how many others carry guilt like me and hopefully we will one day learn to forgive ourselves. I’m not sure if I mentioned the 8 mo pit mix we tried to take for a friend who couldn’t keep him, but had to rehome due to food aggression towards our kids, I was also unable to bond w/ him bcuz I felt like I was betraying Mudd. Now for a positive update. About 6 wks ago I had a random dream about a small brownish dog cuddling in my lap, that all I could remember when I woke and my husband and I had a laugh about it becuz I’m not a small dog person, but I felt happy in my dream. 2 weeks later my daughter calls from school and asks me to talk to her art teacher. She was going out of town for the weekend and needed someone to petsit a dog she was fostering, she said it was a small fluffy white dog, tho she hadn’t seen him yet. We said ok knowing it was just 2 days and our girls would have fun. Met with her at the school along with dogs prev owner…it wasn’t white at all…it was a light brown, small terrier mix. The woman rehoming him explained he was her grandmother’s dog but she passed away unexpectedly and she couldn’t keep him. He’s been with us since. The girls adore him, he’s so smart and well behaved… and loves to sleep on my tummy. What’s best is, I don’t feel guilt with him, maybe becuz we both needed each other. We both lost our other halves and perhaps find solace in sharing that in common. I do feel he was meant to be with us and maybe my dream was trying to let me know what was to come and that it was ok. One day the same will happen to you all, when the time is right, and just like me you’ll know when that time comes. I won’t let Bootsie down, not just for us, but for his prev mom who would want nothing but the best for him

    1. Steph it is good that you are able to give love to a new pet – with Mutt’s approval and encouragement. I too have opened my heart to a young black kitten, in honor of my beloved Prada who will forever be in my heart until I reunite with her again. Hug our pets and enjoy every moment they gift us with their presence.

  184. Hello lowlife person, What a tragic little story. I’m so sorry for your sad loss.

    I often feel that a dog holds a mirror up to who we really are. Dog is god – spelt backwards. Of course are not a bad person. You have great passion (that was apparent when you poured love and dedication into your dog) but your passion can also be your enemy. You owe to yourself and you lovely dog – to make certain you control and nurture your passion. If you had no passion – or shall we say ‘fire’ or ‘intensity’, then you might never had the drive to nurture your little poodle to health in the first place.

    You lost control towards the end only because you were tired. Also frustrated because the dog wasn’t working with you at that time for the best outcome – that both of you have a good night’s rest. So you lost your tempter and struck out. In his weak state it was the final blow.
    The good thing is that actually put your dog out of misery very quickly. Saved him from a lingering death. Although, this is not how you wanted him to die! Try and draw strength and comfort from the fact that the last part is not the whole part – just a tiny, tiny slice of your dogs life. Hold on to the good things. Your kindness and love gave him the zest to race along the beach like a puppy. But for you he wouldn’t have done this. You gave him love, hope, strength, happiness, company, nurture, and friendship.
    Your poodle loved you and still does. You have an unbroken bond for ever. But you need to learn and grow. If you do not work on yourself a little to keep your passion in check it will be a lost opportunity, but if you do, then you will grow more into the angel you really are, your little dog will have given you an even great gift then your realise. God Bless

  185. I truly caused the death of my precious little poodle. I rescued him from the pound almost 2 years ago. He was probally 13-14 years old. Hearing and sight mostly gone with only a few teeth. He also had kennel cough. I nursed him back to his best health he could have and he enjoyed life. The summer before last he was running on the beach like a puppy. The past few months his site went completely and he would often be restless. He had a seizure while taking a walk a few weeks ago that lasted about 5 minutes, but he fully recovered by the next day. He always would take a while to settle down at night, Put him in bed and he would want to get down, wonder around baging into to things until he got tired. On his last night , I had him in our guest room so I could sleep. He started to bark , so I got up and brought him back to the bedroom and lied down with him on the blanket. He shortly started to get up. I put him in bed with my and he was still ansy, and in my frustration I hit/ spanked him hard, which only made him worse. He was sweet and innocent and did not know what he did wrong! I then was more frustrated and tossed him off the bed. He hit the floor and started to have a seizure. I picked him and placed him on a blanket on the bed. It lasted about 10 minutes. After it stopped I picked him and was holding him. after a few minutes he stopped breathing and left me.
    I know I am truly a monster. I cannot and do not deserve to forgive myself. I am not suicidal , but cannot live myself. Everyone talks about how I rescued him and gave him a happy last all most 2 years of life, but that is all wiped out by what I did. I assure you, you cannot say anything that would make me feel any worse.

  186. Our first dog, Brandee, died while my husband was deployed. He was due home in only a few more months. She was only 4 years old, and died of kidney failure. I took her to the vet when after she threw up several times and lost her appetite. She was in the ICU for ten days on fluids at the best Veterinary Medical Center in our state, however, the cause of her death is unknown. This was over a year ago, and the tears and pain of her death never go away. I feel so guilty. It started when she ate about a 6×6 inch piece of rhubarb crunch dessert unattended. She eventually threw it up in the evening and our vet claims this was not the cause of death. I am skeptical, and believe the sugar and fat in the desert could have caused pancreatitis and then kidney failure. There are no toxins, rat poison, antifreeze or medications in our house. I do not believe it was acute kidney failure, but possibly acute on a chronic condition in which the dessert and throwing up was a trigger. The vet thought it was leptospirosis, but the test came back negative. We did have two mice in the basement, which I removed with live traps and transplanted them in the woods! I don’t believe in killing innocent mice :-)
    Three weeks prior to her kidney failure, she was treated at her local vet for a UTI. At the same time, she received her annual round of vaccinations. I wonder if the stress of the vaccines was too much for her kidneys to process while trying to fight a bladder and/or kidney infection. She had three UTIs in her short life, and our vet said it was due to a possibly shorter than normal urethra. I still wonder if she had scar tissue in either her ureters or urethra from a spay surgery at only 8 weeks old and 8 pounds! (She was from a rescue organization). I regret not doing an autopsy.
    Three days after she ate the dessert, I took her to the vet because she lost her appetite. During those three days I was home with her, and she just seemed tired and threw up a few times. She was still eating and drinking water though. I thought maybe I fed her too soon after she threw up the dessert initially. I was so wrong. I regret not taking her sooner.
    She was everything to me and my husband. When her lungs began filling with fluid due to either the toxins building up in her blood or leptospirosis, we decided to let her cross the rainbow bridge. She would have died in the night in the oxygen chamber cold and alone. The one regret I don’t have is being with her in the end. I curled up with her on the floor and held her body close to mine. My husband was skyping and watched silently as the vet administered the dose of goodbye serum. I wanted to go with her.
    After she died, I felt like a failure of a dog owner. I prayed that God or whoever would help me notice signs of illness in the next pet or loved one before it’s too late. I guess my prayers were answered, (and I’m not very religious), because the next rescue dog we adopted saved me, and I saved him. I adopted Fletcher at the humane society when he was a year old. We had an instant bond. He passed his first vet check, but a few months later he started coughing while running. I took him to the vet a few times, and they thought maybe it was allergies. The third time, my vet noticed a very faint heart murmur. We were going to schedule an echocardiogram, but delayed when his cough seemed to go away with a round of antihistamine for allergies. We would check his heart murmur again in 3 months. Before that time came, he chewed my inhaler when my husband left our bedroom door open one night. I came home from my night shift and found it on the floor and Fletcher seemed hyper and I called the vet and rush him in. He was fine, and it left his system quickly, but his increased heart rate helped them hear his murmur much better. We scheduled the echocardiogram that day and found he had a PDA. We went for surgery the next week, and then our vet discovered it was not a PDA, but an extremely rare genetic heart defect that would cause heart failure in a matter of months. He was born with hundreds of abnormal arteries around his heart, and blood was not flowing as it should- causing his hear to work overtime. He has since been successfully treated and his surgery is the first of its kind in the US! It will be published in a medical journal this year. Since then, we have trained him not to get into anything in our house, and he is an amazing dog.

  187. I feel so guilty. Because of me my cat is dead. I don’t know how to go on, and I cannot understand how I did not see how sick my beloved 4 year old cat was.
    I keep going over what happened again and again. Last Wednesday at 1 pm he suddenly acted a little strange. He seemed stressed and shaky. I thought it was because of a series of things: me using a hairdryer, moving his food to another place for shorter periods because our 8 months old son recently began crawling, the noise outside because of replacing the old pavement.
    I stroke his fur and tried to calm him. I thought he needed some time for himself so I let him rest. When I went to bed that night he was lying in our bed, still seeming different and stresset. But I was tired, I had been out with our 3 year old son that evening and our baby son still wakes us up to 5 times every night so I didn’t focus on my cat not being alright. I just focused on my own needs and went to sleep.
    The next morning my husband got up early with our baby, and he emptied the litter boxes. I was so tired and didn’t get up until 7.30 am. We were in a hurry and my husband took the boys and brought the older one to daycare. I was alone for about 35 minutes. I don’t remember looking after my cat. Instead I did the laundry and other household duties. My husband came home and our baby woke up just as always. We made the completely wrong observation and thought our cat was doing better since he didn’t complain, he rested but could walk and he even drank water. My husband went to school and I would keep an eye on our cat. He seemed tired but he moved from one resting spot to another. He drank though he didn’t eat. He went to the litter box several times, but I never checked if he passed anything. I just focused on our little boy and his needs. At noon our cat threw up and I cleaned it up and just thought that cats throw up all the time.
    At 3 pm I went to pick up the older son. We came home 1 hour later and I made dinner. Our cat didn’t seem well but he acted like earlier the same day. My husband came home at 6.30 pm and we put the boys to bed. I noticed that our cat had thrown up more, and my husband noticed that he was not too well. He thought about visiting the vet next day. I had also thought about going to the vet, but I just couldn’t find the strength to take the walk there with our baby and our 8 kg cat, which I thought would become even more stressed.
    I really wish I just had called the vet! At 8 pm our cat screamed twice and then he died in my arms.
    The autopsy showed enlarged bladder and kidney failure. If I just had checked and looked after my cat I would have realised he was sick and needed immediate treatment. But I didn’t and now he is gone.
    We took our other cat to the vet as soon as possible, scared that maybe she was also sick since they had lived under the same conditions. She was perfectly healthy. Even though that was a relief I can’t stop blaming myself for what my misjudgement did to our special baby. I am so sorry and I hope my beloved cat can forgive me.

  188. I feel so guilty for my dog, my baby boy Juniors death. He was a nine month old chihuahua. He got parvo.I paid $260.00 for medicine and other supplies to treat him at home. After a couple of days he looked like he was getting better I was so excited!! Thinking my little boy was gonna make it. I left for work and that whole I just couldn’t wait to get home to see him. So when I got home he didn’t look the same as he did when I left and was breathing weird. Then I kinda new he wasn’t gonna make it. But I also thought he just needed a good night’s sleep. I woke up the next morning around six looked down at his grate next to my bed he was still alive just laying there and stareing at me. Like he knew that he had a little bit of time with me left. I didn’t even think pick him up or hold him one last time. I just fell back asleep. Few hours later I woke up again then got his fluids ready to inject in him grabbed his medicine tablets walked over to his grate and he had already passed. I immediately called his vet and they said bring him in to see if they could anything but they couldn’t. So I brought him home and buried him. I feel so guilty for not as much as I could and not holding for that last time but the main thing I feel guilty for is not getting his vaccines in the first place. I had him almost seven months. I always planned on doing it but I kept it off for some stupid reason my mom even kept telling me but I didn’t. If I did he would be sleeping right next to me right or running all over the house like the crazy puppy he was right now. I miss him so much my heart is broken and I can’t even eat sometimes, I cry everyday and look at his pictures every day. I really miss taking him cruising he would always sit in my lap and stick his head out the window . I miss everything about him, his big ears, his cute little face, him chasing his tail, running around the entire house, making messes , i miss him sleeping next to me and hearing his little heart beat, I miss him barking and growling when we used play with him. I especially miss when he was always the first one to welcome me home from a long day work. I just hope he forgives me and knows I loved him and tried to give him the best life I could. I think about and miss him eveyday. R.I.P. Junior. I hope we will meet again and I am so sorry for neglecting his vaccines.

  189. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thank you for being here, and sharing how difficult it is when you’re dealing with guilty feelings caused by your dog or cat’s death. It’s devastating to think that your actions led to your pet’s death…but you have to keep reminding yourself that it was an accident.

    You never would have hurt your pet on purpose. My prayer is that you forgive yourself for the accident, and that you are able to move forward with a lighter heart. May you find freedom and self-forgiveness, and start to remember your pet with joy and peace.


    1. Dear Gia,
      I know what that feels like. Knowing your pet struggled while you are in close proximity and you didn’t notice… It is the most awful feeling in the world. Sending you light and love. It was an accident, it was not something you did on purpose. This is what I have to tell myself every day and it does get better… I promise… Thank you Laurie for this awesome place that allows people to unburden their souls…

  190. My dear cat Prada died tragically at home yesterday afternoon. She climbed into the dryer, without seeing her inside I loaded the dryer with freshly washed laundry and turned it on. She died a slow painful death whilst I went about my household errands in the house without any clue that my baby was suffering in the laundry room. When I went to retrieve the dried clothes several hours later I got the shock of my life, I am still in shock and in so much pain, how could I have not known that my spiritual friend was crying out for help? I have let her down so badly.

  191. We lost our Taz just a few days ago. 9/26/15 I had to make the decision to have Taz put to sleep.
    Taz is a shih tzu , he would have been 17 yrs old this coming Feb. I feel like i failed him even though everyone tells me i did the right thing. My heart is broken all i do is cry. This little fur baby was such a huge part of my life i just don’t know what to do. I feel so lost and lonely. My house no longer feels like a home, i hate being at work. There are so many things i wish i could change. I’m sorry for the times i got upset for him barking or the times i was awaken to assist him on or off the bed. I could go on with regrets for hours i’m sure of it. I hope one day this pain i feel inside fades some. Never forgotten and always loved…….

  192. The grief is overwhelming

    We lost our darling baby George on Labor Day and I still can’t process or accept his passing. I feel so much guilt. After a series of unexplained ailments (seizures we medicated him for successfully, a necrotic tongue with partial glossectomy) my sweet baby passed away at 4am in my arms as I banged on the door to the emergency vet clinic. He had been at the vet earlier that week due to not eating. The vet assured me after examination there couldn’t have been an intestinal blockage because he wasn’t in any pain. They sent me home with an appetite stimulant and told me to return the following day if there was no improvement. He regained his appetite shortly thereafter and was fine for 3 days until he stopped eating again. We agreed to take him into the vet the next morning if things didn’t improve, but he died in the middle of night. I can’t stop myself from feeling like this was my fault. He was only 9 years old. I adopted him from a shelter at 4mo and raised and cared for this wonderful friend every day of his life. I’m so heartbroken I can’t eat or sleep. I miss him every day, especially at times I was used to giving him his medicine or running out of bed to take him for a walk. I am devastated and the pain just wont go away.

  193. My Mini-Dachshund, Roman, was a strong, sharp little man. He gave me the best 8 years of my life. I feel guilty because I couldn’t save him in his time of need. He had liver complications/failure and we had to give him full-spectrum antibiotics that would already tax his liver and upset his stomach. I had to feed him with a baby syringe. I’m not sure why this had to happen to him and I want to blame myself. I feel like I’ve been punished for whatever reasons but I don’t think Roman blames me for anything. I gave him the best life a dog could have. He passed away as peacefully as he could — in his chair, elevated, with his Daddy by his side. Now Sheriff Roman rests out back under the old pine tree where he can get plenty of sun. He’s always half way between home and adventure!

  194. Thank for everyone’s comments. Today my dog was hit by a car. I bottle fed him from a pup .if I would of fixed the fence high enough so he wouldn’t of jumped . In reading all comments i feel im not alone . I hope Melo forgives me.

  195. I have been holding on to the guilt that I killed my cat for weeks now.
    My husband and friends all tell me I shouldn’t blame myself, but I don’t see how I can’t.
    My cat was with me for 18 years (almost ½ my life) we went through everything together, and in the end I let her down, I didn’t take care of her like I should have, I let her down and I’ll never forgive myself. I didn’t realize her kidneys were slowing down, I should have. The signs were all there, she was eating less, drinking more water and sleeping often. I wanted to take her to the vet, but I let me husband convince me that it was just old age, even though I knew in my heart something was wrong. But she just got her blood work 3 months ago and got a clean bill of health and I just lost my job and money is tight and I didn’t want to spend another $350 that her blood work would cost, so I let myself believe she was fine. If that wasn’t enough guilt, my dog brought fleas into the house, so I did what I always do; I gave all my pets (dog and both cats) flea meds. I didn’t realize what it would do to a pet that had kidney issues. My girl went into complete renal failure, I rushed her to the vet –it was too late. The vet tried to do all she could, even tried to flush her kidneys out, but while she was doing that my cat had a seizure. I was called and told that if she continued, she could have another seizure and be brain dead, or die on the operating table. I made the hard decision to let her go. It wasn’t like people say. She wasn’t ready to go, she kept trying to fight, she kept trying to get up and leave with me. She kept growling and hissing and fighting. My girl was a fighter, she was strong. She could have lived to 20 or older. But in the end I failed her. In the end I cause her death, and I caused myself a lifetime of guilt. I miss her ever day and I will never forgive myself.

  196. I am really guilty of my dog’s death. She is almost 15 years old. She finally got home from northern California after a year cared by my nephew because I had to travel to the east coast. He loves her very much and pampered her, gave her 5-star treatments despite her problems. Within a year, she lost her ability to bark, she was weak on both of her back legs. She couldn’t really respond to our callings but she was still a fighter – she drank lots of water (she loved drinking water since young) and tried to walk despite her weakness.

    After I took over her care, I felt she was doing better. I let off my guard and started planning to do errands. I had many things in my mind. Three days ago, I had a bad fight with my husband and I soon decided to go out to buy things I had in mind. For revenge or for what? I must be possessed by devil because I didn’t even remember to bring her in from outside. She had just been doing better since she could walk on her own in and out of the house these days. Somehow my mind was blocked… I didn’t return home soon enough to rescue her because she collapsed in the middle of the day under the heat. I came home only to find her body. I cried and screamed. I am a baster. How can I do things like that? What kind of owner am I to my girl? She must have been waiting for me to rescue her. But I never.

    I felt like a dog killer. I caused her to die. Even though she was old, she didn’t have to die under the sun. I am afraid of myself now. I don’t know who I am any more. How can I let it happen? I am crying all day long. I ask my son to pray for me because I really felt bad about what happened. I bathe her clean, I invented cushions so she won’t hurt her butt when she felt down, I did a lot of things for her, but at the end, I caused her to die. Why did I ever let it happen? I will go seek for a counselor tomorrow Monday. I don’t think I could ever ask God to forgive me. I used to be so proud of myself doing things the right and correct way. And, now I am the worst in my own eyes. I think that God has to use this death to teach me to let go of my arrogance and pride I have. But it really really hurts. It hurts to think her owner ignored her at the end of her life.

    One of my nephews told me that he dreamt about her two weeks ago before her death that she’s saying goodbye to him and indicating her time will be up in two weeks and she asked him, “why am I still here?” I couldn’t believe it to be true but I would thank God if that is true for her.

    God, please forgive me. I am an unfit owner. I am afraid of taking care of my other two dogs. I am afraid of taking care of anything or anyone…

  197. I did nothing wrong.. I loved my pet and it killed him!! My bestfriend died in my arms last night trying to find a place to give him medicine because he was poisened. He was a husky and loved to play and loved exercise. I gave him plenty of both love.. play.. exercise.. anything he needed.. He was my only friend that made my life livable. How can you cope with seeing your pet dog in agony for hours and then dies from an injection which was only part of the cure he needed and the pharmacy didnt have the rest!!.. and then you have to burry him. He was poisened because i like to let him go to play and spread his legs. I knew it was wrong and he was stubborn and I knew he ate anything he found. I just believed that dogs can withstand anything. that they had stronger stomachs!!.. but they dont.. so be careful what he eats!!.. train your dogs well.. it could kill him!! never do what you think is fun but what you think is best are some of the lessons learned… he was only 10 month… but i lived with him the best 10 month of my life!!.. the fun will never be forgotten and i wish i could take him swiming one more time!!.. i punished him that day in a dark room!!.. i feel terrible for every second I ever put him in time out!!.. so be careful what you do to your friends you might live to regret it!!..

  198. While visiting my family’s ranch in Texas last week, I ran over and killed my sweet, beautiful Jack Russell Samantha. I was totally at fault, not imagined fault but actual fault. If Sam was a person, I would be guilty of vehicular homicide. After going for a drive, we were entering the ranch entrance along a long and sloping road. Sam was barking out an open window and I thought she had spotted a jack rabbit. I opened the driver’s side door and she bounded over my lap to the ground. I shut the door and thought I would give her some exercise and let her run the rest of the way home. I accelerated away and looked in the rear view mirror to see if she was following only to see her lying in the road. She could not bear for me to leave her and obviously darted after the car and went under the bottom. I ran back to her and held her in my arms; her hear beat twice and then she was dead. That was three days ago and I have not slept or eaten since. The guilt in a huge black hole. I keep seeing it over and over again like some obscene closed-loop movie. Since I brought her home as a puppy, we were inseparable. I only left her home when I was going shopping and it was too hot to leave her in the car. She was so sweet and loving. I look at her picture and pray for her forgiveness. I hope someday I can forgive myself.

  199. Our family dog that I grew up with died last night, I feel so much regret on what I could’ve done better, I just feel like I didn’t pay enough attention to her because of school and work and if I tried harder she would’ve lived much longer. I feel like I was too selfish…Only if I could go back…Not ready to say goodbye, I’m gonna miss her so much…

  200. Barbara….I just read your post about your beloved cat and tears are streaming down my face. I pray that after your writing you were able to find your sweet girl. My situation is almost exactly the same and I am now consumed with guilt for taking my precious boy to my daughter’s home for a stay while we were on vacation. He too is a nervous, skittish cat and I should have known that something bad might come about. The stress of being in a strange environment for 2 to 3 days before he bolted must have caused untold stress and suffering for him. I too searched the country area around my daughter’s home and am so worried that he was too unfamiliar with the area to ever find his way back. The worry about what might have been his fate is almost suffocating me and I worry that the hole in my heart will never be able to heal. I feel that peace will never return to me. This is made worst by my family who are not able to understand my grief or the bond that Bradley and I shared.

  201. My hedgehog died today and it was all because of my stupid forgetfulness. I cannot believe my actions cost my baby her life. I clean my hedgehogs cage every other week or so and last time I cleaned it my girl wandered off and my horrible brain thought that I had already put her back in the cage. When everything was set back up my hedgehog ended up trapped so that she could not get out from the cabinet she was hiding behind. The next night was after my first day of school and I was tired and flustered so I decided not o take her out to play like usual. Instead I just filled her bowl and went to bed. It wasn’t until the next night, 48 hours later, that I found her. And she was still alive. Relieved I gave her a bit of water and hurried to warm her up. she seemed to be getting better but still wouldn’t walk. I kept at this for a few hours, but things only got worse. When I gave her more water she threw up and her body was limp. I alerted my mom and we were on our way to an animal hospital (this was at 300am) when she past away. I can’t believe I let my darling girl die of dehydration. I can never forgive myself. Still, reading all these stories has been helpful in making me feel less alone and less idiotic. Thanks Guys

  202. Dawn your post does help. Makes me feel I’m not alone and I can get through this. Saw her food this morning when I left for work. I always would feed her as she would walk between my legs when I made my coffee. Was expecting that to happen and it didn’t so I broke down in tears and a few more times today. I just have to take it one day at a time. I know we gave her a great life and I truly think she didn’t suffer. That’s all I can ask for.

    1. Jennie, the day to day things are the worse, when you expect them and they don’t happen (simba use to sleep at the bottom of the bed and the amount of times I’d kick off the second pillow in the night and then wake up with the heavyness off something on my feet to realise it’s just a pillow !kills me all over again) or him at the window waiting when I come in, 7 wks on I don’t now look at the window expecting you do get use to it even though you don’t get over it.

  203. I’m so sorry Jennie I re- read my message it isn’t helpful at all i suppose it just takes time. And your little cat couldn’t have been more loved like my little simba. I’m starting rspca volunteering soon and some poor mites will never ever experience a quarter of the love with felt and gave to our little pets xx

  204. All of these comments are helping me so much. Thanks everyone for sharing. Today our family is mourning the death of our one year old cat Ivee. Today is also my youngest daughters 4th birthday. We got Ivee last year on my daughters birthday. How cruel I keep thinking to myself. We get her and lose her the same day a year apart. She was the best cat. I had several cats growing up but Ivee was so awesome. She would tolerate all of us loving on her even though she hated it. My husband was running late to meet up with a friend to play tennis. About 45 minutes later my 8 year old daughter when looking outside for Ivee (she was an indoor/outdoor cat). When my daughter came back in she could barely speak and then finally said the garage shut on Ivee. I screamed and ran out and opened the garage. Her body was crushed right at the rib cage. And I mean crushed flat. Her eyes were open and she was dead. My husband thinks she was laying there as she liked to do and she just never got out the way. Her head was so small the sensor didn’t sense she was there. I hope she didn’t suffer. I have cried all day. Devestated. I feel like I have lost a child. Not sure how to move on. I keep seeing her little body lay there and the tears just start coming. How did this happen??? And why??? I feel robbed of many years i should have had and I know no other cat will compare to her. I just want to not hurt anymore.

    1. Hi jennie, poor u and ur family so sad, I like you am trying to move on I lost my baby dog simba at 2.5 years to water intoxification on July the 18th, something I didn’t really understand until now. The hardest thing for me too is to be able to move on from that robbed feeling too because of his age like your little cat you sort of commit to a loving pet knowing that’s it’s not forever you will be saying good bye but not at 2.5 or 1 years like our pets that’s been the hardest thing for me, I can’t offer you any words of wisdom I’m still well just coping if that what u call it everyday! I can’t even really look at beautiful pics of him at the moment without breaking down, I just wanted to give my support and tell you I know how you feel which is bloody crap! It’s so very unfair. I had just been near the end of a bitter bullying case from my manager at work and my last day of garden leave was the 20th July which I had in big letters “free ” in my calendar so for simba to die on the 18th It felt like a spiteful I was looking forward to being more upbeat and enjoying my life with my lovely dog. Life is just spiteful at times I have nothing to say but big hugs and its crap I understand that x

  205. I am deeply sorry for those who have lost their beloved furry family members. I too feel your pain and sadness, and thank you for the opportunity to share my story. My two little darlings, which we’ve loved and cherished for 14 1/2 years, recently fell ill and had to be put down. I can’t help but feel terrible that it was something that we did that caused Zoe and Kia to become so sick at the same time. They were sisters who did everything together, right down to living with kidney disease this last year. I’ve been obsessing over whether it was a new, protein-rich treat that we had been giving them that caused their renal failure, or the installation of a new water softener 6 weeks ago that played a role in excelerating their failing health. Neither I nor the vets know….what I do know is that it has been a difficult last 6 days until I found this website and read Laurie’s comments.
    Laurie, I want to thank you. The morning you posted your comments on September 2 was only 20 minutes after we would have said our goodbyes to Zoe and Kia. Although they were meant for someone else, reading your kind and gracious comments last night also helped fill my heart with comfort.
    To those who have lost their furry friends, remember you are good people with a lot of love to give. Although the sadness is difficult to bear right now, the world is truly a brighter place when we connect with and love our animals the way we do.

  206. Christine
    I am crying.. painful, sorrowful tears for you and for me. I think I know exactly how you feel. I Just need to amplify my pain, my guilt, my sorrow, 100 times more to feel your pain, sorrow and guilt. I loss my Cotton out of forgetfulness I forgot to open the door to let him back in the house after his usual morning frolicking in front of the house (my house is the last house on a dead end street). He wandered away and got hit by a car. I can imagine how painful you may be feeling. I should tell you that it was an accident. you didn’t mean it. but I know, you would not accept it. The guilt is just too big for any thought of forgiveness to enter. I just want you to know that I am crying for you and for me. The tears will not stop. I just hope as time passes the pain will be lessened thought I doubt the pain will ever go away. HUGS!!!

  207. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    I am so sorry for your loss. The pain of losing your dog is worse when you feel guilty about causing your dog’s death. It feels unbearable and heavy, like a heavy dark burden on your soul.

    May you find healing and comfort as you think of your dog resting in peace. Your dog loved you deeply and unconditionally, and knows that you would never do anything to purposely cause pain! Your dog knows how terrible and guilty you feel, and wants you to be free of the burden.

    Your dog loves you, no matter what happened. The last thing your dog wants is you to be burdened by the pain of guilt and grief! May you be free of the pain, and may your heart and soul heal. May you find strength and courage to move forward, and open your heart to love again.

    You are forgiven. Now, to honor your dog’s life, you must forgive yourself.

    In sympathy,

  208. I need to unburden my soul. I killed my dog. It was an accident, but I was solely responsible. I found this website when I went back to my studio this afternoon to wail and scream and cry without scaring my children. I had gone home at lunch yesterday deeply absorbed in a difficult problem at work. I grabbed something to eat and ran back out. Angus was at the door begging to go with my. Okay I nodded and he bounded off and into the car. I got back to my studio and I forgot to open the passenger door.
    The horror that met me when I went to go home will be a scar on my heart I will never forget. He was still breathing. I pulled him out and started pouring buckets of water on him while I frantically was calling my husband and screaming that Angus needed help. He drove like a maniac to the vet’s office while I was in the backset with a huge bucket of water dousing him and an ice pack on his head. Things were 50/50 at about midnight. I awoke at 5 am the same time the seizures started. I heard the chimes next door at 7:15. There was no wind, I knew he was gone and I started to cry. At 7:30 my vet who is a friend called, I was expecting it.
    The story I told my vet and my family is that I had come home for lunch and Angus had snuck in when I headed back but I didn’t know he was there. They all believe me because it had happened before. He hated to be alone and would run out and sneak in the car when we were leaving. But I did know he got it. I killed him. Judge me. Hate me. I deserve it.

  209. I lost my Yorkie almost two weeks ago and I am totally devastated. He was on a pillow on my husband’s lap in the car and he was pressed against the car window. I didn’t know he was in that position and for a really stupid reason, I opened the car door and he flew out and fell to the concrete. He didn’t have a chance even though we rushed him to two vets and they tried to save him. I have had a day or two when I feel like I can function but most of my days and nights are filled with thoughts of him and how desperately sad I am. I cannot get the picture of his eyes looking at us stunned at what happened. I never realized you could miss a precious little life as much as I miss him and if I could take that day back, I would. I I feel responsible for his death because if I had not opened that door, he would still be here today. He was the love of my life for 10 years and my life will never be the same without him. I have heard that time heals the wounds and the crying stops but I know the heartache will never end. I loved that dog more than I love life and even though I think he knew it, it doesn’t help with the heartache. I have heard the comments about what a great life I gave him but none of that matters when he is not with you.

  210. Our puppy Katie died last night because of our negligence. I feel sick and desperate and guilty. Today is Sunday, we only got her on Friday so we only had her 1 day. I have 3 other adult dogs a gentle but clumsy Collie and 2 maltese one of which is sometimes a little unpredictable. When we brought Katie home she was so sweet. We held her on our lap and allowed the other doggies to sniff her. Her tail was wagging and she licked their faces. For the day and a bit that we had her she was always with the other doggies. My Collie in particular was very protective of her and even nudged her little head back onto the couch where she was sleeping. Yesterday afternoon I had to fetch my husband and go to the shops. I put her in our bedroom and closed the door to keep her safe. I dropped my husband off before going to the shops and when I got home he said that she had been really distressed in the room. The rest of the day she was with the other dogs and seemed happy. It was my father in laws birthday last night and we were getting ready for dinner. She found herself separated from the other doggies and started wailing. We made the decision not to separate her into room again and distress her. We were only out for 2 hours. When we came home we found her laid out on the couch dead. She wasn’t big enough to climb onto the couch so we suspect that our Collie Murray picked her up and laid her out and licked her clean. I feel so bad because I asked the breeder if I could get her this weekend instead of next because my husband took leave for tomorrow and Tuesday to be with her. If I had taken her next weekend instead of this she would still be alive. We should have separated her. Her neck was broken. We don’t know if one of our dogs grabbed her and show her or whether she got entwined under their feet or whether she ran into something. My husband took her little body to the vet who told him that we should have known to never never leave a puppy alone. We were so so stupid! In her short little life she had been to vets for vaccines and microchips and then taken away from her litter mates. I was her mom. She was so tiny and fragile I should have made the choice to protect her or stay home. I have never seen my husband so in love as he looked when we brought her home. He is devastated too and I want to help him, but I don’t know how. Murray keeps looking for her and was so depressed last night. I feel weird towards my unpredictable maltese, but I don’t know that she did anything there were no marks or blood on Katie’s body. Perhaps I didn’t feed her properly and she became dehydrated or hyperglycaemic and slipped into a coma. I don’t know. I wish I could turn back time and do everything differently.

  211. My sister lost her Yorkie a couple months ago after 15 years, the last couple years she really had to take special care of him, nurtured him and kept him comfortable with special food, etc. Ofcourse she was extremely sad and grief-stricken as is usual when we lose a pet. When she got his ashes back from the vet her and her husband decided to get another puppy to love. They opted to get a smaller teacup yorkie. It seemed to be really helping her as she was able to give love again to another fur baby. She took it everywhere with her and was getting close very fast. Yesterday her husband was coming down from his ladder and accidentally stepped on him and crushed him. They are traumatized beyond belief and I don’t know if they can get over not only the death of 2 dogs so close but the guilt of the young puppy’s accidental death. It was a terrible accident, I have never seen my sister so devastated & I know they feel guilty. I wish I could help both of them, I want to say the right things, so far I just listened, told her I loved her and that it was a total accident.

  212. My dog just passed away today. We adopted her from a shelter about a month after my 14 year old collie passed away. When we first adopted her she was so happy and friendly but then she started getting terrible seizures every month. She is medicated for them but the medications didn’t always work. She started to shut out everyone and hide. After her last seizure she was covered in feces and I took her to a dog place to get a bath she was not the same after that. We took her to the vet because she was throwing up and stopped eating but she was drinking a lot. He said she had an infection and might have the dog flu and prescribed her antibiotics. She took antibiotics for a week but just got worse. She was barking today and I have her water and comforted her for a bit then left. Then she started barking again and when I have her water she ignored it and went under the kitchen table… Breathing heavily like she had been for the past week. A few hours later my mom got home from work and tried to get her attention. That’s when we realized she was dead. Her face was in a pool of her own blood. Had I known it was the end I would’ve stayed with her. I feel like there was something I could have done. How did I not notice she wasn’t breathing anymore? I miss my beautiful baby and I’m so sorry. Had I just given her a bath in our house bathtub she might still be here with me.

  213. I’m deeply ashamed and feel very very guilty and devastated, i’m a smoker still smoke and i truly feel i caused the death of my baby girl Foxy she was the my best fried my everything i found her running in the middle of the street and had her for 7 glorious years…she starting having breathing issues and wheezing and one day she could not breath on her own so good i took her to the vet immediately and she she did not last day she passed. The vet could not give us definitive answer to why she passed just that she developed a mast on her lungs that was aggressive. i totally lost it been crying and grieving for 2 years…in my heart i know i caused her death…the toll that this has done to me has been devastated i feel so ashamed and guilty and cry all the time not only do i missed my best friend i cause her death.

    I feel i do not deserve any happiness or joy i pushed all my friends away i know i need to see a counselor in the meantime i live with this pain all the time i’m not truly living…i barely get through life i want Foxy to forgive me but above all i want to see her again my life is barely worth living…

  214. Guilty and Blessed

    For the last 7 days I have been cycling between feeling extremely blessed, ashamed, embarrassed, and guilty. Last month my husband and I moved to a new house. Both our children returned to college at the same time. Our dog was disoriented and became very anxious every time we left the house. Last Saturday I needed to go up to the drug store to fill a prescription. Baby followed me out to the car wanting to go. I felt sorry for her because she has to stay home lonely in an unfamiliar house all week while we work, so I let her go with me. It was approximately 80 degrees outside. I left her in my car for about 15 minutes while I went into the drug store. I did leave the windows and the cracked and she had a plastic dish with some water, but the car still got extremely hot during that time. When I came out the local police were standing there and arrested me for animal endangerment. The temp inside my car had reached 107 in 15 minutes. I had no idea that could happen so quickly. I have light colored car with a light interior, but I live in Tennessee and it is hot here. I’m blessed that Baby is fine. I took her straight to the vet and they confirmed that she suffered no ill effects. I just feel so guilty and embarrassed that I used such poor judgement. I’m an educated person — don’t know what I was thinking!!! I love her and would never do anything to intentionally hurt her. A person in the parking lot videoed me being arrested and posted it on social media. I have to go to court next week. I have never even had a traffic ticket ever in my life. I can eat or sleep. Baby has comforted me all week because can tell I’m distraught. I just keep trying to focus on the fact that I’m one of the lucky ones because my Baby is still with me.

    1. Honestly try not to stress ignore any ill comments everyone makes mistakes and fortunately u are able to learn from it without loosing your precious dog many people like myself and others learn but can’t change anything social media is pathetic u don’t see the two sides of a story “infact u thought u was doing the right thing” people that react shld have learnt this by now. You didn’t cause your dog any stress stop feeling guilty and give ur dog a big hug, just pay the fine or whatever u need to do and move on. There r people who just wldnt have cared about their dog so I suppose in the law they can’t single u out as just not thinking, but don’t feel ashamed just move on from it as a lucky error of judgement. Take care x chin up

  215. Today is Monday. Our precious, little dog Princess died two days ago on Saturday. I, like, many others feel so much guilt for her untimely death. I’ve been reading everyone’s stories and the comments left by other readers, and it’s helping me so much through this trying time. I thank all of you for sharing your personal stories and for the comforting words in response to these heartfelt stories. I would like to share my story because I think it will help me grieve to write about it.
    Princess was a 3/4 Pomeranian and 1/4 Fox terrier. A lot of people said she looked like a little fox. She was adorable and the dog groomers would fight over who would get to cut her hair. The vet techs would ask to keep her and take her home because she was such a sweetie. I’ve had several dogs throughout my life, and I loved them all dearly, but Princess was different. She was like a sweet little baby. All she wanted to do was love you and follow you around and cuddle with you. She was such a good, little girl. I could go on and on.
    I feel so much guilt about her last month of life. My husband, daughter and I took a long 3-wk trip to tour colleges for my daughter. We left Princess with my mother-in-law. A week into our trip, my mother-in-law texted me that Princess seemed ill for the last couple of days, and she wanted to take her to the vet. The vet said she had an infection and gave her some fluids and antibiotics. My MIL said she seemed much better after that. 2 weeks later on Monday 7/27 we returned home and picked up Princess from my MIL’s home that evening. Princess didn’t seem like herself. Her right eye began to swell, and after a day or two, it had swollen shut. The next day, it looked better and after a couple of days, she seemed better. On Friday or Saturday, my daughter said she wanted Princess to see the vet because she seemed sick and cried when my daughter tried to pick her up. I notoced by Monday that she hadn’t eaten for at least a few days so on Monday (a week after we returned from our trip), I called the vet and made an appt for that same afternoon. The vet did xrays, bloodwork, etc. I received a call from the vet 2 days later early Wednesday morning, and they asked me to bring her in right away for surgery. They said she had pyometra. She had surgery that day and said she would stay overnight. The next day, they said I could take her home. I asked how she was, they said she wasn’t eating and was under their care. I asked if they thought it was a good idea to leave her. They said maybe it was. On Friday, they said she was good to go home. I pocked her up Friday after work. We got home around 6:15 PM Friday. She was quiet, but I thought it was normal since she had just undergone surgery 2 days prior. The vet had given me antibiotics and muscle relaxers to give her beginning that night. They said she still wasn’t eating but thought she would eat for me. I tried to give her antibiotic, but she wouldn’t eat or open her mouth. I didn’t want to force her so figured I’d try again later. In the meantime, my daughter comes home later that night with her bf and spends a few minutes with her but decides to leave her alone because it was obvious Princess didn’t want to be bothered. She wasn’t feeling well. We had to wake up early the next day so went to bed early. I forgot to give Princess the antibiotic and muscle relaxer! The next morning (Saturday) about 6:15 AM, my daughter woke up and screamed that Princess was dead and started bawling. Poor Princess! She wasn’t supposed to have died!
    I feel guilty:
    1) that we took that long trip because I believe that my daughter and I would have caught her infection sooner and taken care of her illness more promptly.
    2) that we had spent so little time with her during her last 5 weeks or so of life because of that stupid trip.
    3) that I waited a week after we returned from our trip to take her to the vet.
    4) that I didn’t want to take time off from work when she wasn’t feeling well because I had already taken off 3 weeks from work for that stupid trip and didn’t want to take more time off.
    5) that I didn’t give her the antibiotic. Could that have caused her death?
    6) that I didn’t give her the muscle relaxer. Dying from pyometra is supposed to be particularly painful. Would that medicine have dulled the pain? I think it would have. She died in pain because I didn’t give her that 1/3 tablet of Rimadyl!
    7) that I didn’t stay up with her that night and watch over her. I might have known she was dying and maybe could’ve taken her to the emergency clinic
    8) that I didn’t think her heavy breathing was a sign of pain and that maybe she was dying.
    9) that she died in the middle of the night by herself
    10) that I didn’t spend more time with her after she came home from the vet on Friday night.
    I am angry:
    1) at the vet for doing a crappy job with the surgery
    2) at the vet for giving me a false sense of relief that she would be just fine. We even scheduled her follow up visit to have her stitches removed in 2 weeks. If they had told me she could die that night, I would’ve stayed up with her. They made me think she was fine and just needed rest, fluids and meds.
    3) at the vet for letting me take her home if she wasn’t ready
    4) at my job for making me feel obligated to be at work…even though I could’ve taken time off if I really needed to. There’s just a lot of pressure there at work.
    5) at my MIL for not taking her back to the vet and letting Princess rain sick the whole time we were gone.
    6) at myself for letting her die and not making the right decisions
    My daughter had princess since she was 6 years old…a little over 10 years. She hit the nail on the head when she said, “I knew Princess would die, but she wasn’t supposed to die now – not after this surgery. She was SUPPOSED to get better. The vet sucks!”
    There’s so much more I want to say, but I don’t want to take up all of everyone’s time. We just miss Process so much and don’t know how we can get over the loss. She was such a sweet dog, and I didn’t care for her like I should have…when it really mattered. ..when she was sick and really needed us. Princess was sideways there for me whether it was to kill a bug for me (I hate bugs), or to console me. You see, I’m the type of person that wants to give and receive affection
    My husband and my daughter are not. I sometimes feel alone, and the only one in the home that always showed me she loved me and let me hug her was Princess. I’m so lonely without her. I miss her so much. Sometimes I want to die just to be with her. My daughter will be going off to college soon, and I will then feel so alone. My succor said I could never have kids. My daughter was a miracle, and we tried everything to have more kids but couldn’t get pregnant. Princess was my baby. I love her and miss her so much. I’ve been scoring the Internet these past few days for something to help ease the pain. So far this website has helped me more than any other. The vet’s office says her ashes will be ready to be picked up tomorrow (Tuesday). The vet hasn’t called me. Saturday when we went into the vet’s office to drop off Princess’ body, the vet was with amother patient. That same afternoon we went back to pick out an urn just before closing, and the vet didn’t come out to give her condolences. When I go into the vet’s office to pick up Princess’ ashes, I don’t know how I’ll react when I see the vet. Will I scream at her? Will I be able to hold back my anger?
    Was it the vet’s fault or mine? Why did she die? Is Princess in Heaven? Does she know how much we love her? She spent her last moments in so much pain and last days in a cage in the vet’s office. Did she know we were only trying to help her to get better. We leave her with someone for 3 weeks, then a week after we pick her up she’s in and out of the vet’s office. Does she know we didn’t do it because we stopped loving her? Did she feel abandoned? Did not giving Princess that 1/2 tablet of Baytril case her death? Can she see us now? Does she know that we are mourning over our loss because we love and miss her so much? I have so much guilt, so much sadness, so much anger, so many questions.

  216. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Dear Chenel,

    Sometimes adopting a new dog helps people heal after losing their dogs, and sometimes a new dog just makes things worse. Just today, a woman commented on my article about rehoming a dog – she adopted a dog after hers died, and had to give the dog back to the humane society because it made her too sad.

    I’ve almost always lived with dogs and/or cats in my home. They never replace each other, for they’re so different and special! The only constant is their unconditional love, their vulnerability, their purity of spirit and soul. I’ve never fully gotten over any of the dogs and cat’s I’ve loved and lost….I’ve just learned to live with a little prickle of pain in my heart when I think of my lost animals.

    Grief never fully goes away. The shadow of the creatures we’ve lost – both human and animal – always remains in our hearts. That’s what gives our souls depth, compassion, and meaning. The key is to learn how to live with grief in healthy ways.

    It might be good for you to pack up your dog’s stuff, so you aren’t constantly reminded of his absence. You don’t need to give his stuff away; just pack it in a box and put it in a special place. You can decide what to do about it later.

    Adopting another dog shouldn’t be an attempt to replace Rosco – and I can tell from your comments that you know that you could never replace your dog! If you decide to adopt a dog, it should be for healthy reasons – such as wanting to give a dog a home, wanting to share the love you have in your heart with a dog, and feeling like you’re emotionally and physically able to take care of a dog.

    Find the humane society or Adopt a Dog websites in your area. Read through the doggy profiles, just to learn about the dogs who need homes. Take your time. You might even visit an SPCA or other dog shelter, and be around dogs. Take note of how you feel. Your body, heart, and soul will tell you if you should get another dog.

    Talk to the staff at the humane society or shelter. They may be able to help you decide if it’s too soon to adopt a dog.

    And, remember that your new dog could never, ever replace Rosco. Your new dog will have a whole new set of personality traits and habits. Some will make you laugh, and others will annoy you!

    Let me know what you decide about adoption. Take your time.


  217. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Dear Crystal,

    I’m so sorry for you and your family. What a horrible, sad accident for your puppy and daughter, and everyone. It’s so painful to have to deal with guilt about causing a dog’s death.

    It might be wise to talk to a counselor about how to deal with the guilt and pain. It’s important for your daughter to know that it was an accident, and it’s important for her to work through her feelings. She needs to feel accepted and forgiven, so she can accept and forgive herself. You all need to grieve as a family. I don’t have any easy answers for how this should happen, which is why I think talking to a grief counselor might be a good idea.

    I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers. I pray for healing, comfort, and peace. May you all know the gift of forgiveness and acceptance, and be able to let go of the terrible feelings of grief and pain. May you know deep in your heart that your puppy isn’t feeling any pain, and is happily swimming and romping in puppy heaven.

    In sympathy,

  218. Hey everyone, I want to know if any of you who lost your dog decided to get another pet afterwards. I posted back in July after I lost my dog Rosco while I was in the hospital sick. I still miss him dearly but instead of getting better it seem like my sadness is getting worse with time. I can’t have kids so I feel like I lost a child. I feel so guilty that I didn’t treat him better. I want to be able to move on and people keep telling me that getting a new dog will help me get over grieving. I was wondering if that is true. I really miss my dog but I don’t want to forget him and replace him with another dog just because I am lonely. I also don’t know what to do with his stuff. I have a hard time letting things go and right now I can’t get rid of any of my dogs things. Please help. I need advise.

    1. Hi chenel,

      I lost my beloved dog simba 3.5 weeks ago and I have been in such a state blaming myself hating myself – I still am at times some days are harder than others. We just got two puppies at the weekend the same breed as our dear simba, a lot of people said not to get the same breed but we loved simbas temperament his soft coat and how pretty he was so we want that again. Like you we dont have children simba was our child we loved taking him on holidays he was only 2.5 and it was a very rare accident I am slowly starting not to blame myself I never knew of water intoxication nor does anyone else but I still felt I should as I was hes mum. I have boxed up simbas beds he had 4 and when I’m strong enough I will take them to the animal shelter but keep his favourite blanket his m and m one for the boys which I see as he’s brother from another mother. I have started a campaign to help over owners to have awareness of this condition – I do hate being the one who carries the message but it’s not going to bring my simba back to me no matter how much I wish and pray. I try to remember all the fun days. I felt really guilty Saturday getting the pups we have called Oscar and teddy I use to call simba my baby bear so it fitted nice. Yesterday was a bad day today was a good day I still miss him every minute but the pups need me now and they deserve the life we gave simba he was treated like a king. At the moment it’s hard to have the bond as they r puppies but one day I hope to have that bond again. Also our whole life was about our dog walks ect so I do think it’s the right thing to do for us. I was randomly cuddling dogs I need someone to really love and need me it’s a different love to my boyfriend. But I have a purpose back so for me it’s the right decision, it’s helping me with the grief and understanding of it all. Your dog like mine isn’t coming back, u don’t have to donate his things like I am but it feels to me like he’s helping and he was so kind. I would say consider getting another dog- why be lonely when u can be fulfilled with love and companionship and vice versa give that to another dog. U cld get a dog from a shelter I felt better at first doing that as I’m helping but we do want children in the nxt couple of years so it’s important for us to know history and train them how we want. U need to decide urself but I bet your dog wld want you to be happy.

      Take care xxx

  219. Please help.. Before I went to work, we bought a pool for my 5 year old daughter and her two puppies and the mom ad dad dog of our puppies (they mated and had puppies 9 weeks ago) we only have two puppies left we decided to keep.. The were sisters. Well I went to work, my husband was watching the dogs and my daughter swim in their small plastic pool.. He used the restroom… When he came back one of the puppies was dead… My daughter was hiding behind a tree… She said she tried teaching the puppy to swim underwater… She had a nervous breakdown and all of us have been crying all night. She cried herself to sleep… And my husband and I are still up at 2 am crying… The mom and dad and sister pup are all depressed and sad… We don’t know what to do… This just happened. I rushed home from work when I found out. We’ve been praying all night… But nothing seems to make us feel better… I don’t know what to say to my 5 year old except that God wanted her puppy Ana… Please someone help…

  220. Thank you so much Dawn and I am so sorry about Simba. We love them so much and our hearts break when they die. I hope you feel better soon and I think it is amazing what you are doing in Simba’s honor! I am going to look at the poster now. Please be gentle with yourself too…. This is hard and we are all here to help each other.

  221. it was my cute and little baby…passed away today at morning.he was german having 22 nails.i remember that day when it came to my house.that time he was only 26days.i had no experience for how to care.when it came to me he was vomiting a me and my famil cried a lot.because we can not see him in such a manner.but we had a talk with doctor and did he was abdolutely fine…the happiest moment of my life.i used to play with him.he was very cute and obedient.he loves to play with some amount of water.he always cut my slippers with his teeth.whenever i got depressed ,i do not know how he could understand all the emotions of mine and used to lick my cheeks.he used to play with my fingers,bamboo,tooth brush,ball,newspaper and bottle and jumps a lot on me.he was having black long nails through which he walks with a tick-tick sound so we can get a idea that where he is.he loves papaya and ice creme.and also likes cute of you leone.but after some months he caught by a fungal much itching problem with him.we treated him a lot with a best doctor.but the fungal is so hateful and irritating after three and half year we decided to heel him by injecting a poison in his body so that he can give up his breath without any it was too difficult for us.because the situation had become very worst and he was tolerating do much pain specially in his i can never ever forget today.i love you so much leone.we did it for you so that you can overcome from your pain.i missing you so much baby.surely you are looking us from heaven.there you will be comfortable and happy.if there is any wrong with you then please forgive us…we love you a lot and always stay in our memory.we clicked so many pictures with are my first child and make me feel like made my life complete…..bye

  222. I don’t know where to begin except to say that my beloved Big MAK is dead because of actons I took that I thought would protect him and instead killed him. He was a precious deerhead chihuahua and suffered crippling separation and noise related anxiety. This was a situation that affected him his entire life — of 12 years. When he was with me or the family, he was quite perfect and only when we left him or there were loud noises did he melt down. We searched and searched for every way to assist him from behavioral therapy, chinese herbs, exercise, socializing to medications for firework noise and crate training for the separation anxiety. The anxiety was so distressing for him that he would try to chew his way out of wire crates and just last week chewed through industrial grade plastic on a crate, which left his little mouth bleeding. He has tried to jump out of the second story windows in our home and actually jumped over the balcony (thankfully there is a landing just a few feet down) in his panic. I attended training for myself and our family attended the sessions with animal behviorist because we genuinely felt the pain that MAK lived in when he was alone. It finally came down to trying to protect him from himself and on Sunday night we crated him so that we could attend a meeting, only 2 hours long, Upon our return I found him dead in his crate. He had vomited and aspirated some food that must’ve been left in his tummy from an earlier meal. He was still warm and had only been dead a few minutes. Oh how he tried to hang on I am sure and not understanding why we were not here to help him, he just could not bear the pain any longer. I am a nurse of 30 years and the moment I saw him in the crate I knew he was dead. This guilt is truly the most overwhelming I’ve ever felt because it is not so much his death that is difficult — it is his suffering, that albeit inadvertently, I caused. I have been a burn and trauma nurse my entire career and have spent a lot of time volunteering after disasters — dealing with death has been part of my practice for 30 years. But this is different. I have read through all of the posts on this site and cried for each loss. Thank you all for writing about your beautiful beings and sharing the stories because I truly do not know any other way to get through such an agonizing thing. My faith and family are quite strong and with yoru stories there can begin some healing. Sincerely, Stefanie

    1. Poor you stefanie, I feel for you and everyone on the site it’s not any of our thoughts we all adored our pets so much, it’s so hard they become your best friend. I’m still struggling badly with the loss of my simba it will be 3 weeks on Saturday, I have his ashes back now and that has made it sink in a bit more as I still felt like it all wasn’t true. I am finding it very hard to move on I have made a poster and put it in lots of vet surgeries if any one wants to take a look it’s on Facebook search companion care vets romford. And if anyone can please share. It won’t bring him back but I feel I’m doing something. I’m also making a photo book and trying to remember all the good times. try to remember the times he wasn’t anxious on his own but with u where he liked to be, don’t blame yourself he cldnt be with you 24,7 and you tried everything. Lots of Hugs dawn xx

  223. Regretof my life